Affordable SEO is NOT a Pipe Dream

Way too often, business owners assume that for every dollar they earn, they have to spend almost as much money first.  They shell out for nice office space, fancy business cards, incorporating and legal retainer… and then they actually get some customers, and assume that having a “marketing budget” means mortgaging the house and selling everything that isn’t completely necessary (necessary for the business, that is… who needs a couch, right?).  But optimizing your site so that the search engines can properly find and catalogue it is NOT destined to be a process you can only do once you’ve “arrived.”  Affordable SEO can be a part of your business’s reality, even if your last name isn’t Rockefeller or Gates.  The companies like Elite SEO marketing can help you to do this work.

The steps you’ll need to take for affordable SEO are by no means easy, but they ARE accessible to ANY business owner.  The best part is that it doesn’t matter whether your marketing budget is a grand or two, or a downright grand sum of money (I bet you’re working on that).  Start by doing these things:

1. Figure out what your demographics are – that means figuring out who your ideal customers would be, or identifying who your best current customers are, which is something you can judge by your own metrics.  Some business owners would say their best customers are those who pay them the most money (which can be great for their operating margins), while others believe that a great customer is a customer who buys frequently (increasing turnover and stimulating their cash flow).

Some other business owners believe that the ultimate customer is like a shepherd, and “herds” other customers into doing business with them with frequent, glowing recommendations (which is what you should always be trying to earn).

2. Figure out what your demographics WANT.  It’s been said that everybody has something they desperately want or need, but it may or may not be immediately evident.  In some cases, the person may have never even verbalized it.  For instance, when someone says that they want “accelerator information,” they may really want reassurance that their family will be safe riding in the car with them.  Or they may want to feel confident that their car will be able to merge well with traffic and give them one less thing to worry about.  Optimize your web site to provide this kind of content (filling the unspoken needs of your best customers), and affordable SEO will be in the bag.