Elite SEO Marketing offers an affordable way to start your own business blog!

Los Angeles, CA: Elite SEO Marketing offers an affordable way to start your own business blog! It is true, for a limited time only Elite SEO Marketing will build a custom blog for your business and they will make professional blog postings for 8 weeks absolutely FREE! This is an awesome deal that no business man or woman should pass up.

Blogs are extremely important, especially if you want to have your website rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  At Elite SEO Marketing the inner saying is that a BLOG stands for “Better Listings On Google”, and guess what friends they are absolutely right.  Google themselves approve and promote the use of blogs on websites in order to get better results in their SERP’s.  And after many successful blog creation campaigns, Elite SEO Marketing decided to do something that no other competitor is doing in the industry of SEO Marketing! What can that be? Well here it is. They are going to offer their famous blog creation and posting service with every SEO marketing campaign that they will be engaged in.  That is huge value added according to Alex Blitshteyn who is the owner of the Los Angeles based SEO Marketing Company!

Essentially, Elite SEO Marketing will approach the blog creation services in two different yet very effective ways: 1) they will create an inner blog that is part or is embedded in the existing website of their clients, or 2) they will create a new outer blog with a similar or a completely different domain name, depending on the needs of the marketing campaign set forth by the marketing guru’s at Elite SEO Marketing. The objective of this is to comprehensively work in tune with other search engine optimization techniques in order to get websites ranked higher in all major search engines.

Google loves blogs, they even say so themselves! Blogs play a very important role to every business because this helps with critical business relationships, customer satisfactions, surveys, feedback etc… But the most favorite aspect of blogs is that they make your website more relevant because fresh new content is being added regularly.  This will make your website look more important and much bigger in the eyes of the ever so changing algorithms that are used by all of your favorite search engines.

Visit EliteSEOMarketing.com and view the intuitive video about blogs or just read more information about the importance of having your own blog on your website.

Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is basically like any other type of marketing service thru emails.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well guess what it’s as simple as it sounds too. All one needs to do is take at most a minute or out of their day to open or create an email and maybe that will be the solution to everyone’s problems.

Companies Benefit: If you have your own business and you feel sending out emails is a waste of time, your wrong. Obviously not everyone will take as much interest in an email as others or may be foolish enough to read it but hey, you tried and that’s the best you can do. All it takes is a quick template describing what you are trying to distribute or get your idea out there, after that, send it out! You never know when that next lead will enter or become an interest for someone. It’s a 50/50 shot that is simple as writing out what you have to hand out and assist others with. Give it a try!

Consumers Benefit: Say you sign up for gardening services or even random facts of certain plants for your hobby of gardening; you may come across an email that helps you understand the method of gardening or how to increase your landscaping in the growth of your garden. The effortless and simple task of opening an email can only benefit you; weather its learning more information or understanding what a specific company can offer to you. One thing most people think of right of the bat is, oh no, another spam email, but another reason to also take into consideration is hey, maybe they are contacting me because I really do need this type of service. Worst comes to worse you hit the delete button and your day goes on. In reality you really have nothing to lose here, expanding your education to what others have to offer you or increasing your own business or hobby is a win and win situation. Now tell yourself next time, why not?

The Art Behind SEO

For all you fellow business makers SEO may not seem like an essential step. Let me enlighten you and introduce you to the art behind SEO. Search engine optimization doesn’t just happen with the snap of a finger or the click of a mouse. This process takes time and skill, with lots of patience and detailed work. Elite Marketing has a well equip team and management to not only fulfill your needs and wants, but creates results as promised.

Once you have a website we understand you want maximum visibility and business but slow your roll, it takes time. Time is of the essence, and with that comes endurance. Any certain business who is ranked at the top of any search engine has rightfully earned that spot. Search engines look for businesses that put in effort, time and money to make sure their business is being noticed. Think of it as being in kindergarten again. When its recess time you can’t hang out and play in the big kid’s playground, you have to play in the kiddy sandbox and gradually work your way up to play with the big kids. That’s exactly how SEO and search engines work! You must work yourself to the top of engines as you and your business grows. Even when you start out with an SEO company they set up your “meta tags” “back links” and so on but Google may not even view the code for about 6 to 8 weeks, so this process takes patience but just gives you more time for growth along with more money income. The more people notice or view your site, if your service is what they need they are picking up that phone and calling you!

SEO is an art of science for its all about what is going on behind the page. A Seo company is such a smart investment, but the right one is what is most important to look into. Some SEO companies will fool you into their service and promise you one thing, but do the other. They may rank you higher than you were but not for the long run. Here with Elite Marketing Solutions we range from different SEO services and packages, web design, mobile website layouts, PPC etc. We have a special technique for our SEO codes we set up on client’s site to rank them high as possible on the most popular search engines. If you want to see proof Google search: SEO marketing, affordable SEO, organic SEO and see us, Elite SEO Marking on the organic side of Google ranked the highest. This is just some evidence that we know what we are doing and we know what it takes to get the results you want and will need for your business. This is the art of SEO in a nut shell; to learn more call Elite Marketing Solutions and find out what we can do for you and your business.

Understand Elite Marketing’s Leadership: Where We Started From and Where We Are Now

Any typical type of business rises from a leader. What makes a leader? A leader motivates and drives people to achieve the best possibilities applicable. In the business field of Search engine optimization or search engine marketing a creative, clever field, necessitates around solid leadership.

The founders behind SEO companies, in particular in-house SEOs, tackle many responsibilities each and every day. Good SEO management can help you and your SEO program succeed; although if you are looking to grow in your field of SEO, for top SEO management, you need to start jumping outside the box-or even outside your garage. Elite Seo Marketing was first started with the CEO founder working on his own, opening and closing each and every deal that he himself came across.

Lead by Example

A fundamental trait for leadership is leading by someone of example. No matter what each individual is the person they are based on someone they look up to, whether it is their family, celebrities, or based on their nightmare fretting to become. Elite Marketing can be your example, showing you that you’re capable to succeeding in your business and that yes, it is possible!

Maybe you’re thinking, okay, but who was our example? With the growth and expansion of Elite Seo Marketing we have several other companies, by different SEO titles. Elite Marketing developed from family leadership. The owner of Elite spread from the role model of his older brother who first took interest in SEO services.


Don Galer said, “Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do”.

Every person, every business, should live a life of honesty and be known for their honesty. An easy example of integrity in SEO is when promising results to keep them. Sure it’s easy to rent or buy links to create short term SEO results but in the long run where will your business you stand? This may cause harm and backfire to your success. Here at Elite Marketing we work with our unique techniques and approach to link building and top page rankings. Elite also agrees and assures you money back guarantee if we do not fulfill the promises and agreements we make.

Team Work

Collaboration takes on a huge role in success with bringing a team together. This creates not only one thought or one idea but the minds of many to collaborate multiple ideas and thoughts. One sees the problem others work together to solve it! One opens the deal the other takes over and closes it! Once the deal is set the campaign begins! This is a team profession here at Elite Marketing. Whether it is the developers, the web analysis, our technicians or web designers, we all work together and respect everyone’s role in making it a successful business day! We all have the same desires in triumph by all moving in the same direction.

Bottom line Elite Marketing Solutions has come a long way to victory and we would be more than happy to bring you to this team of success and integrity! For more information give us a call one of our representatives would be more than willing to give you a quote or take the time to elaborate in your expansion of your online business.

Writing Articles / How to Guides / Forums / Blogs

Articles are typically good website additions. While writing your articles, you should take into consideration what your visitors would like or need to know. Educate your audience, don’t focus on what you want them to know, it’s all about them at this point, keep them interested in reading more.

Forums are a way to generate content as a user. This is an amazing tool to capture your keyword in the long run. Through forums and newsgroups there is no easier way to create user generated content.

Blogs basically feed the search engines. The reason being is with the constant updating Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine do, blogs provide related content which also should get updated regularly. Using blogs is a good way to communicate and transfer information with your viewers.


Starting a business doesn’t just involve getting a license or gaining many clients. It takes on a huge role but you can only go so far until you create your own webpage. When you have a business you create a webpage to increase your visibility and business income. What makes a website? Content. What is Content? Content is a great source to use when expressing your business to others as well as representing yourself. Having rich content is extremely important.

Rich Content is mainly to provide important information for viewers or readers that may be potential clients. It’s a way to target your spectators with intriguing specifics about your company. Useful information such as reviews, product or industry facts, statistics, tutorials, or educational information should draw more and more viewers’ attention to your site.

It’s also the way you write your content. Of course you want professional content, but who wants to sit there and read all these big boring words. Have some fun with it! Make it intreging for your viewers, more intellectual words are imperative but you have to ensure that any particular type of viewer understands it.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing. Or maybe you’re saying it in your mind as Social media marketing? Well Social media marketing submits to your sites course and how much attention it can bring to it. Jointly, with Social media marketing comes social media sites and or social networking sites that help advance your process. Examples consist of sites such as Facebook, an urbanized social networking site that is created for distribution of updates, photos, events as well as other activities. Twitter, also for instance, is a social site created to let people provide short messages with others.

Any person can initiate a Facebook fan page, start a blog, or create a Twitter account. To be honest, anyone, and I mean anyone, can make a website. Anyone from 45-year-old men to 14-year-old girls can falsely advertise to be a rich, nice looking 23-year-old woman, actress, lawyer; what-ever the case may be, on the internet. In this world of incredible internet technology we learn to be cautious of what we see, believe and trust. Exactly like Search engines. We tend to fail to remember that search engines aren’t just websites that help us find the latest gossip, or the closest taco bell. Search engines are a business, an organization where success depends on supplying you with the top, most dependable, accurate results so you keep coming back.

Social media frequently gives into the discovery of new content, such as news stories, and “discovery” in a search action. Social media also can provide you with building links that turn support into SEO efforts. This can defiantly be a key strategy to use because it links to other providers that are a back up or proof to what your saying isn’t just coming from you, but from others and the information you’re providing them with is trustworthy. Numerous amounts of people also carry out searches at social media sites to come across social media content. That is what the famous Facebook, popular Twitter, will do for you with the help of search engines along with what was previously explained.

So there’s Social media content, social media marketing, but how do we get that all there? By Social Media Optimization!

Social Media Optimization puts forth to the procedure of advancing a website, (otherwise known as optimizing the site) so that when the content is ready it can be, with no trouble, increased through online communities and networks by users and visitors of the website. With social media optimization, you may alter a web’s design, color, font but overall, links and the well-known “add to” or “share this” icons that are found to be throughout the web these days.

Without social media marketing optimization we wouldn’t be able to start the social marketing aspect of it, by distributing the referral from the optimized page to other social marking sites or social media content. The stuff that is completed “off-site’ are key, for instance, taking part in online communities where your clienteles spend their time. That is a lively role that flows under social media marketing and getting your word, news, gossip, special salsa recipe spread out to the World Wide Web.

Mobile Websites 101

There are over 2.5 billion mobile phone users in the world and the numbers are quickly increasing.  Additionally, many of them are applying internet access to their phones, making it easy for them to browse online while on the go.  For this reason, website owners are reconfiguring their settings to fit the standards of mobile devices.  Some phones, such as iPhones, have the capacity to upload any site, whether it is reconfigured or not. But most every other phone, particularly older versions, do not support the capacity of a regular website. Small screens require smaller space.  By decreasing the size of your site to fit 20MB, you will become accessible and viewable to any mobile website user.

To further understand what is needed to make your website mobile-accessible, you may want to first access your website from a cell phone and analyze what you see. Does it even load? Can you view important information on your website? What can be accessed on the site and what is missing? Many websites have flash features that do not work on phones at all.  In order to make the site mobile ready, you may have to remove this feature completely and replace it with something else. The main thing to keep in mind is the user and what is most important that they view on your site.

Here are 5 essential steps to keep in mind when altering your website:

  1. 1. Trim Down Content- Mobile phones do not have the same capacity as regular computers when it comes to uploading content. Therefore, it is important to trim down unnecessary content. Depending on what your company is selling or promoting, you need to decide what the most important features are and alter your site around these features. If you own a restaurant, for example, you may want to stick with the most essential information such as contact information, a map and directions to the restaurant, a menu and maybe any special promotions you are having. By doing this, you are not only making your site mobile ready but are also developing the key selling features of your site. Your clients will have an easier time accessing the important information from your site and will not waste time searching through useless pages.
  2. Immerse Content into Single Columns- Because phone screens are smaller than monitors, having multiple columns can often confuse and frustrate a user.  Having a single column that the user can scroll up and down on is much more practical.  They will find all the information they need easily and won’t find themselves spending minutes just to scroll through a page.
  3. Prioritize Your Content- While a regular website can easily spread their content all over a web page, mobile phones are harder to sift through. It’s important to prioritize your content, offering the most important features at the top or bottom of the page so that they are easily found by users.  For example, if you are selling brand apparel, it may be best to add a search browser or a drop down menu at the top or bottom of the page. That way users can just type in or search through categories to find what they are looking for. All information such as text and photos will then be placed in the middle of the page. The main idea is to make the site as user-friendly as possible.
  4. Customize Text Entry For Mobile Users- Typing on a mobile phone can be a lot trickier than typing on a standard keyboard.  Often times, users will make grammatical mistakes and take up lots of time typing in information.  This is why adding features that will require less typing are best.  Program “My Account” settings on your mobile site that will enable clients to simply type in their information one time and access it whenever they want.  This is especially handy when they are purchasing from your site! Also, instead of requiring a password to be entered to access a site, maybe install a pin feature that only requires numbers. Another big feature that is offered on mobile phones are inbuilt functionalities that will enable the user to access addresses and maps, make calls by simply clicking on a number and find the nearest restaurant, hospital, etc. of their choice.
  5. Design For Touch screen & Non-Touch screen- While it is key to fit as much important information as possible into your mobile site, it is also important to bear in mind the accessibility of certain features on the site.  Because touch screen users browse a site with their fingers, clicking on things can be a clumsy challenge.  If you make crucial links too small, it can be a challenge for them to access the link.  Make sure to make links a bit larger and easier to read and access.

5 Common SEO Myths

Let’s face is, the world is filled with myths and the internet is no different! Most of these myths are relatively harmless, but problems arise when people actually believe and act upon them.  The Search Engine Optimization industry has a bountiful amount of myths that often get many people in trouble because they take them to be true.  Not only are they seen all over the web, but businesses actually feed these myths to innocent bystanders in hopes of making some extra money.  The key is to be knowledgeable about what the industry is really about and what realistic expectations you should have. This is especially important if you are planning on signing up with an SEO company. By doing your homework, you can save yourself lots of time and ultimately, lots of money.  To get you started, here are 5 very common SEO myths you should avoid at all costs!

  1. 1. SEO Guarantees a #1 Spot- If a company is guaranteeing a #1 spot on Google or any search engine for a key phrase or website name, run in the other direction!  SEO fluctuates constantly and is such a competitive industry that there is no way anyone can guarantee a #1 placement.  Period.
  2. 2. SEO Works Instantly- SEO does not work instantly. Again, if any company is dishing this myth out to you, be wary.  SEO is a very involved and time-consuming process.  Not only does it take time for webmasters to develop the code and optimize your website, but you must allow the search engines time to index your site and decide where your website will rank on their SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages.)
  3. 3. SEO Is a One Time Deal- This is a very common notion that many website owners seem to have.  Once they have applied SEO to their website, they think they are set for life.  This is simply not true.  SEO is one of those tactics that needs constant updating and supervision.  This may seem like a hassle, but honestly, it is worth it if you want your website to rank.
  4. 4. SEO Can Be Done By yourself- Sure, anything can be self-taught!  However, SEO is not something you can learn overnight… or even in a month.  The tactics are so in depth and they are in constant transformation and fluctuation.  In other words, what is pertinent one day, may not be important the next.  Therefore, it will probably be far more time efficient to hire a professional SEO to do the work for you.  It may seem costly, but you must realize that you are paying for quality! If you want something done right the first time, it’s best to hire an expert.
  5. 5. Search Engine Submissions Work- Nope! Don’t waste your money or time trying to submit your website to search engines because SEO doesn’t work this way. Search Engines want you to put in the hard work it takes to get ranked, so trying to pay them off isn’t going to buy you much. If a company is trying to sell you this tactic, tell them no thanks!

How To Handle Angry Clients

Whether you are in the SEO industry or any other industry, there will always be frustrated or angry clients to deal with.  Some are reasonable and others are irrational, but either way, you must deal with them in a professional and courteous manner.  This is important not only because it is part of owning a business, but because your clients are pretty much the essential aspect of that business.  Without them, your business will most definitely fall apart. Therefore, keeping them nice and happy should be your top priority! If you do encounter an angry client, here are five essential steps to resolving the issue and establishing peace.

  1. Keep Cool- Sure, it is human nature to get angry when someone is hostile toward you. But when it comes to customers, you must always remember that they are always right- even when they aren’t.  Therefore, no matter what the client says to you, you must always keep your composure.  Do not fight back but instead, respond in a confident and composed demeanor.  Express no hostility!
  2. Listen & Acknowledge- Again, the client wants to always feel as if they are in the right.  After all, they are the ones spending money on your business.  It is important to let the client express their concerns and comments- so let them vent! Listen to what they have to say and acknowledge where you are at fault.  This makes the client feel as if they have valid points and more importantly, that you are on their side.
  3. Ask Questions- After you have heard the client out, ask questions that are relevant to their concerns.  How can you better help them? What moves should you make to adjust to their needs? In essence; what will make them happy?
  4. Agree on a Solution- This is important! Here you will establish what you promise to do for them.  Come to an agreement on what changes are necessary to keep them as a client.  Remember, make sure that they are happy with the solutions you are offering.
  5. Go Above and Beyond- Once a solution is agreed upon by you and the client, you are not only going to meet that goal, but go above and beyond that.  This tells the customer that you are willing to go the extra mile for them and that they are a true priority.  Honestly, this tactic should be used with all clients you encounter, whether they are angry or not!