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SEO Tips: Why BLOGS are so important for Top Rankings on GOOGLE

SEO Guide – Benefits of On-page and Off-page

As netizens of the twenty-first century, we all depend on the internet for our day-to-day professional and social lives. We all are aware about the role the search engine plays in providing us information on a variety of topics. Owners of websites try out some tweaking activities to have their sites listed towards the top of a search list. This set of tweaking activities that allow a site to gain higher search rank is known as search engine optimization (SEO). The basic intent is to first identify a set of keywords that correspond to the product/service the website highlights, and modify the site according to some rules considered legal by the search engines.

Research suggests that 42% of the search engine users find their desired results by clicking the links in the first page of the search results. Only 11% turn to the second page links, and this percentage deteriorates drastically for the later pages. In this article, we will explore two important aspects of SEO – the on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page Optimization

The on-page optimization activities involve modifications in various components of a web page. Some of these activities include—ensuring the presence of identified keyword(s) in the page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, header tags, anchor tags, body text (the actual page content) and so forth. The keywords should also be present in in-bound and out-bound links and Alt tags of images. The search engine spiders view websites differently than humans do. The search engine tries to find out the essence of a site by analyzing its underlying HTML code. If it identifies a string of words (keywords) spread across various HTML elements of the page, it attaches due importance to the page with respect to these keywords.

Off-Page Optimization

The off-page optimization involves a set of activities that promotes the site from behind the scenes. Stated simply, SEO professionals promote a site by back-linking to the site from various other relevant sites. If more links point to your site, higher importance is attached during calculation of the search results. It is to be borne in mind that both the number and quality of back-links matter. For instance, the back-links generated by link firms to a site can ruin the site’s SEO prospects. Even, the site can be blacklisted by leading search engines for practicing illegal SEO activities. SEO practitioners always try to provide back-links from quality sources (with good, relevant content) to the site being optimized.

Both On-Page and Off-Page Optimizations are important

In this age of competition, both on-page and off-page optimization are needed one after the other. If the competition for a keyword is weak, we can do away with the later; but such cases are extremely rare nowadays. With the continually changing algorithms of the search engines, both these techniques carry high importance. However, the on-page SEO activities need to be completed first.

Targeted Website Traffic – Discover the Secrets

If you are the owner of a business website, then you must learn Internet marketing strategies to get the most out of your web presence. If you have a site up and running, then you need steady web traffic to your site and maximum possible conversion of this “interested” web-traffic to “actual” sales closure. You need to have the right strategies in place to get people interested in your products/services offered through your site. In this article, we will explore a few of these strategies.

Common Pitfalls that Dissipate Web Traffic

At the outset, let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes that website owners commit that have a negative impact on web traffic generation.

  • Some sites are loaded with jazzy banner ads that lack aesthetic sense.
  • The content is sometimes written in corporate style that laymen often fail to interpret.
  • The sales pitch is often made too quickly.
  • Sometimes the enterprise owners remain anonymous, which raises the eyebrows of the visitors. After all, we engage ourselves in business transactions with people whom we know.
  • Too many products and too many cross-links leave a negative impression on the visitors.

Steps to Improve the Impression of your Site

Here are some of the tips that can increase your site’s (and hence your products & services) acceptance to the visitors.

  • Keep your paragraphs and sentences short, because people do not want to read long online.
  • Write the content lucidly, so that every visitor is clear about your offers.
  • Impart an attractive headline (if applicable, sub-headings too) within the page content.
  • Do not use a small font size that readers find difficult to read.
  • Stress on proper layout of the web page. Every element on the page should be properly spaced.
  • Place the sign-in form link at a conspicuous place so that people can sign up easily.

Determine your Target Audience

It is surprising but true that many website owners do not have a clear understanding about the site’s target audience. One of the first things you need to determine is your site’s target audience. Determine the demographic aspects such as age, sex, race, and hobbies etc. Try to frame the idea of a person who is a probable candidate to buy the product. Once you frame your target audience, you are in a better position to position your site accordingly.

Targeted Advertising through Social Networking Sites and PPC Advertising

Today’s Internet activities are dominated by surfing popular social networking sites. People, mostly surfers of the younger generation, visit these sites to build and maintain social networks. They get benefited by a lot of stuff – from friendship to jobs. These social media sites offer targeted advertising facilities. By investing in this scheme, you can narrow down fruitless web traffic to focused visitors.

Another method of getting targeted web traffic is investment in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It doesn’t involve a huge financial outlay, but helps you to reach your target audience quicker. It is in fact one of the most traceable forms of online marketing. People who are interested in your line of products will find the positioning of the PPC links highly relevant and would want to explore the sites.

At the end, we can conclude that getting web traffic is not as important as getting targeted web traffic. You need to do your basic homework first to identify your target audience, design your site accordingly, and invest in online marketing to pull targeted web traffic to your site with the potential of increased sales.

Elite SEO Marketing Reviews the Effectiveness of Directory Submission Service

Elite SEO Marketing has recently conducted its annual “SEO Strategies–Present and Future” summit in Los Angeles, California. All SEO practitioners at Elite SEO Marketing attended the summit to make it a success. One of topics that were put up for discussion was the “effectiveness of directory submission service as an SEO tool”.

The attendees of the summit unanimously underscored the effectiveness of directory submission service as a potent SEO tool. There are thousands of local, national, and international directories on the web. A significant chunk of these directories are good for listing business information. On the other hand, the rest are not good for listing business information and these might have a negative impact on the future of a site’s SEO position. These directories are barely link farms and subscription of a site to them will be perceived as “black-hat” SEO practices.

The SEO practitioners attending the summit stressed on the importance of digging out legitimate directories for site submission. Years of association with Elite SEO Marketing has enabled these SEO practitioners to maintain a list of legitimate directories that aid in clean, effective SEO practices. Experience suggests that submission to these directories helps in increasing web traffic to the site in addition to providing high-quality links.

The Yellow Pages came up as a classic example of directories worth listing sites in. The age-old yellow book has undergone a facelift. Today it is available online and full of colored pages and flashy animations. Clicking on a link in the Yellow Pages can take the visitor to an interactive map leading to the physical location of the business operations.

There are thousands of other useful directories available. Some of these directories are city or state based; some are dedicated to a particular industry segment; and some are dedicated to niche domains. The attendees of the summit stressed upon the importance of accurate matching of the business to the right directory. Once the right directories are identified and the site is listed, the organic SEO activities for the site get a tremendous boost.

Elite SEO Marketing Reviews the Effectiveness of Local Search Engine Marketing

Elite SEO Marketing has conducted its annual “SEO Strategies–Present and Future” summit in Los Angeles, California in early July. All SEO practitioners of Elite SEO Marketing attended the summit to make it a success. One of the topics that were reviewed in the summit was the effectiveness of local search engine marketing as an SEO tool.

The SEO practitioners opined that a majority of businesses carried out throughout the world are confined within a small geographical area in and around the physical location of the company. This makes much more sense from a logistical perspective, particularly for small and medium industries.

Local search engine marketing has recently gained huge importance in the think tanks of SEO practitioners at Elite SEO Marketing. The SEO practitioners have discovered that local search engines and directories offer opportunities to post links and set up business profiles. All these go a long way to reach potential customers. Potential customers interested in goods and services delivered locally take the help of these local search engines to find out potential suppliers for what they want.

Unfortunately, the huge potential of local search engine marketing as an SEO tool remains unexploited by many SEO practitioners. Local search engine marketing, when combined with other SEO tools and techniques, can lead to a holistic optimization of the site. Most small business owners owning a site are unaware about the average time needed to complete the process of registering to the local search engines and directories. Here, the strength of practitioners at Elite SEO marketing was recognized. The practitioners have gained enough knowledge and acumen to submit sites to local directories and save time on the part of site owners.

Another interesting characteristic of search engines also surfaced during the summit. When we search for our desired information in major search engines of the world (like Google, Yahoo!, Bing), bulk of the listings are provided to these major search engines by none other than the countless local search engines. This underscores the underlying potential of local search engine marketing.

Can Google Buzz really help Search Engine Optimization?

All business sites are subject to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices these days. The main aim of SEO, as you are perhaps already aware, is to boost up your prospects of achieving a higher position in search engine rankings. People need information about products and services continuously. They go to search engines like Google and Yahoo!, type in one or more words in the search text box, and click the Search button. Within seconds a search list appears. The main aim of SEO is to tune a site to be search engine friendly so that it appears towards the top in the search list. An optimized site has a much greater visibility than a non-optimized site.

SEO practitioners continue to search for newer avenues to boost up their site’s SEO prospects. Many processes and techniques have become well-known and established today. But with the passage of time, newer things are coming up in the SEO arena. Some of these are quite nascent. Google Buzz, one of the latest social networking media, is one such tool that can influence a site’s SEO prospects.

What is Google Buzz Anyway?

Google Buzz the latest social networking tool offered by Google Labs. The tool was launched on 9th February 2010. Google Buzz is expected to do what exactly Twitter and Facebook – the social networking giants do. But, Google Buzz doesn’t pose any immediate threat to these two social networking biggies. In Google Buzz, you can update your status and let your followers/friends know what you are doing. You can also share your choicest videos, pictures, and music with your friends. Google Buzz is easily accessible in our day to day lives as it can be accessed right from your Gmail account. Without going to the unique features that Google Buzz offers, let us concentrate on the tool’s SEO prospects.

Google Buzz and Its SEO Implications

SEO specialists are ranking Google Buzz high due to the implicit predisposition Google search engine is likely to have to its own new product. The ‘auto-following’ feature, by which you can grow your social networking activities quite rapidly from Gmail, holds great prospects in terms of increased visibility.

If you follow the behavioral pattern of Google search engine, you will observe that Google is now moving towards ‘real-time’ or ‘blended’ search. You will not only see the organic search list (the links that are listed free based on Google’s search algorithms) and the paid links, you will also see images, video, Twitter, MySpace and news posts in the list as and when they happen to match the search keywords. It is highly likely that Google will give importance to inbound links to your site from Google Buzz posts.

In future, these posts may likely be listed in the search list and may lead to increased traffic to your site. Google Buzz, being Google’s own baby, will naturally be in a more advantageous position in the area of blended search. In the launch video of Google Buzz, Google has already indicated that Google search engine will index Google Buzz posts. Thus, you can easily imagine the prospects Google Buzz holds as an SEO-enabler.

Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization

If you are the owner of a business website, you will naturally want it to be
search-engine-optimized these days. The reasons for this is not too far to seek. Today’s technology-enabled people quite often seek information about products/services on the Internet. They use leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo! to locate the sites. With competition picking up, every website wants to have a share of the Internet pie. Every site wants to be listed towards the top in a search engine’s search rank. Here, SEO plays a big role. SEO slowly and steadily helps to tune your site to the expectations of the search engines. One of the basic and most importation aspects of SEO are finding the right keywords for your site and use it for optimization. In this article, we will explore the importance of keywords in SEO.

What are keywords?

Keywords are single or group of words that people type in search engine text boxes to find information about what they need. Search engine optimizers need to detect these keywords while optimizing the sites. Keywords are used in the content and other areas to make the site tuned to the search engines’ expectations. The more focused a site becomes to what people search for, the probability of its location by people through search engines increases. When people use these words or phrases in search engines, they get two types of search results. There is a paid search result towards the top and right side of the list. The font size and style for these paid links (merchants pay the search engines to list their links that are relevant to the keywords) are a bit different. The other category constitutes the organic search results that the search engine has deduced based on its algorithms.

Keyword Selection

The search engine optimizers need to choose the keywords with care. The keywords chosen should have a high search volume. If more and more people search with the keyword, greater is the chance of increase in your site traffic. If by chance the competition for your chosen keywords is weak (that is, not many sites have detected the search potential of these keywords), your chance of crawling towards the first page of the search results will increase manifold. There are many tools available in the market for keyword research. However, it is better to consult with an elite SEO marketing company to choose the apt keywords.

Keyword Frequency

Remember, search engines regard the “content of a website as the king”. The keywords should be carefully spread across the content. They should be present in the title and the body text. Be careful not to repeat the keywords too many times. The best approach will be to write the free-flowing content and introduce the keywords at some places (particularly more towards the beginning and at the end of the article). The keyword frequency (or keyword density) for single words should not exceed more than 6% in the page. This percentage will come down to 3% for keyword phrases.

Other Important Areas for Keywords

For the purpose of SEO, you have to look at several other places to distribute your keywords apart from body text and content. Some of these areas are ‘meta’ tags, ‘alt’ tags for images, ‘description’ tags, headings (H1, H2 tags), link text for outbound links, and so forth.

Thus, we can easily infer that keywords are the pillars of SEO. Unless keywords are not researched for properly and not applied to the content appropriately, your dream of making to the first page of the search list might remain elusive.

Elite SEO Marketing’s cutting edge SEO techniques help with Google rankings!

Elite SEO Marketing announces that their superior SEO technique will help with Google organic seo results.  Each year, Elite SEO Marketing is making strides towards perfection when it comes to the innovative niche market for SEO.  They employ only the best and most current seo programming and link building strategies that are proven to work every time for every campaign.  Their research and development team is dedicated to deliver only the best implementation of SEO in the industry.  Partnership with a reputable SEO Marketing company is the best recipe for online success!

Search Engine Optimization has a lot of little components that need to be executed cohesively in order to reach desired results on the first page of all major search engines.  However, there are two components that is the bases of any SEO campaign that need to be handled with professional know how and responsible care of a team that knows how to get results geared towards Google’s algorithm.  (1)On page-optimization is by far the most important ingredient in any seo campaign.  Proper coding of a website is a crucial aspect because that is exactly what Google reads when it indexes your company website.  Google doesn’t know how to read images, so if you don’t code your website in a way that google can easily crawl and index your site for information that it needs then you will not be branded as the most relevant search result in their engine.  (2)Link-Building is also one of the most important features in seo that will increase your popularity and position in any search engine results.  This is accomplished by obtaining links from other like minded websites that will point at your site for information.  This is extremely important because link building is like a popularity contest, the more links you have from popular websites linking to yours for information, the more likely Google will recognize your brand as the most popular and important because you have a group of people that are recommending your website for services. However, if you build links too fast and from junky sources, Google will think that you are just another spammer online and they will de-value your efforts and never place your website on the first page of their search results.  Word to the wise, be very careful how and with who you are dealing with when considering search engine optimization.

At Elite SEO Marketing, they have very courteous staff and also have a lot of knowledge and experience doing seo for a long time.  Their core competency is professional on-page and off-page optimization, paired with creative content writing and blogging.  Elite SEO Marketing is a full service online marketing company that offers many more online options such as online video commercials, press release distribution and creation, web presenter service and many more different innovative online marketing techniques that will help grow your brand and your business.

SEO Marketing is essential to Rank high on Google Search Results!

SEO Marketing Service is essential to rank high on Google search results.  Elite SEO Marketing reviews new strategies for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on a monthly basis and implements up to date techniques to ensure that companies that they work with on SEO Marketing campaigns succeed and enjoy first page placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing! Today, our economy is in turmoil from different sources of distress, weather its’ our weak dollar policy, or the sluggish real estate market and because of this fact our business activity has slowed down significantly! Competition is fierce and it costs more marketing dollars to not only attract new prospects but also to convert them to clients.  This is where Elite SEO Marketing can help propel your marketing efforts and secure new business in a tough economy by placing your company in front of millions of potential clients.  This is the power of Internet Marketing!

Today, business that do not have a budget set aside for online marketing will suffer defeat at the hands of those that do have a significant budget for this type of marketing.  It is absolutely essential to diversify your marketing efforts and allocate a big budget geared towards SEO.  This is how businesses will survive in the down marketing and those that are keeping afloat will increase their bottom line and start competing on a greater scale! The internet is increasing in size almost daily, so waiting to start marketing your business online next quarter or next year is something that savvy business owners can’t afford to hold off any longer.

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