Simple techniques for Small Business SEO

Many of the SEO techniques that you’ll read about can be applied differently to different sized businesses, however there are some which apply more to larger scale operations, as well as some which are particularly valuable as a small business SEO approach.

In this post we’ll be briefly taking a look at some of the most valuable SEO techniques and how a small business might utilise them in particular.


When researching for keywords there are a variety of factors which need to be considered. One of these is the popularity of the keyword as a search term, another is how popular that term is with your competition. If your business specialises in say coffee beans, you might find that the competition is too fierce for a small company to make much of such a broadly used keyword. Instead look to ways to specialise your keywords, perhaps your product is organic, or particularly premium for some reason, or maybe you simply want to add your locality to the keyword such as coffee beans in London or organic coffee beans in London. Although you won’t be targeting the most common words necessarily, you may be able to set yourself with keyword use.


Small companies are more likely to rely on regular local trade, and as such investing in interactive maps for your website and mobile website could be a great way to boost your traffic and sales. Although it’s tempting to look to the entire World Wide Web as your customer base, realistically you should ask yourself who your core customer base are, and where they live.


Rather than shooting for the stars try to link your content to other smaller scale, preferably specialist vendors. Though the status may be less you’ll at once be giving your customer a more useful link, and your own site is far more likely to be linked back to.

There are ways in all areas of SEO that you might consider adapting for the purpose of your small business, and there is plenty of room for innovative new ideas too.

Why Local Internet Marketing is so important

When it comes to your general SEO efforts for your website it’s no doubt true that for the most part you will be targeting a general audience on the web. Keywords will aim more at your industry, product, or service than it will your local area. However taking advantage of local internet marketing is easy, and there are plenty of really useful ways that you can integrate local internet marketing to your wider SEO campaign.

First of all why would you want to target your local audience over a general Internet audience? Well there are plenty of good reasons but the main boil down to this – much of your potential customer base is in your local area. For many types of business like retail or hospitality as well as many other services from a taxi to a plumber rely on local trade, but even if this isn’t the case people still love using a service with a physical address, especially when it’s near to them.

So how can you add a local touch to your marketing efforts and make the most of local internet marketing?


First and foremost it’s well worth investing in a maps service. Your web developer can synch your business address with Google maps allowing your customer to see you on a map when on your website. The main benefit of this is that local spontaneous customers can click for directions when nearby and looking for your service and be directed right to your door.

Local forums

Post info about your business in local council / borough / state websites to tap directly into your customer base. Featuring on sites like this will give a sense of trust to your custom in advance.

Local keywords

Finally by interesting local words to your keywords you can again tap directly into your most relevant customer base. Trying to compete with the keyword pizza restaurant might be hard but down town LA pizza restaurant will shortly you to the first page of google for those most relevant web searches.

Affordable SEO for a basic business website

When it comes to searches about SEO, price is one of the most commonly searched for subjects. But that SEO practices need to cost a fortune is a myth, and you can implement effective changes using affordable seo techniques.

If for example the website you currently have is in need of a complete revamp with new design, content, the works, then for a small website the cost could be as low as a few thousand dollars. But what exactly do you get for your money?


Keyword research and implementation is one powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal. Keyword research tools like Adwords allow an expert to find the most appropriate keywords to use in your web content. By analysing your keyword performance you can continually edit your keywords and thus your results in the search engine.


As we’ve said elsewhere content quality is now more important than ever, this is why producing high quality, unique content needs to be a priority and can be a part of your SEO campaign.


Backlinks connect parts of your content to other relevant websites which expand upon something on your site says or explains a related topic. By connecting to other relevant sites you can expand on the areas you cover, and the site will often link back to your site.

Custom blog creation

A custom blog is s beat SEO technique and a well of opportunity for any website. By posting short regular posts in a blog you’ll benefit your website in many ways, and your customer too.

Firstly a blog allows you to expand on information that wasn’t quite relevant to your web page itself. This allows you to go into greater depth without filling up your web pages with content most people would ignore. Blogs allow specialists to discuss concerns, and this can create a micro community around your company and your website. It will also make your site appear more active, which is great for its page rank.