Elite SEO Marketing Creates Relevant and Effective Custom Blogs

Los Angeles, California; January 2, 2010: Creation of custom blogs today has become a major and irreplaceable part of SEO marketing. At Elite SEO Marketing, we create high quality blogs for your business that are extremely relevant.

A blog contains regular updates and comments from your visitors. These constant new updates increase the popularity of your site and thus make it possible for you to get a first page ranking. Custom blogs make you and your business more visible to prospective client.

In the Internet world, you must do all you can to stay on the top and stay visible. Quality blogs and great content can do this for your site. At Elite SEO Marketing, we research your company and find out the most relevant keywords – thereafter we plan a strategy that will work best for your business.

We begin the process of creating the blog right from scratch – the designing, setting up and the content. We also create plug-ins to other social networking sites like Facebook. This will, in turn make the site even more visible. Clients interested in your service can follow you or link you, thus making your site even more popular.

Creating custom blogs is serious affair and is a long-term commitment. Our staffs give their 100 percent to making your blog a roaring success. So all you have to do is sit back and see the traffic grow.

Years of experience in the field has taught us to intuitively realize what works for your company. We customize our blog service to meet your requirement and to maximize your page visits. Unless a site is regularly optimized, it is like a small spot in the Web that people can miss at the blink of an eye. With the help of constant new content, and discussions on your blog, we make sure that you occupy a large space in the Web and hence people notice you.

Elite SEO Marketing is dedicated to provide you with the best and most effective online marketing service, so when you choose Elite, you know you are sure to get great results.

Elite SEO Marketing Launches New Blog Service

Los Angeles, California; March 11, 2010: Elite SEO Marketing has launched its special blog service, which will help to further enhance its SEO services. A custom, blog can do wonders for your company and your website. A blog ensures that you have fresh and new content being uploaded often and this in turn, helps to increase the visibility and popularity of your website.

Having a company blog is great marketing strategy as this will help you to stay on the top of the search engine results. Since a blog that is attached to your webpage can be constantly and easily updated with new keywords and articles, it is a great means to promote your homepage.

At Elite SEO Marketing, we help the companies to create the design and to set up the custom blog. We can also help you with the content and the keywords of the blog, with regular updates. At Elite SEO, we make sure that the blog becomes a powerful tool that can augment the result of your webpage.

We will also help you with the plugins that you will use in your blog to connect to sites like Facebook, Twitter or Digg. This will ensure that your readers can add you and share your blog, thus creating backlinks to your site – which in turn will help to increase the popularity of your site and its ranking.

We ensure that the Blog posts have both quality and quantity. Since this will help to boost the incoming traffic in a big way, we ensure that we leave no stone unturned, so that your business can reap the maximum benefit out of our new blog service.

Pay per Click Management With Elite SEO Marketing

Los Angeles, California; January 2, 2010: Pay per Click advertising is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your site. It gets you immediate traffic and gives your business a jumpstart. PPC helps you to get people to your site, while you are building a more stable long-term marketing solution for your site. At Elite SEO Marketing, we manage your PPC marketing, so that not a single penny of your advertisement budget goes in waste.

Since wrong PPC management can make your marketing a horror story, an experienced company like Elite SEO Marketing will help you to use your money in the right direction. Choosing the right keywords, setting a budget for your PPC and making a decision on what ads should show up – all are handled by us – a decade of experience has taught us to make the right decision.

At Elite SEO Marketing, we keep a sharp eye on the return of your money that you spend on each click of mouse. We make sure that your bids on the PPC marketing are strategic, by monitoring the bids 24/7.

Elite SEO Marketing gives you an advanced reporting that involves you throughout the process. We give you an analysis of the trends and recommendation to maximize your Return of Interest on every click. We get your PPC advertisement on reputed sites like Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN and so on.

Traditionally, pay per click was all about static text advertisements on search engines. However, now, with the advent of AdSense, image advertisements and even click-to-play video, Pay Per click advertisement has taken a new dimension.

At Elite SEO Marketing, we deal with all kinds of PPC marketing strategy – including running your advertisement in a localized form, so that your PPC ad appears as a clickable component on Google map and other Google networks. In addition, we also run campaigns on content networks that expand your marketing reach to target specific audience. It helps to build awareness about your brand and drive clicks to your site.

Elite SEO Marketing ensures that your PPC marketing campaign is a financial success. Our careful management ensures that your brand gets a better recognition and better traffic.

Elite SEO Launches New Internet Marketing Campaign

Los Angeles, California – United States – August 11, 2007 – Armed with a decade of facts and statistics proving that their unique brand of organic SEO works, Elite SEO Marketing launched a new internet marketing campaign today focused on bringing affordable SEO services to small and medium sized businesses. Their internet marketing is being spearheaded by a barrage of press releases and the publishing of recent results proving that organic SEO works.

“We’ve spent the past ten years producing real results for companies doing business on the web,” stated an Elite spokesperson. “Our programs work and our internet marketing techniques can be used to make small and medium sized businesses successful without them having to take on the big monthly bill that most SEO firms are looking for.”

It’s the “affordable” part of this internet marketing campaign that makes Elite SEO Marketing so intriguing. SEO has been under fire recently for not being a cost effective method of generating traffic. The reports and testimonials that Elite released today are additional proof that organic SEO works and their offer of lower prices will now make it possible for smaller companies to use this highly profitable internet marketing technique.

Elite SEO Marketing is an internet marketing firm that has been in business in Los Angeles for over a decade. Many of their team members were pioneers in the early days of search engine marketing and have accumulated knowledge of the industry that is not available anywhere else. The techniques they use are proven effective and many of their clients have been with them since they first opened their doors, ten years in an industry where companies rise and fall in a matter of months.

Search engine optimization is a process that involves long hours of posting links and registering with directories so that a company can attain a high search engine page rank when users search for keywords in their industry. Many internet marketing firms claim they can do it. Few get legitimate results. You can generally tell the difference by finding our how long someone has been in business and how loyal their clients are. Elite SEO passes the test on both fronts.

Organic SEO Specialist Elite Responds to Industry Critics

Los Angeles, CaliforniaUnited StatesAugust 11, 2007Elite SEO Marketing, an internet marketing firm from Los Angeles, today responded to critics of organic SEO with some facts and figures that should silence even the most skeptical opposition. These statistics have been compiled by SEO experts and verified by clients who have seen positive results from SEO campaigns run by Elite.

Attacking organic SEO has become a popular technique used by black hat marketing companies to attract traffic to their sales and squeeze pages. In internet marketing terminology the practice is known as “linkbaiting” because it’s intent is to build links with erroneous information. The intensity of this attack recently is the reason why the staff at Elite made the choice to come out with this new data to disprove the negative publicity the industry has been getting.

“When it’s just one or two individuals writing erroneous information it doesn’t justify a response,” said an Elite spokesperson. “Recently, the success of the few who’ve been SEO bashing for a while has encouraged others to jump on board. Their information is pure conjecture and in most instances complete fabrication. Ours is documented facts and statistics that are backed up by our clients’ endorsements and testimonials.”

Organic SEO is a white hat technique that utilizes the establishment of quality back links and content development to achieve higher page rank when users search for specific industry keywords. Critics claim that it “costs too much” and “results cannot be measured”. Proponents scoff at that, claiming that organic SEO is by far the most effective way to be successful on the internet.

Elite SEO Marketing is a Los Angeles firm that has been involved in internet marketing for over a decade now. Their reports and techniques have been proven effective over the years and there can be no doubt that they are accurate now. Organic SEO critics, on the other hand, have been consistently unavailable for comment and have yet to produce hard evidence of their claims.

Video Billboard Marketing

With the Internet becoming one of the most profitable means of marketing, companies have begun to make great efforts to come up with unique marketing strategies that can keep them on the top of the search engine rankings. With millions of users online everyday you need to create a marketing technique that will help you attract your customers to what you have to offer. At Elite SEO Marketing, we help you to do just that!

Video Billboard Marketing today, is one of the best marketing strategies that you can come across. It has a huge impact on viewers and is much more interactive than a banner advertisement because it appeals to both visual and auditory senses. After all, the human brain is much more receptive to story telling and thus, when you use a video to market your product, you end up making the buyer more interested in your product through your story telling.

Why video marketing?

Indeed it is not surprising that the Internet giant Google decided to buy the largest internet-broadcasting site in existence – YouTube. Video directories like YouTube and Yahoo!Video are extremely popular and thus, if your company’s video comes up in their search, you are assured of great customer responses. After all, YouTube is believed to have a greater distribution power than even NBC, CBC and Fox combined – so you can well imagine what a well-placed Video Billboard Marketing strategy can do for your business.

We at Elite SEO Marketing help you to stay at the top of your competition by creating and distributing online videos about your company to all major video directories on the web. Since all search engines today pay a lot of attention to content coming from video directories, you can be confident that your video will feature in the search page if it is relevant. With each click you receive, the popularity of your website will increase and you will be able to feature in the top searches!

What kind of video billboard marketing technique is best for your company?

At Elite SEO Marketing we decide upon the video after reviewing the kind of services that you offer – that way, we can help you to come up with a marketing video that is more effective and made exclusively to meet the requirements of your business. You can make the video billboard to demonstrate the service you offer. Alternately, you can also use it to introduce your team to the clients in a unique manner that will catch their attention and interest.

The Video Billboard Marketing Strategy that we help you to create and develop at Elite SEO Marketing will ultimately help to generate interest in your product and your company as a whole, thereby driving the traffic to your website and increasing your client base.

Tips to Get Rid of Telemarketers

Visualize this: You are a telemarketer. You’re sitting at your terminal and each person that you speak to has to be entered into a certain category. The objective is to fill up the “sale” category but you also have “refusal”, “call back”, “answering machine”, etc.

Now put yourself in the position of the prospect. You’ve just answered the phone, most likely at dinner time, and it’s another annoying sales pitch. You’ve already put yourself on the “Do Not Call” Registry, you’ve asked over and over to not be called, you’ve even threatened legal action and the calls keep coming. Every night as you sit down to relax after a hard days work the phone rings and it’s an offer to refinance your home, give you a better rate on your credit card, or a plea for money for the police something or other that you never heard of. How do you make it stop?

There is a way to do it. Let’s go back to the telemarketer at his terminal. He needs to push one button at the end of the call that will tell the computer when or if to call you back. Even if you say “no”, you will still get another call because “the list” now says that you are an active prospect. If you want to stop the phone calls you need to get off “the list.”

Everyone is on “the list”. I worked in telemarketing for twenty-five years and watched the developing impact of database companies on the industry. When I first started in the business we used to call off a photocopied page right out of the phone book. Call centers today use modern technology. They buy a list from Dunn and Bradstreet or American Business Listings and load it into a predictive dialing computer that makes a connection every seven seconds. Picture that multiplied by the thousands of call centers out there and you now know why you get all those calls.

If you hang up on an automated dialer it will automatically call you back after a certain amount of time.

If you say “no” you will be called back again for a different campaign. Most companies use the same list over and over again.

If you look at your caller id and don’t recognize the number, don’t let your machine get it. The dialer will call you back again, usually in less than an hour.

If you say, “That person is not home,” the dialer will call you back.

Sometimes if you ask to placed on a do not call list you won’t receive calls on that particular campaign but it probably won’t stop the same company from calling you for another campaign. Also, many telemarketing companies are based outside the United States now and our laws aren’t always enforceable with them.

Even if you tell the caller that you (while pretending you are not you) are deceased will not stop the calls. He’ll just delete your name but leave the phone number as an active number.

So how do you do it? The simplest way is to change your own category. Telemarketing lists generally come in two categories, residential and business. Ninety percent of the telemarketing calls made in the United States are to residential phone numbers. The only way to get yourself removed from a residential list to tell the caller that you are a business. Generally he will apologize, hit the appropriate button and you will never hear from him again.

Do this often enough and your phone number will begin to show up as a business number with most telemarketing companies. These companies trade lists all the time and even buy them outright from each other. If you happen to be home during the day and you get a business solicitation you can tell the caller he has reached an old number for a company that has gone out of business. He’ll push the button that says “out of business” and your phone will stop ringing.

This technique should stop most of the telemarketing calls made to your home. At the very least you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful dinner more often.

Small Business SEO – Make Your Online Presence Profitable

Websites have proliferated in this Internet era and we often face a hard time in finding the right information. Have you ever wondered why a particular website ranks high in search engines and why another rank far lower? The key is a technique known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this article we will try to learn a bit about SEO and its beneficial effects on small business sites.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a website promotional strategy that enhances the probability of a site’s recognition by search engines. SEO takes place after design and hosting of a site and usually it involves a prolonged monitoring process. The ultimate goal of SEO is to push your site’s search ranking in popular search engines within the first ten listings.

Who Does SEO?

If you are the owner of a small business, you might wonder who can do SEO for your website. A professional person, known as Search Engine Optimizer, can take care of your small business SEO needs. For small business SEO, the Search Engine Optimizer may need to adjust your site’s programming code suitably.

SEO Tips

In this age of cut-throat competition, designing and hosting a static website with stale content that remains unchanged for months will not help your business. As a small business owner, you need to increase the visibility of your site so that your products and services gain wider publicity. To reap maximum benefits of your online presence, you need to invest in small business SEO.

SEO cannot be conducted in a jiffy. Your Search Engine Optimizer may need months before you can witness any tangible improvements in your search engine rankings. SEO needs to be done ‘honestly’. There are many unapproved ways of conducting small business SEO. These techniques might seem to bring short term results but doing SEO dishonestly might lead to banning of your site by popular search engines.

Remember that search engines keep their complex search algorithms secret. These algorithms also change. A Search Engine Optimizer tries to make educated guesses at what these algorithms look for and tries to modify the site within permissible limits.

Remember one phrase in the parlance of your small business SEO – “content is the king”. You have to draft your content really well, to the extent that people searching for a particular product might find something truly interesting in your site.

For good results in small business SEO, keywords need to be put in the page title and header tags. Try to put keywords in text links. Provide garden fresh original content for the web pages.

However, ensure that your site is not over-optimized. Don’t go for link building schemes inbound or outbound, as they are considered as deceptive practices. Do not put identical content in mirror sites and do not ever resort to plagiarism. Do not use foul or racist language.


Prior to the engagement of your Search Engine Optimizer, discuss with him about your small business SEO goals. Try to follow the best practices and avoid all deceptive small business SEO strategies. As you are likely operating in the local market, do not bother about your rankings on a pan world basis. Your aim should be to cut down your local online competitors.

Small Business Blogs – An Effective Tool to Propel Your Business

In this Internet age, who doesn’t know about blogging? Blogging, including its latest variant- micro blogging, seems to have captured the imagination of the Internet community. Blogs are evolving. At the beginning of the blogging era, we had only personal blogs, now we have small business blogs too. The commercially driven small business blogs hold a huge potential as a communication medium.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a web page made up of short write-ups that are frequently updated. The posts are chronologically arranged and can be compared to an electronic diary. Primarily blogs can be of two types, personal and commercial.

Market Research Proves the Popularity of Blogs

Market research has established the popularity of blogs. One particular research has established that approximately 50 million people in USA visit blog sites. Interestingly, blog readers are in higher income brackets, young, and tech savvy. They are moderate to heavy Internet users and often make most of their shopping online. The most popular blogging subject is politics. Blogs on technical subjects and small business blogs fare lower. Still, things are evolving and small business blogs will cast greater impact on the online community in the near future.

Why Blogs Are Popular

You might ask about the reasons behind the popularity of blogs. Exploring the reasons will help you make a reasonable estimation of the potential that small business blogs hold in the future.

First, blogs are very simple to use. It is just like writing an email. Blogs are aimed at creating content of interest for the readers. This property can be used effectively for small business blogs. Blogs can answer readers’ questions, reflect product reviews, company news and so forth.

Second, maintaining blogs is inexpensive. Many personal blogs are free. For small business blogs, a couple of hundred bucks or a bit more will suffice for hiring the services of a blog writer. This little expenditure is worth it.

Third, blogs are search engine friendly. Search engines are getting smarter day by day and only those sites that contain attractive content will fare higher up. Blogs score high on this. Consider adding a blog page to your company’s website. The blog page will help your site to climb up the search engine ladder.

Lastly, blogs are technically smart and are bound to evolve. Blogs are not owned by a particular company and

technical appeal of this popular online platform. As owners of small business blogs you can rest assured that your communication medium will not be out of date.

Tips to Write Small Business Blogs

If you run out of ideas, consider interviewing a person knowledgeable on the subject. Record the interview and publish it as a streaming audio. Interesting, isn’t it? Wherever possible, use video clippings and still photos. They will bring life into your blog. Try to keep your blogs short, sweet and tight. In no case your blog should exceed 600 words. Ensure that your blog contains interesting content – useful tips and tricks and imaginative ideas – content that will compel your readers to keep visiting your site.

Companies that invest in blog platforms continue to look for innovation and technical appeal of this popular online platform. As owners of small business blogs you can rest assured that your communication medium will not be out of date.

SEO Today

SEO today has come a long way and become a major and undeniable part of marketing any business online. It is meant to give you high page ranking, thus increasing the traffic to your site and thereby, your business. It is an effective and extremely essential part of the Internet marketing strategy, which makes sure that the most relevant site is thrown up in the search results.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves a number of factors that include link building, article writing, keyword management, web presenter services and so on. A good SEO can also enable access to pay-per-click optimization; it can also conduct researches directly from the search engines, in order to discover the most relevant and important keywords.

What is New?

SEO has taken giant leaps from its earlier form, and as such, a number of new factors determine what makes a good SEO. Earlier SEO was mainly about tweaking the title and adding meta tags, but now it is so much more.

Personalised and local search – Today, a search result that you get from say, New York, is going to be starkly different from what comes up in New Jersey. This is because of the personalized searches are now a major thing in the Internet. When you type in your search word, a localized search result is thrown up depending on your location, which can be seen through the IP address.

Sites are also Search Engine Optimized for local searches, today, so that business can also tap the local market, apart from the national and international market.

The mobile Internet – With everything going mobile, SEO for this medium is extremely important. This is why, the content of the mobile web is Optimized and developed so that consumers are attracted to your product.

These types of SEO can be done with the use of widgets, listings on mobile maps and even visibility on Twitter – the last being extremely popular on the mobile.

Social Media – Making your presence felt in popular social media is an important part of SEO today, which ensures that you come up in searches. You can create various media link “baits” for your viewers by giving out the information in various forms – content, video, widgets and content.

Other factors in SEO today

Other than this, the regular rules of SEO still stand. Always remember to anchor your links, optimize your title tags, add meta tags and headings. The content body of the article is extremely important. It should contain the relevant keywords, with about 3-5% keyword density in the content. Also remember that updating the content and adding new content now and then makes your site look more relevant to the search engines and thus, you can have a better ranking.