Where Blog Posting Fits In

Blog posting can be a very effective piece of an overall internet marketing campaign. The question often arises as to how to effectively use blog posts and what are the real benefits of them in the first place. Blogging and microblogging have begun to revolutionize how people communicate and relate their ideas, desires, and, most importantly to you, the products and services they have to offer.

There are many types of blogs, some researchers claim there are 13 to be exact. The ones that people are most familiar with are company blogs and those ”microblogs” like Twitter and MySpace. A company blog can be used to great effect if the blog posting is good and offers something that the reader can use. Usually your readers will be looking for some sort of tip or advice on how to accomplish a goal. Of course, your goal is to convert a sale. Every one can be satisfied if you offer solid content. You can offer the tips that the reader is looking for and add a subtle sales pitch at the same time. By offering what the reader is looking for you are building trust in your website and the products/services that you offer. Trust equals sales.

Blog posting to ”microblogging sites” can be used to offer quick discounts on products or services and haul in some quick targeted traffic. Twitter only allows 140 characters, so you have only a few words to convey your meaning. The downside to microblogs is that you have to build a following. You can only do that by being as exposed as possible through other aspects of organic SEO and SEM.

Trying to figure out where blog posting fits in can be quite a conundrum. Essentially posting to your company blog and other blog sites offers you a greater internet exposure and can help with organic SEO if you post comments to relevant blogs. Gaining backlinks on related sites will slowly and naturally build your page position. When used as a part of an SEO campaign, blog posting can bring you many benefits.

What Effective PPC Management Does For You

Your website needs to be organically optimized in order to survive the test of time, but PPC management will help you to bring immediate traffic to your site. It may not be sustainable as a stand alone marketing strategy, but PPC management is one of the shortest routes to sales for your website. In many ways PPC is the spark that will light your site on fire, but organic SEO is the very fuel that will keep your fire burning.

PPC management is not as simple as it looks on the outside. At first brush it appears that all you have to do is sign up, choose a budget, pick some keywords, and go live. After that you just wait for the sales to roll in. What happens when those sales do not come? It may very well have been from a lack luster campaign. Did you emphasis the right keywords? Did you place the keywords correctly in your ad? There are so many questions that will come to mind if you do not run an effective PPC campaign.

Another thing to keep in mind when figuring out how to approach your PPC management is cost per click(CPC). The CPC is on the rise in every market and will continue to do so as more and more competitors appear. This can devastate the budget of the novice campaigner without bringing the sales needed to continue marketing your website. You have to follow clear and concise goals when entering the PPC market or you will wasting your time and money, neither of which you want to willing throw away.

Fine tuning your campaign is a necessary part of a successful PPC attack. It can be the most minute details that make or break your campaign. Going it alone can be very costly and ineffective. Effective PPC management can only be achieved through long term experience. That is experience that very few of us have. If you lack confidence in your skills or have failed in several attempts at PPC usage, it might be time to seek out an outside authority. Effective PPC management will convert more sales and create enough profit to more than pay for itself.

The Three Top Benefits Of Local Internet Marketing

For many small to medium sized businesses, local internet marketing makes as much since as trying a global approach to their marketing scheme. Businesses of that size have a large portion of their sales in a small geographical area. Local marketing will help your return on investment because you are better able to target your audience and focus your marketing dollars. There are three main benefits to local internet marketing and here they are.

Targeted marketing

Local internet marketing allows you to highly focus your marketing efforts. You can virtually hit your geographical area from every conceivable angle. There are localized search engines and directories that will allow you to establish a profile that will tell your potential customers who you are, what you believe in, and what you have to offer them in the way of products or services.

Weekly updates

When you hire a company to do your local internet marketing, they will update your profile and product information weekly and submit those updates to all of the local directories and search engines. Since most of the major, nationwide search engines depend on these local search engines for some of their listings, it only makes sense that your national profile will be updated, also. These updates will appear as a slow, natural building of your web presence and help with your page positioning.

Low cost

Once your basic profile is established, local internet marketing can be done for a cost comparable to a simple yellow book listing. That gets your company’s information distributed to all of the major search engines and directories. With such a low cost you are bound to see a great return on investment.

The history of the internet has always been a series of small databases linked together to produce all of the listings and info that you need. The average owner of a small to medium sized business does not know of the existence of local internet marketing nor do they realize the amount of time that can be spent doing it. It is all there at your fingertips, but you can wear your fingers out trying to perform all of these submissions yourself, even if you know where to submit to. Local internet marketing is better left to a professional company.

Is Affordable SEO Good SEO?

There is no magical dollar amount that defines affordable SEO. The quality of the service and its worth to you are the only considerations that matter. You will have to search for the right company to determine who has the SEO package and strategy that fits with you. Here are some of the top questions that you should be asking to help you determine if the affordable SEO companies are offering a good product.

”What is your overall organic SEO strategy?”, is the number one question to have on your mind when choosing an affordable SEO company. If they only offer a couple of white hat SEO services, but the approach is not all encompassing, then they are not offering good SEO. That makes them a waste of money no matter how inexpensive their services are.

”What are the components of your SEO program?”, is another good question to ask a potential candidate company. An all encompassing approach will include several organic SEO tactics as well as using pay-per-click advertising and other paid inclusion methods of link building. Some of the natural, organic link building strategies will include article writing and submission, press releases, directory submissions, and blog posting. When all of these methods are coupled with paid inclusions, you will have a holistic SEO attack. If a company offers all of these for a fair price, then you have found affordable SEO services.

A final service that an affordable SEO company should offer is to look at your .html code and offer to fix it for you. Broken links within your site or an unnatural hierarchy for your pages and directories will bring penalties from the major search engines. Fixing these offers you a better chance for first page placement.

Is affordable SEO always good SEO? Not all of the time. If you ask the questions above before hiring a company, you will be able to ensure that you are getting a good service that will help your site soar to the top of the search engine results for your keywords.

The Importance Of A Press Release Service

A press release is usually a one page document meant to let as many people know about a new product or service as possible. How do you create that press release and make it seem newsworthy to various media outlets? That completely illustrates the importance of having a press release service on retainer. A press release can be used to create backlinks and drive traffic if it is written and distributed correctly. A good press release service should be able to offer both copywriting and distribution services to you.

A press release service will be able to take your company’s upcoming event or product launch and make it newsworthy to the world. If the content that is written sounds like a sales pitch, most news and press release companies will not publish it or refuse to accept it in the first place. Writing a press release borders on being an art form. The copywriter has to walk a tightrope between news and company promotion. One misstep and the whole thing has to be scraped and the writer will have to start all over.

The other aspect of a press release service to be considered is their distribution process. Most will not tell you exactly what websites and wire services that they will use, but you can get a general idea of their strategy. If the service is worth its salt, the company will use a web-based approach while making attempts to get your press release into print. You will want a minimum of several dozen websites to release your press release to optimize the organic SEO effects for your site. The sheer volume of submissions needed can be tedious and overwhelming for an individual. A press release service can automate the process for you and free up a lot of your time.

A well prepared and distributed press release can boost your organic SEO beyond your imagination. A solid and reputable press release service will take the angst out of the process. There is no reason to feel that you are alone when trying to SEO your website. By hiring out some aspects of it you will accomplish your goals faster and more efficiently.

How Important Is First Page Placement

The importance of first page placement can not be overstressed. In order for a website to thrive and convert sales it has to be visible. In general, unless a person follows a link from another site, they will only look at the first page of results. On rare occasions they may go through the first five on the second page. Those sites that struggle for the bottom results will ultimately fail. Here are a few tips on how to capture first page placement in the search engines.

The first thing to consider when trying to obtain first page placement is keyword research. There are many good services available that will offer you a keyword search run for a reasonable price, but you will still have to cross check those with a Google tool to make sure of the frequency and relevance of each keyword. Sometimes the best attack is to go after the less common keywords first. Being ranked well for longtail keywords will still drive some heavily targeted traffic to your site and increase your sales rate. Once you have established your site in the longtail region, go after the most heavily competed for keywords. It will take more effort to capture any kind of placement for these, but the effort will be rewarded with heavier sales.

Keyword selection, use, and distribution are very important items, but they are all for naught without a consideration of the other on page factors of your site. Meta tags, content, and url normalization have to be looked at before you will capture first page placement. Meta tags have to contain your keywords. URL normalization will help the search engines’ spiders to follow and index your site. Always remember that content is king. You have to use a proper keyword density- 1-3% – to avoid spam penalties. People have to feel that the content is written for them or they will not trust your site enough to buy from you.

First page placement is the Holy Land of the internet. Sales flow every day from that placement. When you try to capture on of those top ten spots, consider whether or not you truly have the time to make it happen or should you hire an outside company to get you there quickly and efficiently.

Article Writing And Submission: A SEO Must

Search engine optimization is the life blood of every website. Content is king in order to climb the search engine position chart. Article writing and submission can help you with both. For the most part website owners find article writing to be a daunting task. That’s not to mention the time consumed by submitting those same articles to the large number of directories necessary to effect a change in your page position. Is it all really worth it? Here are two reasons that article writing and submission are an SEO must for every website.


You may be thinking ”Duh!”, but articles submitted to directories are backlinks that are permanent and one way. No link exchange is needed or subtly required. Article writing and submission can gain you more links, faster than any other approach in the web 2.0 environment. These are seen as relevant links that help to garner higher page positioning than spam links from around the web. The secret is the keyword density and the quality of the content of your articles. Junk articles that do not hold your readers interest will be a waste of time. Those same articles may be looked upon as spam by the editors of the article directories and refused, anyway.

Targeted traffic

Article writing and submission will help to put your website in front of people who are interested in the product you are writing about and, ultimately, trying to sell. The average reader researches a product and reads about it for the express purpose of buying that product at some time. Your job as a website owner is to provide them with the information they are looking for so that they feel a sense of trust in buying from you. This is where an overt sales pitch may get them to click farther down the search engine results and look for better information elsewhere.

Article writing and submission pulls targeted traffic and quality backlinks to your site. That is a simple sentence, but such a complicated and time consuming concept. Most people find that they can not write interesting copy, original content, or do not have the time to write and submit their work. Hiring a company to perform one or both of these services could put you way ahead of your competitors.

Social Bookmarking: An Important Cog In The Marketing Machine

Many of today’s businesses are internet driven or rely on traffic to their website to generate fresh leads. Social bookmarking, while not as popular as tweeting or commenting on MySpace or Facebook, is a convenient venue for your more established customers to help refer you to new clients. Every time a new page is bookmarked several interested parties will follow that link to your site. What happens when they get there is up to you.

In order for social bookmarking to be a successful part of your marketing campaign you will have to hold the readers attention. The best way to do that is to offer informative and interesting copy. Most sites fail in this area. Quite a few site owners try to write their own copy or hire a copywriter based on the amount charged per hour. That is actually the complete opposite of what you need to do. The first consideration of copy is to make sure it is written in proper language—whatever language you are targeting. The next is the proper positioning and density of your keywords. Both of these can be checked by requiring work samples before you hire a copywriter.

Social bookmarking brings a nice bonus every time one of your pages is marked for the first time: a backlink. Since these links are all important to acquiring page position and page rank, this bonus is very important to a site’s owner. These are targeted backlinks and the traffic they generate is actually looking for the product they are exploring by following your link. Your percentage of sales from this traffic will be higher than a normal click through from a search engine. Every website owner is looking to increase their sales percentage.

The importance of social bookmarking in any web 2.0 marketing campaign is impossible to deny. On the downside it is a time consuming attack. The most popular sites have subscribed to some of the automated bookmarking programs, but not all of them. You can spend hour upon hour focusing a social bookmarking campaign and not be effective. This is one aspect of SEO that should be left to the experts.

Top Three Website SEO Tips

There are dozens of tips that can be given for website SEO, but many of them are redundant. You can not take a haphazard approach and hope to get page rank or search engine position. You have to take an overall approach, sort of a holistic medicine in order to cure your poor search findings. To help you here are the top three website SEO tips.

Keyword density

Your keywords should appear in your text and titles with a decent frequency, but they can be overly used at the same time. The ideal keyword density should range anywhere from 1-3%. Many experts claim that a percentage as high as five is alright. The truth is that even a little overboard can bring a negative result from Google’s algorithms and spiders. Try to place your keyword in your title, once in the opening sentence, once per paragraph, and again in the summary of your page’s content.

Place keywords in URLs

An often overlooked aspect of website SEO is the placement of keywords in your URLs. Every one of your pages should have a file name that contains the keyword. Those pages should also be in a directory that contains the keyword. The keywords should be separated by dashes. Follow a rational approach to naming files and directories. Make sure that they follow a hierarchy.

Good content

Always write for people and have excellent copy on your site. Amazing copywriting is the most basic need that has to be met for website SEO to be successful. Good copy will attract inbound links and hold potential customer’s interest. Also, search engines have ways of recognizing good copy from spam and will reward your site for that good copy. Holding your visitors interest does not always mean using a sales pitch. Providing them with tips or a video that helps them can create a return on investment that will more than justify the time and money spent creating the copy.

Website SEO is more than submitting to directories and hoping that Google finds your site. If you follow these three easy tips you will be farther along the path to first page position than you ever thought you would be.

Targeted Email Marketing vs. Microblogging

There are many benefits to targeted email marketing. Some of those benefits are shared by microblogging- Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, a good email campaign will overshadow anything you can do in 140 characters and everyone that you send your material to has already opted in. Here are the benefits of targeted email marketing vs. microblogging.

Potential customers have opted-in

On microblogging sites you will slowly develop a following that will soon delete you or ignore you if all of your messages revolve around a sales pitch. With targeted email marketing you have already overcome that obstacle. Each recipient has already filled out a form that suggests that they wish to hear about your upcoming offers. This form also gave you plenty of demographic information to work with. You can target certain age groups or gender sets with your offers. All of this decreases the chance that your email will be deleted or ignored.

Targeted email marketing can be automated

Targeted email marketing can be easily automated or handled by an experienced company. All you need to do is subscribe to a good autoresponder service. If you are not a good copywriter, hire someone to fill your ads with appealing copy. Edit their work to ensure that the subject line is enticing enough to get the receiver to open the email. The subject line is the deciding factor in the decision to delete before reading for over 90% of recipients. With any microblogging approach, you have to maintain it daily. The lost time usually does not make up for itself in sales or traffic to your site.

Internet marketing is very important for any company, but especially so for any web based commerce business. There are many approaches to create traffic and a buzz about your company, but targeted email marketing is one of the most surefire, low return on investment methods available to everyone. Creating email leads that generate sales is crucial to the livelihood and longevity of your business. That is not to say that you should ignore microblogging completely. As with any internet marketing campaign, you have to take a holistic approach. Each step compliments the other.