Building Traffic by Integrating Social Media Presence with Blog Posting

In this day and age where online competition is so fierce, increasing your traffic is determined by many variables. Luckily some are easy to handle and that is creating links and back links to your site by promoting it on social networks and blogging. But how about linking your blog to your social network profiles? This is a way to ensure all your blog postings out there reach your potential customers while hoping they go viral along the way.

Don’t Overfeed Your Audience

But before you do, you should determine a precise strategy and manner of linking the content. If you have some idea of how each network works then you probably know that the behavior of its users varies as well and something that can be very appealing to one audience can scare away the other – let’s say for example the frequency with which you post some new article, can be very interesting and thorough in one social network while appearing to be a total spammer on the other.

Link but Don’t Duplicate

In coherence with the statements before, linking these accounts and articles may be tricky, so be sure not to end up duplicating your articles. You should also look for bugs or problems with plug-in configurations and also think about if you wish to really tie the profiles together or maybe just one-way (meaning that something which is published in network A is published on network B but not the other way around).

Seek the Help of an Expert

If you need help, you should always seek help from people with the appropriate expertise, at least for a first set up to get you going. It is also advice able that you research when and how to communicate with each particular subset of users in order not to drive them away.

Lastly, think about the consequence that a bad <a href=”http://www.eliteseomarketing.com/link_building.html“>blog posting</a> implementation could produce! It is very unlikely that a user who has stopped following or liking you will look you up again and change their status so take this into account before deciding to take matters into your own hands.

Making Your Small Business SEO Stand Out From the Crowd

If you can make your business rank high in the results of a search engine you are most likely on the way to drive a lot of customers to your store, but this is not something easy to achieve! A lot of things can be done in order to increase your audience and taking to small business SEO can really turn your business around – let alone your bank account.


SEO Is Also a Means of Marketing

When people are talking about SEO, usually they are relating the term of “search engine optimization” to a programming or a purely technical matter when they should actually be seeing the opportunity behind this development as another means of properly advertising and marketing your product. One of the greatest parts of investing in it is also the fact that it does not change or vary with seasons and is not restricted to events on a calendar so you can work on it once and benefit from it in the long run without needing major adjustments.


SEO Is Also a Process and an Art

But this is not a simple task at all, it is more like an art and it certainly is a process so it takes time. Many businesses think they can handle it themselves, and with the premise that time is money they jump into this complex world and try to save a buck by learning SEO themselves. This is not our advice at all, even if it is true that an expensive consultant could charge up to $15,000 for a search engine optimization, unsuccessfully managing it yourself could end up having a greater cost indeed. So, the key thing is you need to seek professional help to have it done.



If you look for a specialized small business SEO consultant instead of a major corporation, you will probably have a better experience since they are budget as well as results oriented – the truth is also that bigger sites require less work because they already have a large audience and a big client base while smaller businesses have to make a bigger effort to stand out from the crowd that online competition represents.

Local Internet Marketing: A Huge Advantage for Local Businesses

It is obvious to say that we are way past naming the “internet era” as a thing to come or a thing we are delving into. Internet has become part of our daily lives, such as water, or gas, or electricity – a basic need of modern living. This is why local internet marketing is becoming more important every day.


Searching Is a Consumer’s First Step

Nowadays, looking something up on the internet is commonly the first step before doing anything when researching to purchase a product or hire a service – you probably even you do it. So in order to gain the public’s desire for your particular business it is imperative that you establish some kind of credibility and reputation which you can do by setting up a neat and clear website and backing it with a great social media presence.

Social Presence Matters

Presence in social networks is becoming more and more a cornerstone of customer contact and customer service. Every day less people call support hotlines and try to get in touch with companies through their fan pages and online profiles, and this is because they have the feeling that they are backed by the rest of the client base and it makes sure that their demands are handled in a fast and expedite manner. But most importantly, it shows your audience that your business is alive and it cares.

It Serves a Double Purpose

Of course, there are a lot of other means of advertising online, but a website and a social profile on a network can be very cost effective if it is managed properly, and this is true because since you need an online presence anyway if you do it right you won’t have to keep investing or spending money from the bank

Think Local, Go Global

With good local internet marketing, you will probably be noticed further than you expected in the first place. The internet is a global landscape and if the public sees that your business has a high quality product or service and that it cares about its consumers, you are most likely to climb higher in search engines and start receiving orders from places you never imagined you could reach