How good PPC (Pay Per Click) management services can help your business?

When a user types in a search query into the search box of the major search engine Google, along with the search results are displayed ads, above the search results and on the right side of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). While the search results are generated in response to the user-generated search query, the advertisements displayed contain the either the exact keyword or variations of the keywords that the search query contains. Each time a user clicks on a particular ad, the advertiser associated with that ad has to pay Google a fixed price for using that keyword. This amount is referred to as the ‘Cost Per Click’ (CPC) of the keyword and these advertisements are called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns as the advertisers have to pay Google for each and every user click.

There are two networks that work in tandem along with the search engine to define the advertising and the publishing network. Advertisers who choose to use the SERPs to display their advertisements need to create a Google AdWords account to set up advertising campaigns. The quality of the ad text and the display URL that links the advertisement to the landing page of the website decide the popularity of the displayed advertisement. Online advertisers set up multiple campaigns and use a trial and error method to determine which campaign is performing well. Each ad group is assigned a set of chosen keywords and variations of those keywords. By choosing popular keywords that generate a lot of traffic online, relevant ads that are descriptive of the products and services being offered can be created.

Apart from the SERPs, advertisers can also choose specific websites to display their ads on. These websites belong to the network of publishers who have signed up for Google AdSense accounts that allow the AdWords ads to be displayed on their websites. The search engine and the chosen publisher websites provide an ample amount of real estate for Internet marketers and advertisers to display their ads. AdWords-integrated software helps track ad performance by registering the total number of clicks and the associated sales.

How social bookmarking acts as a powerful marketing turnkey solution

Gone are those days when people stored their favorite pages in specific folders using the associated web browser. Not only is this process of bookmarking pages and storing information in folders highly cumbersome, but it also makes this stored data inaccessible to the user when they switch PCs. While the process described above is referred to as ‘bookmarking,’ today ‘social bookmarking’ is the way to bookmark pages and websites of your choice.

It’s a whole new way of accessing and organizing information. In social bookmarking, a user signs up for an account that is associated with a social bookmarking site. Once registered, the user can add their favorite pages directly to the bookmarking site. This enables them to access their bookmarks at any point in time and on any system that is connected to the Internet. Social bookmarking sites also allow users to categorize the pages of their choice by entering keywords or descriptive keyword phrases that aid the process of tagging the bookmarks, so the user can pick any page they choose to visit instantly. Just like online photo albums, users also have a choice of marking a specific bookmark either as a private or a public bookmark. This option allows the user to either share their bookmarks with their friends or enjoy their personal space and privacy. Some social bookmarking sites even alert their users if a particularly URL they chose to bookmark is no longer functional or available.

People can access these bookmarks based on a number of different categories. It could be a search based on a person, a specific tag or in terms of the classification and the popularity of the bookmarks. As these bookmarks are accessed by a large number of people and online communities on a daily basis, adding your website to well-known social bookmarking sites and tagging them with the appropriate keywords will not only help you reach a large audience of potential clients but also enhance the visibility of the products and services offered by you. This is how social bookmarking can be used by Internet marketers to promote their business.

Elite SEO Marketing offers discounted rates for Non-Profit Organization

Elite SEO Marketing, a local SEO Marketing Company will offer discounted rates for Non-Profit Organizations who want to get started on the World Wide Web! Elite SEO Marketing understands that times are difficult and a lot of non-profit companies are struggling to get by in this tough economic time period in our country.  That is why they are ready to step up and provide expert online marketing advice and industry know how to these agencies at a fifty percent discount from already incredibly affordable rates.

Online Marketing is very tricky and time consuming, thus should be handled by experienced professionals that have been long standing pioneers in their respective industry.  With this said, online marketing is very expensive, however the return on investment is usually realized quickly and the results are long standing.  Non-Profit Organizations survive by soliciting for donations, and if they are not able to get in front of potential donors then their future is very dismal.  Elite SEO Marketing has the industry experience and the reputation that all organizations can trust, especially the non-profits’.  They will deliver stellar results and excellent customer service support at every step of their process of getting a website to rank on the first page of all major search engines.

Elite SEO Marketing has worked with various non-profit organizations in the past and achieved immense success in their effort with respect to online marketing and website design.  Elite SEO Marketing is recognized as one of the best SEO Service Providers in the World by TopSEO’s and they are listed with the Better Business Bureau with an A rating, thus making them a trustworthy and a reputable company to align with in order to realize online results.  Internet Marketing is evolving and Elite SEO Marketing can help decipher through all the ambiguities and deliver results.

Local Targeted Traffic is now king for SEO!

A few days ago Google made yet another crucial change to its algorithm.  Now they are combining their localized search and serving up a more geo-targeted conclusion.  Google wants to deliver the best and the most relevant result based on targeted local references.   This algorithmic change, in essence is great, especially if you are working with a successful SEO company that has the skill to create a distinct local marketing campaign.

Google wants to know what we are searching for and where we are located so that they can suggest local targeted results in your specific geographical location.  Now more than ever, it is important to optimize websites geared for local results that can generate targeted traffic through “long tail keywords”.  Trophy keywords that are vague will soon generate a local result regardless of the searchers want to target on a broad spectrum. Basically, Google is going Local!

Elite SEO Marketing is a local internet marketing company operating out of North Hollywood, California for over ten years.  They have extensive knowledge of the local internet marketing niche and specialize in achieving grand results for small to mid size local companies.  They are confirmed experts in the arena of Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, PPC Management and Link Building.  They are highly regarded by the Better Business Bureau, rank as one of the best SEO Companies on TopSeos.com and are Google Adwords Certified Partners.  They excel in high performing national campaign for large conglomerate companies and they thrive on the opportunity to work and help the local hard working business owner as well.

Hiring a first-class SEO Company is the answer to a thriving online marketing campaign. Elite SEO Marketing can deliver on their promises because they are one of the best SEO marketing companies in the world.  They have tremendous knowledge on a local level and on a national level and they guarantee their work.

Organic SEO-The Natural Way to Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done in various ways. One way of optimizing your website for major search engines like Yahoo! and Google is using the black hat technique of search engine optimization. As the term suggests, black hat methods are commonly employed by business whose only goal is to improve the ranking of the website, so they appear on the first page of search results. These methods, more often than not, violate the terms and conditions of the search engine algorithms.

Though you might drive a large amount of traffic to your website in a very small timeframe using these techniques, your website will always be subject to scrutiny by the well-developed web crawlers and might face the danger of being blacklisted by the search engine. Once a search engine algorithm blacklists a website due to its use of spurious methods of enhancing its visibility, it becomes very difficult for that website or other similar websites to be indexed by the crawler again. When online advertisers have a large budget, they tend to pay very large amounts for every keyword that they bid on while setting up their advertising campaigns. Not only is this deemed illegal by search engines, but more importantly these websites are not competing against other similar websites in a fair and legitimate manner.

To avoid all these problems and ensure a hassle and trouble-free survival in the online marketplace, a better bet would be to employ organic search engine optimization to improve the ranking and performance of your website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Organic SEO is a white hat SEO technique that has become very popular due to its low cost of investment, incredible effectiveness and most importantly, it uses a number of methods and technique to improve the ranking of a website in compliance with the rules and regulations of the search engine algorithm. The most important method employed in Organic SEO is creating a website that has a good amount of highly relevant information along with well-define keyword and description metatags and putting keywords in the ‘alt’ attribute of image tags.