Blog Posting — Aim to Post Higher

What is a blog, anyway?  Is it nothing more than a chance to vent about any given issue you had lately – maybe the mail man delivered your neighbor’s mail to your box (and vice versa), thus forcing you into the moral quandary of whether it would violate the “spirit of the law” to switch the mail, according to who it is actually supposed to go to.  Now I’m not saying that those whining sessions ever happen, of course – most blogs are strictly professional and well written… in some fantasy land inhabited by people under 12, maybe.  In this world, they’re kind of the norm – and you need to differentiate yourself from those blog posting n00bs, by being professional and adding tons of value to your customers.

Of course you’ve heard that line before: “Find the most effective way to give the other fellow what he wants.”  It’s a Dale Carnegie classic… but even though old Dale never lived to see the Net, I think he’d agree that blog posting is the same as selling something – give someone what they want, and they will most definitely come back for seconds.

But have you ever considered how far that kind of thinking can be taken?  In the world of blog posting, and indeed in the whole Internet, there exist a never ending number of possible places where posting (and possibly cross posting) can enrich your business.  First off, just getting your name out there is a start – even if they hate you, at least they know you.  Secondly, you have the chance to tell people what they want to learn – or confirm something they may have heard, but maybe weren’t so sure about.

And of course, the biggest impact you can have in posting to various blogs (especially your own) is that at the end, you can mention that, “If you’d like to learn more…”  And after those ellipses, you can offer all sorts of things.  For instance, subscribing to your e-mailing list, or maybe you could direct them to a site where they might download some free reports — and since you’ve already whetted their appetite with your awesome information, they should be raring to go by that point.

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