Building Legitimate Backlinks

Backlinks or Link Building has always served as one of the most important and powerful features of a strong SEO strategy, but the ways we use them has changed enormously. This is one of the reasons why an up-to-date SEO expertise is so key to online success. Those still implementing techniques which a few years ago were hailed as miraculous will find themselves lacking, and their website struggling.

Bad Backlinks
It is very possible, easy even, to acquire hundreds of backlinks with very little hard work, ever to an empty website. Some techniques involve link-swapping with others, or spamming links to your website onto other blogs or forums. Some recommend linking your website to dead links, by using wikipedia for example, and there are very frowned upon techniques too where numerous websites are set-up solely to be used as back-links.

None of these carry any benefit however, search engines are on to the tricksters nowadays. The only excitement which bad backlinks may make for a website will be extremely short-lived, and if you want to advertise using space on your blog or website then think again.

Good Backlinks
If however you make use of high quality backlinks, the rewards will most likely be very rich indeed. By networking online, and working in cooperation with other relevant websites, you can enjoy a connection of your mutual audiences via your own recommendation. If you are a web based business selling football boots, then bridge your website to other sites with information about boots, buying guides, as well as sites which sell balls, kits, goal-posts and so on. No successful business will associate with undesirables as their own reputation would be at stake.
These backlinks will be used again and again, and will for the most part be long-term associations.

Quality over quantity is rewarded by search engines today. The trick to building up great backlinks is taking your time. It may be more work than the shortcuts out there, though if you want backlinks which will keep your traffic flowing long-term, it is undeniably worthwhile.

The A, B, C’s of Affordable Website SEO

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may often seem daunting, with constant updates and ever changing jargon. If you are new to the world of SEO, or are new to running a business online then this is applies especially. But it needn’t take years of ardent research, setting up affordable SEO techniques that anyone can apply is more simple than is often made out.

Regardless of trade, design may be the most widely understood language of all for establishing user-preference. The wonderful part is, that people like simplicity! Flashiness had it’s time, but novelty wore in and the people have spoken, a smart, clean, and concise design is king whether you’re baking, selling professional music equipment, or opening an online jewelry store. Do not make a homepage with long movies, or seizure inducing graphics, and certainly don’t startle your viewer with an eruption of impromptu music on every page.

The most effective way to target your audience is to go via the search engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing and others relate the users search to the words you use in your content, especially titles, page tags, and page descriptions. So be savvy and make sure the proper vocab, jargon, or terminology is being utilised on your site to attract higher traffic volume.

If you are a Formula One fanatic and make money with a site dedicated to the topic, then make and contribute to a blog, and engage in discussion with other similar sites. This is the proper way today to acquire high value, long-term back links which drive in business to your site, help your associates, and makes for a more user friendly experience.

Localise your business
Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to connect your business to it’s physical location by adding your address and contact information, the yellow pages for example allows you to submit your exact location and allows customers to post reviews.

Social Media
Whether you’re Barack Obama, or the new expendables movie, you need a Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social media is a vast new frontier for marketing, and you can go far with very little or no budget at all. Encourage your customers to add you, add relevant associates yourself, and engage to make the most.

Organic SEO: Then and now

Search engines are continually evolving, Google for example update their search algorithms around 500 times each year, and keeping up requires marketing specialists more than ever to be on their toes. Here is a little run-down of the evolution of search engines, and organic SEO as a result.

As search engines evolve, so does the role and the workload of SEO specialists. The overriding direction of search engine tweaks are toward creating an online environment where the consumer / webuser wins. The highest quality, most original content which resonates with it’s readers will shine through, and old techniques will leave once successful, perhaps reputable businesses to fall off from first page placement into the shadows of page 2 and beyond…

Fortunately though it isn’t (as it often seems) a battle, search engines constantly provide in depth guides to navigating and understanding their updates, which great SEO experts will be able to apply. Here though are the most important developments to be aware of:

Focus on Return on Investment
Once upon a time page ranking was the crowning glory of successful SEO, though not so much any more. Now a focus on the Return on Investment (ROI) prevails as SEO specialists focus on each and every page of content, and not merely the general performance of the website.

Long-tail Keyword Focus
Traditionally Keywords for search terms were short, and general terms targeting the widest possible audience reach. Recent changes in the way search engines function means that long-tail phrases are now far more important than ever. This means that if a mechanic wants to search for a very specific part, rather than finding suppliers for parts in general and trying to narrow down the options to find the part, now search engines are more apt at finding relevant web page for even the most specific searches. This is also really handy as these searches often occur at the point of purchase.

Quality Backlinks
No more will websites profit from spamming backlinks, link-farming, or link-exchanging. Instead today’s backlinks require experts in the field to come together and form relations to connect the most relevant content. Links which become valuable themselves as pathways through content which organically relates. Imagine the different stages of building a house for example, which might connect the expertise of plumbers, roofers, bricklayers and so on.

Ways To Boost Your Local Internet Marketing Opportunities

When people are looking to find a particular business where they live, more often than not they turn to the Internet.  This is why using local internet marketing opportunities is vital.  Especially if you want it to stay one step a head of its competitors.

There are many ways that you will be able to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities.  The ones we discuss below, provide you with the potential to make it easier for customers to find you.

  1. It is important to make sure that your website is using the right SEO strategies. It should be optimized through using keywords that are specific to your industry.

You need to make sure that the keywords included are ones that are particular to the area that your business serves.

  1. As the owner of a local business, it is important to make sure that you have been listed in Google Places. This is a free service.

Having entered your information into it, you get further coverage.  Then when potential customers search on Google for your type of business in the area you serve, yours will appear before them.

  1. PPC or pay per click is another great way to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities. You should be using this if you are in an industry where competition is high.

Make sure that you bid only on keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business.

  1. Okay, social media might not be the way that most customers are likely to find you at first. But it is,a great way to be able engage with customers, who are already loyal to your business.

Using Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities.  It helps you engage more with your customers both old and new, plus it allows customers to provide feedback much faster.

Don’t expect these ways to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities fast, it is going to take time.  But building up a solid foundation means that you are more likely to gain the trust of those who visit your website.