PPC Management: What If You Could Hire Warren Buffet For A Day?

Imagine for a minute that you had ten grand just sitting about, but a contract that said if you spend it, you must invest it in some form of long-term financial instrument. If you’re like most people, you have almost zero idea of how to do that. You’d probably put it in the safest vehicle you can find just to make sure you didn’t lose any of it.

Now imagine the same scenario, but you have Warren Buffet on your payroll for a day. He’s perfectly willing to share his massive pile of investment expertise with you. Do you think you’d be more willing to put your money in investments that were ‘higher risk’ knowing that one of the best investors in the world was there to guide your decisions?

Hell yes, you would.

Now imagine you have one grand sitting around, but a contract that said if you spend it, you have to invest it in pay-per-click advertising. If ever there was a piece of software more occult than the investment industry, pay-per-click advertising is it. It’s so easy to lose a grand doing pay-per-click that the Wall Street Journal referred to PPC as a “potential budget drainer”.

So who is the PPC equivalent of Warren Buffet? Well, no one really knows — but there are a lot of very talented firms out there who will happily sit in for him in this particular example. They’re organic SEO companies that specialize in a service called PPC management. PPC managers essentially add their own small fee to the cost of your PPC campaigns at the beginning of each month, and in exchange, they drive your campaigns, making all the right decisions to maximize your campaign’s profitability.

Managed PPC campaigns make money for their clients, period. Unmanaged campaigns might — but they also might be throwing your money down a hole. If you have the opportunity to have Warren Buffet sitting on your staff, why would you pass it up? Because he might charge you a few bucks? Get yourself a PPC management firm today and get your website kicking and screaming to life tonight.

The Art Behind SEO

For all you fellow business makers SEO may not seem like an essential step. Let me enlighten you and introduce you to the art behind SEO. Search engine optimization doesn’t just happen with the snap of a finger or the click of a mouse. This process takes time and skill, with lots of patience and detailed work. Elite Marketing has a well equip team and management to not only fulfill your needs and wants, but creates results as promised.

Once you have a website we understand you want maximum visibility and business but slow your roll, it takes time. Time is of the essence, and with that comes endurance. Any certain business who is ranked at the top of any search engine has rightfully earned that spot. Search engines look for businesses that put in effort, time and money to make sure their business is being noticed. Think of it as being in kindergarten again. When its recess time you can’t hang out and play in the big kid’s playground, you have to play in the kiddy sandbox and gradually work your way up to play with the big kids. That’s exactly how SEO and search engines work! You must work yourself to the top of engines as you and your business grows. Even when you start out with an SEO company they set up your “meta tags” “back links” and so on but Google may not even view the code for about 6 to 8 weeks, so this process takes patience but just gives you more time for growth along with more money income. The more people notice or view your site, if your service is what they need they are picking up that phone and calling you!

SEO is an art of science for its all about what is going on behind the page. A Seo company is such a smart investment, but the right one is what is most important to look into. Some SEO companies will fool you into their service and promise you one thing, but do the other. They may rank you higher than you were but not for the long run. Here with Elite Marketing Solutions we range from different SEO services and packages, web design, mobile website layouts, PPC etc. We have a special technique for our SEO codes we set up on client’s site to rank them high as possible on the most popular search engines. If you want to see proof Google search: SEO marketing, affordable SEO, organic SEO and see us, Elite SEO Marking on the organic side of Google ranked the highest. This is just some evidence that we know what we are doing and we know what it takes to get the results you want and will need for your business. This is the art of SEO in a nut shell; to learn more call Elite Marketing Solutions and find out what we can do for you and your business.

Traffic Doesn’t Matter If You Are Not Converting: The Power of Targeted Email Marketing

Everyone knows that you can’t make money online if you don’t have traffic coming to your website. It’s such a fundamental law of internet commerce that it’s easy to read it as “if you have traffic, you will make money” — but that’s like saying if you have eggs, you have a quiche. There are other ingredients in the equation. The most difficult for a young website to master is the ingredient of conversion — convincing a surfer to click on the button that gives you money.

That’s where targeted email marketing comes in — it gives you hundreds more chances to get any given visitor to open up their wallet and give you cash. By convincing a surfer to leave you their email address and permission to use it, you’ve opened up a continuous fishing line from your hands into their wallet. Sure, any given person you send emails to might only read 5% of them and might only click ‘buy’ on 5% of the emails he opens, but it’s a game of numbers.

If you have a targeted email marketing campaign that adds an average of 500 new addresses per month, and you keep it running for five years, you’ll have about 30,000 names on that list. If 1,500 of them read any given email and 75 of them buy from the email they’ve opened, you just made 75 sales you never could have without your email marketing system in place.

And you can repeat the cycle every week or two indefinitely. 75 additional sales every two weeks turns into more than 1,500 extra sales every year — so as long as your individual sales are noticeably profitable, you’ll see the difference very quickly.

So how do you get people to give up their email addresses? Start by signing up for an autoresponder service and building a set of emails that they will receive. Theme it around some sort of relevant problem-solving information. Then add the ‘sign up here’ link to your website. If it’s getting ignored, consider adding a web presenter to point it out to passing surfers. Then it’s just a matter of building the list and keeping up with the emails as they go out.

Understand Elite Marketing’s Leadership: Where We Started From and Where We Are Now

Any typical type of business rises from a leader. What makes a leader? A leader motivates and drives people to achieve the best possibilities applicable. In the business field of Search engine optimization or search engine marketing a creative, clever field, necessitates around solid leadership.

The founders behind SEO companies, in particular in-house SEOs, tackle many responsibilities each and every day. Good SEO management can help you and your SEO program succeed; although if you are looking to grow in your field of SEO, for top SEO management, you need to start jumping outside the box-or even outside your garage. Elite Seo Marketing was first started with the CEO founder working on his own, opening and closing each and every deal that he himself came across.

Lead by Example

A fundamental trait for leadership is leading by someone of example. No matter what each individual is the person they are based on someone they look up to, whether it is their family, celebrities, or based on their nightmare fretting to become. Elite Marketing can be your example, showing you that you’re capable to succeeding in your business and that yes, it is possible!

Maybe you’re thinking, okay, but who was our example? With the growth and expansion of Elite Seo Marketing we have several other companies, by different SEO titles. Elite Marketing developed from family leadership. The owner of Elite spread from the role model of his older brother who first took interest in SEO services.


Don Galer said, “Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do”.

Every person, every business, should live a life of honesty and be known for their honesty. An easy example of integrity in SEO is when promising results to keep them. Sure it’s easy to rent or buy links to create short term SEO results but in the long run where will your business you stand? This may cause harm and backfire to your success. Here at Elite Marketing we work with our unique techniques and approach to link building and top page rankings. Elite also agrees and assures you money back guarantee if we do not fulfill the promises and agreements we make.

Team Work

Collaboration takes on a huge role in success with bringing a team together. This creates not only one thought or one idea but the minds of many to collaborate multiple ideas and thoughts. One sees the problem others work together to solve it! One opens the deal the other takes over and closes it! Once the deal is set the campaign begins! This is a team profession here at Elite Marketing. Whether it is the developers, the web analysis, our technicians or web designers, we all work together and respect everyone’s role in making it a successful business day! We all have the same desires in triumph by all moving in the same direction.

Bottom line Elite Marketing Solutions has come a long way to victory and we would be more than happy to bring you to this team of success and integrity! For more information give us a call one of our representatives would be more than willing to give you a quote or take the time to elaborate in your expansion of your online business.

Forum Posting vs. Article Writing and Distribution: Which Is Better SEO?

There are a lot of very different activities that all fall under the umbrella of ‘SEO’. One of the things that SEO companies do constantly is evaluate their processes to see which if any of these processes is going out-of-date or otherwise becoming a less efficient thing to do. It’s an in-depth and very complicated process, because there are often no clear answers. Unless Google comes out and says “we’re devaluing XYZ backlinks” (which they have done in the past!), it’s all inductive logic and pattern analysis.

So let’s look at two common SEO activities: forum posting and article writing and distribution.

Forum Posting
The essence of forum posting is to go onto a forum, make a name for yourself there, and then slip in a few backlinks to a few choice sites. The advantage of forum posting is that it’s a backlink that comes pre-equipped with a pile of potential traffic: the forum-goers that respect your efforts are quite likely to click your link and check out your wares. The disadvantage of forum posting is the administrator: if they decide that you’re a marketer and you’re spamming, all of your effort can vanish with a click of their banhammer.

Article Writing and Distribution
Writing and distributing an article is a time-consuming effort that begins with research, continues with writing original content, and ends by finding the right place and method of making that article available to the public alongside a link back to your webpage. The advantage of article writing and distribution is that your article will generally rank well in the SERPs all by itself, creating an entirely new crowd of people who will see the article and might click the link bank to your main page. The disadvantage of article writing is the enormous amount of effort that goes into creating a proper article that will drive proper traffic.

The question of which makes better SEO depends on a lot of variables. If your goal is raw SERPs, you’re probably better off with forum posting; there are a lot of very high-authority high-relevance forums for just about any niche out there, so forum posting can nail you lots of quality back links relatively quickly. If your goal is traffic, the articles may get you better in the long run since they score for SERPs on their own in addition to raising the ranking power of your website.