How Targeted Email Marketing can help your business?

Today, direct marketing is the one of the best ways increase the visibility of any online business. Though short messaging and multimedia messaging services (SMS and MMS) help connect to a global audience, the amount of content that can be packed into a single text message or a multimedia message is highly restricted. Though there are many Internet-savvy users who check their email regularly, not many people use their mobile as much as they use their PCs and laptops to ensure web connectivity.

Email or electronic mail is the most effective way of promoting an online business. It doesn’t require any investment apart from setting up the system to send the promotional and marketing messages to a target set of people. Its reach is limitless and this form of marketing gives the owners of the business and budding online marketers and entrepreneurs an excellent Return On Investment (ROI), when implemented in a strategic and intelligent manner.

Targeted email marketing is a great way of not only ensuring the loyalty of existing clients but also attracting new and potential clients in order to enhance the reach of the business. Email marketing can also be combined with a well-connected system of referrals. So, if a client likes a particular product or service that your website is offering, they can choose to ‘spread the word’ by pitching the same product or service to a colleague or a friend by either forwarding the email to them or by playing the role of a ‘referral’ and referring them to become a part of the existing network. Affiliate and referral networks directly or indirectly use email marketing to drive sales. The only difference between the two is that the former network uses specific affiliate links and websites to record traffic to the website.

Another way of promoting your products and services is to buy a small amount of online real estate from other well-known companies. This essentially means that you also have an option of promoting your business through the emails sent to a large number of customers by other popular companies, in the form of advertisements.

What is an SEO expert and can they really help website marketing ROI?

Today a lot of people are calling themselves SEO Marketing Experts, but can they really defend that title? Can all of these so called internet marketing experts really give provide you with top notch website optimization services? Our guess is, not even close!  Yes, we said it! You may get may calls during your business hours from fast talking salesman telling you that they can absolutely without a doubt get your keywords on the first page of all major search engines! Well….buyer beware!  Every industry has bad apples and the SEO industry has plenty who want to capitalize and prey on trustworthy, hard working business man and women who want to increase their visibility on the internet.

Here is what you need to look for in an SEO Marketing Company:  1) Make sure you perform your due diligence and verify their reputation online! See if they can back up all the talk by showing you if they belong to non-profit organization that confirm the fact that they are a reputable company. This may be from different sources, like BBB and others. 2) Make sure you read their terms and conditions very carefully, if their contract is more than a few pages then put up your antennas and be on guard! While review their terms, make sure that what the salesperson tells you matches what is in the contract! We are living in a corporate world, so at the end of the day, all we can do is go by our agreed upon contract and obligation. 3) Call some of their references if they have any, remember sometimes a lot of business owners don’t want to be bothered even if the company did extra ordinary work on their behalf.  However, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, take a look at some of their testimonials! That is almost as good as a reference. Just make sure that the testimonial appears valid, contains the client’s full name and website address for verification of results achieved. 4) Finally take a look at their performance! This simply means that we want you to probe for specific examples of successful optimization campaigns for some of their clients on a local or national level.  Finally, and in our opinion is the most important factor if someone is an actual expert in the field, is to see where their company website ranks on search engines. After all, if a company can do it for themselves, they can totally do it for you!

Once you hire an SEO Marketing Expert to optimize your company website, this will in due time increase your ROI on marketing, traffic and conversion of visitors to actual sales.  SEO is extremely important in order to gain respect and popularity in the organic section of search engines.  According to numerous studies, organic listings on Google typically enjoy about 89% of all click-through traffic.  Paid or Sponsored Ads typically receive about 11% of all the traffic online. So with this said, one can clearly see the advantage of being listed on the natural or the organic side of search engines.  This is all possible with the help of real online marketing experts who have been in business for over 10 years proving unsurpassed optimization services to their client who enjoy top ranking on Google and all other major search engines! Call Elite SEO Marketing and get on a team of winners! See you on the first page!

How can you increase the traffic to your website using Website SEO?

Website Search Engine Optimization is the collective term that involves the various attempts made to improve the ranking of a website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). While search engines like Yahoo! recognize sites that contain key search terms and keyword phrases, keywords metatags and description metatags, Google assigns each and every website a definite PageRank that decides the position of the website in response to user-generated search queries. Google stresses more on link prominence and link density. The more recent search engine from Microsoft called Bing works on completely different signals. It likes sites that has capitalized search terms and queries in the URLs. It also relies on very strong URL matching signals. It is the only search engine that is solely based on website branding which means it prefers web pages from relatively larger and popular websites. So, in order to ensure a good website ranking on all these major search engines, a few important tips are:
Your website must have well-written, unique and clear text that draws the attention of online visitors within a time span of a few seconds.

The images , videos, advertisements, etc that are primarily used to promote the website must be integrated seamlessly in the website, so they flow with the existing theme of the online business and are representative of the offered products and services.

The layout and design of the website should be appealing enough to draw the attention of the users. The website should look professional, but at the same website navigation must appear to be easy, even to a layman. They must find exactly what they’re looking for.

The content must be divided into suitable categories to create highly relevant and suitable titles and sub-titles which is exactly what the web crawler is looking for.

At the end of the day, it’s not just keyword research and analysis or backlinking that helps improve the ranking of a website. A website can also move up the search engine rankings if it has a well-established and large client base. So, even the popularity of the website can greatly improve its visibility.

Does Directory Submission enhance the ranking of a website?

One of the most effective ways to improve the ranking of a website is to submit it to a relevant directory. While most people prefer automating the process of directory submission, the truth is that directory submission gives accurate results only when it is done manually. There are many web directories available online. But, for Search Engine Optimization to be successful, the choice of the web directory becomes extremely important.

Your website may have excellent content, an intelligent layout and a smart design. But, what is the point of all this if it is remains inaccessible to a large number of potential clients. Submitting your website to the correct online directory will give it the required exposure that will in turn give your online business the well-deserved impetus to maximize your profits. Promoting your website becomes much easier if it has a large number of well-researched and high-quality backlinks. By linking other professional websites to your website, you can catch the attention of the web crawlers and search bots to improve your ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The two kinds of online web directories are general and niche directories. As the terms suggest, general directories list sites in broad categories while niche directories include categories and subcategories that are fewer in number and higher in topic relevance. Users are more likely to visit only those websites that are listed in either of these directories. This is because these sites are highly search engine friendly and have a good ranking. Web directories are also excellent sources of one-way links or reciprocal backlinking. In this way, once a website is submitted to them, they also help drive traffic to the target website as it is now associated only with other popular and well-known sites that have been added after the process of manual review.