Forum Posting: A Guide for SEO Success

Internet forums (also known as message boards) are online discussion sites where conversations between people take place through posted messages. There are millions of forum sites available on the internet that cover a range of topics from the hottest TV shows to how to fix your computer at home. Whatever your needs for forum posting, it is guaranteed that you will find a site that meets them.

Online forums are different from chat rooms. Messages are generally archived or indexed for as long as the site is active. There are many of the early forum sites that have been online for several years, so it is easy to see how having a few links on older forum posts can be extremely valuable for your website.

Steps to Forum Posting

  • First, put together a list of all the online forums and blogs that feature discussions around your product niche. For example, if your website sells cosmetics, look for sites that discuss beauty tips or techniques.
  • Determine which of these sites are the most active and frequently used. Flag these as the ones you will join and post on.
  • Once you have joined, regularly go onto the sites and read the posts. Comment on posts when appropriate, being certain to be relevant and helpful.

It’s important to understand that gaining the ability to add links takes a longer time with forum posting. You have to begin with contributing and then you can include your website link with your signature and in your forum profile. After you have built trust and respect by contributing to discussions, you’ll have the ability to include your link in your forum posts, as long as it’s relevant to the topic being discussed.

Final Thoughts
Using forum posting for SEO success is time-intensive, but can be one of the most effective tools you have. It takes consistence and patience while you are establishing and building your reputation in the online forums. Remember to identify the top sites that match your industry and then be relevant in your posts and comments. Once established, you can then add your links.

Using Local Internet Marketing to Reach Your Customers

People used to get a lot of their information through local sources such as newspapers, radio, the phonebook and direct mail, among others. However, today’s shoppers usually use the internet to get everything they need to know. If your business has been left behind in the technology sector, you will soon lose customers and the flow of incoming consumers will go down. This is why using local internet marketing is important for your success!

What Are The Most Effective Marketing Routes Now?
The new consumer uses the internet and their phone to do everything in their day. Not many people even have a phone book or a land line anymore. It actually makes it quite a bit easier, because when you use local internet marketing, your customers can get a good look at your company and compare it to others in the same line of business. This allows them to become more comfortable with you before ever making a purchase which leads to more sales, of course.

What Else Should You Consider To Reach Local Customers?
In addition to internet marketing, make sure you pay special attention to mobile marketing as well. Not only are your local customers using their smart phone to access your website online, this also leads to more ways for you to connect with them. You should look into a marketing plan that includes text messages, mobile apps, digital coupons, ads and QR codes. Everyone keeps their phone with them, and most people prefer to get a text message over a phone call any day.

Is This Type Of Marketing Worth Your Time?
You know that a lot of visitors will come from your local area. It may seem like a waste, but if you put a digital campaign into place and really keep with it, your business will continue to grow. It’s important to keep in mind that your competition already realizes this, so if you don’t get involved in a local internet marketing campaign, you will have no hope of keeping up with them. Customers want things to be easy, so make it that way!

Effortless Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become the newest and simplest ways to save and organize favorite websites, documents and links. It has gained so much popularity that there are hundreds of sites available today. Some of the sites are geared more toward news, while others may be centered on business and technology. The choice of which social bookmarking site you use will depend on individual needs and tastes.

Getting Started
If you’re new to social bookmarking, spend some time researching all the different sites available. Once you’ve found one or a few that seem to be a good fit, you’ll need to sign up. Accounts are generally free, and the sign-up process is quick and easy. Some sites give you the option of adding buttons to your browser. One button may be for fast and easy access to the bookmarking site, while there are usually two more: one for accessing your bookmarks and one for tagging websites and documents.

“Tagging” with Social Bookmarking
Tagging refers to the use of keywords that help you and other users get to your bookmarked documents and webpages. For instance, you may be reading a great article on dog training and decide you’d like to save and share it. Simply click the “tags” button and a pop-up will show asking for verification and the tags. In this example, your tag could be dogs, dog training or pets. Use one tag or a few. The more tags you have, the quicker others can find your bookmarks and webpages. Using multiple tags also makes it easier to find your own bookmarks as your list grows.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking
The real beauty of social bookmarking is that not only can other users find your favorite links by entering your tags; you can use the search option to find information that interests you. You can sort by most recent, popular or by different categories. These sites allow you to really hone in on the information you’re looking for without paging through hundreds of search engine results. You can also see the number of votes an article has received to determine the best choice.