Three Simple Website Tricks To Take Advantage of Local Internet Marketing

Local internet marketing is a set of techniques that a website SEO guy can use to make sure that, when someone searches for something related to your business and puts in a place name local to your area, they see your website. It’s an amazing tool for getting real people inside your real brick-and-mortar store, because these days real people look up everything online before they drive into town to get stuff done.

There are several things you can do off-page to make sure that search engines correctly place your business geographically. But there are a few things you can do on your site to accomplish the same goal.

Put Your Address In Your Footer
Having your full address appear on every page of your website is a strong way to inform the search engine spiders of your business’ real world location. If you just stick it in as part of your site’s footer, it’ll show up automatically on every page without you having to remember an extra detail, and it will look natural to surfers at the same time. The same goes for your local phone number — 800 numbers are all wonderful and good, but they don’t tell the search engines where you live.

Ask Your Customers For Reviews
Every time a customer interacts with your webpage, they should get a nudge toward a review site. Avoid Yelp, because Yelp doesn’t post reviews that were solicited — but Bing, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, and other review sites certainly don’t mind. And even if you get the occasional bad review, that’s actually a good thing — it lends credibility to the good reviews. Part of the review process involves telling the review site where you live, which is another source the search engines will use to place you.

Have a Separate Landing Page for Each Branch of Your Store
If there’s a Jay’s Farm Stand in Aberdeen, Washington and another one in Olympia, Washington, there should be a landing page for the Aberdeen branch and another for the Olympia branch. Each should have it’s own address and local number listed, and each should have it’s own separate reviews. That will help the search engines establish which searches should be directed to which locales.

Thinking Rich And The True Meaning of Affordable SEO

There’s a reason why most Internet Marketing forums and websites have just as much time devoted to financial or business self-help as they do to details like mobile website design — it’s because getting started in an online business takes a particular kind of attitude. Or rather, it takes a specific kind of attitude to succeed.

The chief attribute of people who succeed online is that they think ‘rich’. In other words, they know the value of their money, and they don’t waste it. They know the difference between an asset (something that creates more money) and a liability (something that costs money.) The famous example is a car — many people think of a car as an asset, but it’s a liability, because it costs money (gas, repairs, etc.) without making money (except when you sell it, but even then it won’t make nearly as much as it cost.)

SEO can be either an asset or a liability, depending on a lot of circumstances. You can pay a company to get you ranked for the wrong keywords, or you can pay them to get you ranked and then not have a website that converts traffic into sales. On the other hand, you could turn over a small fortune and find that you’ve earned it back at the end of the month because you got a flood of visitors and turned it to a continuous stream of sales.

What does it mean, then, to have affordable SEO? It certainly doesn’t mean the absolute cost of the operation, because if the work fails, it doesn’t matter if you spent $5 or $5000 — your RoI is zero. When it comes to SEO, affordability is answered by one simple question: did it make you more money than it cost?

The question is harder to answer than it seems, because SEO is cumulative. Your first few months of SEO might seem like total flops, but then in the third month it picks up and by the seventh month you’ve made quadruple your total investment and you’re still building on that.

People who think rich look for a company who can do SEO right — who has a reputation for doing SEO right — and then they commit with the understanding that in the end, their expenses will be more than paid back. In the end, they are the ones who succeed.

Article Writing and Distribution is the Foundation of Long Term Success

When you get going with a Web-based business, there are two separate tacks that people take in order to establish their success. The first is to spend money on advertising, get people to come visit their sites, and hope that they make more than they spent on advertising. The second is to work, spend a lot of time building backlinks and raising their rankings through organic SEO, and hope that they rank high enough to start bringing in enough money to pay the bills.

Then, there’s article writing and distribution. It’s both at once, and it works wonders.

In general, you can pay someone to write the articles, to distribute the articles, or both — though frequently it won’t be the same person doing both parts. That’s because the kind of people who find it easy to string words together with flowing eloquence tend not to enjoy sitting there and mindlessly clicking “submit” over and over on dozens of different article directories, and vice versa.

Once you find the people who can tag-team the job appropriately, however, you’re golden. Here’s why: when you have a well-written article and you submit it correctly to an authoritative article directory, you get the total package. Your article will likely rank quickly for it’s chosen keyword (assuming you did your keyword research correctly, of course). Once it’s ranked, you’ll start getting organic traffic through it as people click from it to your homepage.

That’s targeted traffic, and it’s worth quite a bit. Moreover, every article provides you with a context-controlled backlink with the anchor text of your choice, generally from a quite reputable source. (If you’re submitting to Jackopff’s Article Bucket, you might want to reconsider and see what it takes to get onto EZineArticles.com or another major article directory.)

Repeat the process, coming up with quality topics, solid keywords, and reputable directories every time, and you’ll soon find yourself with a quite functional web-based business. It’s a lot of effort, and it takes both creativity and technical knowledge, but once you know the game, it’s very very worth your while.