Priceless Value of a Press Release Service

No matter how highly talented your team of writers are, it only takes one damaging press release to tarnish the reputation of your company. Press releases have the power to ensure success or bring about failure. Using a press release service as one of the tools in your marketing and business strategy may be one of the best choices you can make.

Benefits of Press Release Service
A press release service can provide many benefits to a company. Their whole job is centered on creating and distributing stellar press releases. It frees up your time and labor to focus on other tasks. Using a service is easy on your budget and produces results in a short period of time. Typically, the turn-around time for implementing and writing takes about a week. Distribution of the release will take a bit more time. The process for planning and writing a press release follows these steps:

  • Company representative supplies the release date, topic, industry and any information to be included.
  • First draft is written and submitted for review.
  • Company representative lists desired revisions.
  • Draft is revised and re-submitted.
  • Final draft is submitted.

Once the final draft is composed, the press release is the property of your company. You can choose to distribute it yourself, or you can contract with the press release service for distribution.

What to Look For
When doing a search for a press release service, you can find many companies online. You will find a great deal of information on the service’s website. Some examples include:

  • Pricing list for writing services and revisions
  • Detailed guide to press releases
  • Package pricing for writing and revision, as well as distribution services
  • FAQs
  • How to contact

Many companies would pay any amount to effectively market products and services and gain a global following. The fact is that a press release service provides positive publicity using the most cost-effective methods. Building credibility for your company and product is crucial in today’s marketing environment. Staying ahead of your competitors ensures the continued growth and success of your company-a goal we all want to reach.

Can Small Business SEO Improve My Company?

Starting a small business can be exciting and terrifying all at one. It’s all up to you to make it a success, so you may start looking online to find more ways to do so. One option you should certainly look at is looking at small business SEO services.

What Does SEO Mean?
Especially in the beginning, all of the acronyms that come flying at you can seem a little overwhelming. This one isn’t as scary as it sounds though. SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization, which just means improving your websites visibility to online searchers especially with added keywords or phrases. When people type certain words into search engines, you want your website to come up as close to the top as possible, because those are the ones more likely to be visited.

How Does This Help Your Business?
When your page is more likely to be visited, you are more likely to start getting new customers, of course. It also assists with just getting more word out about your business and building on that customer loyalty. You want to be the only name mentioned in relation to a certain product or service.

Some Other Tips for SEO
When you find a reputable company to assist you with your small business SEO, you can rest assured that everyone will soon be talking about your business. This isn’t something that is going to make you rich overnight, but it’s a very important part to consider in your long term marketing strategies. Even after you hire an agency to handle this side for you, make sure you still involve yourself in what’s happening. After all, this is your business and you are the one that will benefit or not from its success.

Try to take advantage of all avenues when trying to promote your small business. You don’t want to miss out on potential growth and added sales because you didn’t take every chance you could. Using an SEO service is a great way to make sure that your business is going to become even bigger and better!

PPC Management – Avoiding AdWords Blunders

To be really effective with PPC management, you have to stay on your toes. Making mistakes not only costs a lot of money, it will also negatively impact conversion results. To avoid making costly blunders, follow these tips.

  • Keyword Research. There is really no excuse for skipping this step. There are several free tools for performing some great keyword research. Google’s keyword tool can give you some valuable direction in targeting the right words. Research what successful advertisers are putting into the first three lines of their ads.
  • Too many keywords. Have one ad group for each keyword using the three basic variations of exact, phrase and broad. You should place two ads into each group. Doing this will help you pick your winners.
  • Lifeless Ads. Your ads should be compelling and feature the item that is being searched for. Don’t feature your business name or product, but address a need. For example: “Premium Jewelry for Every Budget” instead of “Jane’s Jewelry”. Provide the solution the customer is trying to find.
  • Experiment. Include variations of the ads by making minute changes to test the response.
  • Negative keyword usage. Negative keyword will help to sort out and further refine the marketing campaign.
  • Test, and then test again. Colors, position, copy – these elements should always be under testing. Know the conversion metrics. Use tools like Google analytics or Website Optimizer.

Delivering the Promise
Once tactic of PPC management that can be overlooked deals with the copy featured on the landing page. When a user clicks on your ad, are they sent to some informational page, or do they land on the exact product they were looking for? Clear navigation makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase. Delivering the promise optimizes the quality score and improves your position. Costs are lowered, while still meeting the needs of the searcher.

Good PPC management will deliver targeted traffic and takes your message to the users that are searching for the products you provide. Use these tips to save time, reduce costs, increase brand exposure and give you the maximum return on your advertising dollars.

Forum Posting: A Guide for SEO Success

Internet forums (also known as message boards) are online discussion sites where conversations between people take place through posted messages. There are millions of forum sites available on the internet that cover a range of topics from the hottest TV shows to how to fix your computer at home. Whatever your needs for forum posting, it is guaranteed that you will find a site that meets them.

Online forums are different from chat rooms. Messages are generally archived or indexed for as long as the site is active. There are many of the early forum sites that have been online for several years, so it is easy to see how having a few links on older forum posts can be extremely valuable for your website.

Steps to Forum Posting

  • First, put together a list of all the online forums and blogs that feature discussions around your product niche. For example, if your website sells cosmetics, look for sites that discuss beauty tips or techniques.
  • Determine which of these sites are the most active and frequently used. Flag these as the ones you will join and post on.
  • Once you have joined, regularly go onto the sites and read the posts. Comment on posts when appropriate, being certain to be relevant and helpful.

It’s important to understand that gaining the ability to add links takes a longer time with forum posting. You have to begin with contributing and then you can include your website link with your signature and in your forum profile. After you have built trust and respect by contributing to discussions, you’ll have the ability to include your link in your forum posts, as long as it’s relevant to the topic being discussed.

Final Thoughts
Using forum posting for SEO success is time-intensive, but can be one of the most effective tools you have. It takes consistence and patience while you are establishing and building your reputation in the online forums. Remember to identify the top sites that match your industry and then be relevant in your posts and comments. Once established, you can then add your links.

Using Local Internet Marketing to Reach Your Customers

People used to get a lot of their information through local sources such as newspapers, radio, the phonebook and direct mail, among others. However, today’s shoppers usually use the internet to get everything they need to know. If your business has been left behind in the technology sector, you will soon lose customers and the flow of incoming consumers will go down. This is why using local internet marketing is important for your success!

What Are The Most Effective Marketing Routes Now?
The new consumer uses the internet and their phone to do everything in their day. Not many people even have a phone book or a land line anymore. It actually makes it quite a bit easier, because when you use local internet marketing, your customers can get a good look at your company and compare it to others in the same line of business. This allows them to become more comfortable with you before ever making a purchase which leads to more sales, of course.

What Else Should You Consider To Reach Local Customers?
In addition to internet marketing, make sure you pay special attention to mobile marketing as well. Not only are your local customers using their smart phone to access your website online, this also leads to more ways for you to connect with them. You should look into a marketing plan that includes text messages, mobile apps, digital coupons, ads and QR codes. Everyone keeps their phone with them, and most people prefer to get a text message over a phone call any day.

Is This Type Of Marketing Worth Your Time?
You know that a lot of visitors will come from your local area. It may seem like a waste, but if you put a digital campaign into place and really keep with it, your business will continue to grow. It’s important to keep in mind that your competition already realizes this, so if you don’t get involved in a local internet marketing campaign, you will have no hope of keeping up with them. Customers want things to be easy, so make it that way!

Effortless Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become the newest and simplest ways to save and organize favorite websites, documents and links. It has gained so much popularity that there are hundreds of sites available today. Some of the sites are geared more toward news, while others may be centered on business and technology. The choice of which social bookmarking site you use will depend on individual needs and tastes.

Getting Started
If you’re new to social bookmarking, spend some time researching all the different sites available. Once you’ve found one or a few that seem to be a good fit, you’ll need to sign up. Accounts are generally free, and the sign-up process is quick and easy. Some sites give you the option of adding buttons to your browser. One button may be for fast and easy access to the bookmarking site, while there are usually two more: one for accessing your bookmarks and one for tagging websites and documents.

“Tagging” with Social Bookmarking
Tagging refers to the use of keywords that help you and other users get to your bookmarked documents and webpages. For instance, you may be reading a great article on dog training and decide you’d like to save and share it. Simply click the “tags” button and a pop-up will show asking for verification and the tags. In this example, your tag could be dogs, dog training or pets. Use one tag or a few. The more tags you have, the quicker others can find your bookmarks and webpages. Using multiple tags also makes it easier to find your own bookmarks as your list grows.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking
The real beauty of social bookmarking is that not only can other users find your favorite links by entering your tags; you can use the search option to find information that interests you. You can sort by most recent, popular or by different categories. These sites allow you to really hone in on the information you’re looking for without paging through hundreds of search engine results. You can also see the number of votes an article has received to determine the best choice.

Finding a Company to Adjust Your Website SEO

It’s important to hire a talented consultant to ensure that your website SEO is doing as much for your business as it should be. When a person performs a search online, the key keywords are used to pull up specific websites first. So, if your site is using them correctly, you can ensure that your site is near the top of the list.

How Can They Help With Your Website?
An SEO company will go over your website and put links onto it that will ensure that it comes up closer to the top when someone performs a search related to your topic. Making these small adjustments can drive a lot more traffic to your site when it’s done by a professional consultant that does this type of thing for a living.

Are There Other Things That Can Help Your Website?
When the consultant analyzes your current website, they will probably have other tips for you as well with regards to website SEO. They can assist you in making your website easy and convenient for users. After all, you want people to enjoy your page and want to come back or even tell their friends about it.

You should also consider asking your web designer about the possibility of installing Google Analytics. It can help you keep track of where your traffic is being sent from, how many people you are bringing in, how regularly they visit and what they click on most on your site. All of this is very useful information for you to use in order to make your website the best it can be and to keep it high on those searches.

Keeping It Fresh
The final thing to take into consideration is the actual content of your page. Don’t be afraid to change it up sometimes and keep your visitors excited. If you keep the same stale information, eventually even your most loyal visitors will get bored with it. You should think of your website as a growing, changing entity. Keep it unique and exciting to keep those customers coming back!

Blog Posting for Driving Online Business

There’s a ton of information and advice on how to market your website or blog. We’ve heard about how to create quality content, marketing with articles and the importance of auto-responders. Marketers tell us we need to be visible on the blogs and forums that fit our product niche. I’ll admit that I haven’t been consistent with this in the past. But, I made a decision to make better use of blog posting for driving online business and this is what I found to be helpful.

Identify the Top Sites
Whatever the industry you’re working in, there is a blog or forum that fits. The task is to identify the top sites – the ones that are most frequently visited and used. You want really active sites. Once you’ve made this target list for blog posting, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Prioritize your list by activity and relevancy to your industry.
  • Register with the forums and blogs that are at the top of your list.
  • Take the time to read and be sure you understand the site’s terms of use. You don’t want to get kicked off because you violated a condition of use.
  • Once you receive the email confirming your registration, activate the site membership.

Blog Posting Tips
Because blog posting is time-consuming, it’s often avoided as a marketing strategy. But once I got the ball rolling, I found that I really enjoyed helping people with good advice. These are the top tips that I found helpful to get started:

  • Go to the blogs that are the busiest and get plenty of comments. When you sign in, click “new posts” – this will tell you how active the website is.
  • List your top sites on a spreadsheet. Spend a max of one hour per day on the sites.
  • Contribute to the newest posts as early as you can. With a really popular thread, you want to be at the top.
  • Always offer value, assistance and relevance to the discussions.

Finally, realize that it will take some time to see the results of your efforts, but it’s great for driving online business.

Choosing a Company to Help With Organic SEO

When it comes to finding a good SEO company it can seem like a difficult undertaking. But, remember, doing so can help drive traffic and sales to your website. So, let’s look at how to choose the right company for you.

What Does An SEO Company Do For You?
A high quality SEO company will assist in bringing more people to your site and they will help you make more sales to these visitors. They understand the importance of using keywords properly in order to grow your business. In addition, the right company knows that organic SEO will place your site higher in the rankings which therefore will increase business as well.

Some Things to Think About When Choosing a Company
A good SEO company will first examine your current website and then optimize your site for targeted keywords. Make sure you choose a company that is reputable, has been in business long enough to have references and shows realistic expectations. It’s also important to be comfortable with the company’s practices. You will want to go with a firm that realizes that spam is not a good way to do business and that really knows how to use organic SEO in order to make your website look good. They are helping to represent you, so you want them to do it well.

How Can You Make Sure They Are Reputable?
See if any of your friends or acquaintances have anything to say about their SEO Company. You can also check business reviews online and weed out some bad seeds that way. You can also look the company’s portfolio and see how their past customers are performing. If they have been around long enough to have examples to show you, that’s a good sign as well. They should feel comfortable enough with their work to give references of past clients. Of course, it all comes down to what kind of a job they will do for you, so speak to them and make sure they understand what will be required and that they are well versed on current practices.

Can an Affordable SEO Company Work for You?

Promoting your website is a key part of promoting your business. When it comes time to hire an SEO consultant to assist you with this prospect, it may seem well out of your price bracket. However, let’s look at what an affordable SEO company can offer and if it will be just as effective for your business

Money Is Not All That Matters.
It’s important to keep in mind that the cheapest service won’t always give you the results that you’re looking for. It’s more important to decide what’s needed and to see what companies you can find that can provide this with a good reputation. However, when you are just getting started or are on a tight budget, money is going to be an issue. So, when you look at a company’s services, check first for quality and see if their most affordable SEO package does everything that you need it to. Do some shopping among the ones that you have decided provide the quality you need.

Another Way to Find a Good Price
Also consider posting what you are looking for on certain SEO forums. Many times companies will check them when looking for new business. Make sure that you check their references and customer reviews. Also check the sites of their previous clients to make sure that you like their work, as far as page ranking.

What Else Should You Consider?
Don’t just look at price! It’s hard at first, but if you need some specialized services or have a lot of competition already on the market, then price is definitely not the only thing to take into consideration. If you find out that you may have to pay a little bit more on this part of your marketing, try not to get too disheartened. Just remind yourself that it’s for the greater good, and that it will pay off in the end.

When it comes to looking for an affordable SEO company, you can certainly find one that will fit your needs as long as they are basic. Just remember that quality should always come first!