Web Presenter on your website

You’ve built your website and spent time and money developing your product. Now you want to increase your sales from the visitors you receive whether they are a lot or few. There are a number of options available on the internet to increase conversion rates. You could choose a peel away ad; tell a friend gets a free gift script or a specially crafted magic sales button for example. While these methods are worth exploring a better idea may be to acquire a web presenter.

There are two basic types of web presenters. The first is a live person available to chat with your customers which can be very effective because you’re answering questions in real time without your visitor having to wait for your email reply. You benefit because you have provided quick service and you establish yourself as a good company to deal with.

The other type of web presenter is a live actor telling your company’s message. This can be quite effective because your website visitor will be more engaged with your message. They won’t be reading a sales pitch that they may skip around and lose interest from. Instead they will become interested and stay at your website longer. One example of this video presenter can be found at FreddyDiamonds.com. The presenter is the owner himself Freddy Diamond. If you visit the page you will see that you probably stayed on the page longer than you normally would have. After adding web presenters to your site see if the average time stayed on your will increase. You can usually find this information from your web statistics.

Another option for a web presenter would be a computerized help agent. There are different ways to utilize this type of web presenter. The most common seems to be a help agent that talks to you when you try to leave a sales page. They offer you a discount on the product and ask you to click a page to take advantage of the special offer. You could employ this type of computerized agent in a lot of different ways. You just need to use your imagination.