3 key ways to use local internet marketing

All too frequently do businesses online spread themselves too thin when it comes to their marketing efforts, tempted by the seemingly unlimited reach offered by the World Wide Web. However many companies who operate online will still have a huge portion of their customer base in their local area, after all your customer feels more safe knowing that in the worst case they can drive to your company office to discuss a grievance.

Local search services
One of the first and most basic ways of taking advantage of local internet marketing is also one of the cheapest and most effective. Local search services include any listing service like Yelp or Google which holds your company information for local searches. By taking advantage of these services you will have customers directly linked to your business website when, for example, they search for a service (that you offer) in your local area – Los Angeles for example.

Using maps
Embedding a service like Google maps onto your site is another inexpensive and incredibly useful way of expanding your local reach. When a customer stumbles onto your site, if you have a map service, then they can simply click directions for a gps service that directs them right to your front door.

Another fantastic benefit that you open your business to when using a maps service is finding local customers who may not have heard of your business. If I type “hairdresser” into my maps app then all of those hairdressers in my local area who use the maps service will be listed, with photos, reviews, a link into the website, and more.

Using locally relevant keywords
Finally, if you are a retail business or offer another product or service which rely heavily on local trade, then be sure to embed locally relevant keywords into your web content. The chances are that an LA based hairdresser probably doesn’t serve too many Texan clients, so rather than competing with thousands over a keyword like “hairdresser”, use a more specific term like “LA hairdresser”, the more specific the better.