Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

You’ve invested a considerable amount of time and resources into getting your website ranked high on the search engines. Now that you have traffic coming to your website on a regular basis you need to build a targeted Email marketing list. This list will help you generate even more revenue for your company but it needs to be done properly.

Elements of A Great Email Marketing Campaign
You need to get Emails from people who visited your website. By law you need these individuals to “opt-in” to receive Emails from you or it would be considered as “spamming” which is a major faux pas on the Internet. One of the most important items you need to discuss with the SEO Company helping you set up your targeted Email marketing campaign.

Components of A Great Email Marketing Campaign
Your website needs to provide visitors with information they need but it should go beyond that and encourage visitors to give their Email so you can send them some additional information free of charge. Examples of this free information could include but not limited to:

  • E-books
  • Video Guides
  • Additional Articles For Reading

The most important thing is not to make these messages sound sales oriented or that could actually turn off the client.

How to Leverage These Emails Once You Have Them
Getting the Emails from these visitors is only half of the challenge you now have to come up with a plan on how you intend to monetize these visitors. This is another item you must discuss with the SEO firm that is helping you rank your website. The targeted Email marketing must create a strong “call to action” in the mind of the reader to either make a purchase or follow up with you for more information.

Long Term Benefits of Email Marketing
Email marketing when done properly will give you access to consumers who are in your targeted demographic and since they visited your website it does not cost you anything extra to capture these visitors. You need to make sure the company you hire to do this Email marketing with is reputable and experienced to reap the maximum reward.