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The Art Behind SEO

For all you fellow business makers SEO may not seem like an essential step. Let me enlighten you and introduce you to the art behind SEO. Search engine optimization doesn’t just happen with the snap of a finger or the click of a mouse. This process takes time and skill, with lots of patience and detailed work. Elite Marketing has a well equip team and management to not only fulfill your needs and wants, but creates results as promised.

Once you have a website we understand you want maximum visibility and business but slow your roll, it takes time. Time is of the essence, and with that comes endurance. Any certain business who is ranked at the top of any search engine has rightfully earned that spot. Search engines look for businesses that put in effort, time and money to make sure their business is being noticed. Think of it as being in kindergarten again. When its recess time you can’t hang out and play in the big kid’s playground, you have to play in the kiddy sandbox and gradually work your way up to play with the big kids. That’s exactly how SEO and search engines work! You must work yourself to the top of engines as you and your business grows. Even when you start out with an SEO company they set up your “meta tags” “back links” and so on but Google may not even view the code for about 6 to 8 weeks, so this process takes patience but just gives you more time for growth along with more money income. The more people notice or view your site, if your service is what they need they are picking up that phone and calling you!

SEO is an art of science for its all about what is going on behind the page. A Seo company is such a smart investment, but the right one is what is most important to look into. Some SEO companies will fool you into their service and promise you one thing, but do the other. They may rank you higher than you were but not for the long run. Here with Elite Marketing Solutions we range from different SEO services and packages, web design, mobile website layouts, PPC etc. We have a special technique for our SEO codes we set up on client’s site to rank them high as possible on the most popular search engines. If you want to see proof Google search: SEO marketing, affordable SEO, organic SEO and see us, Elite SEO Marking on the organic side of Google ranked the highest. This is just some evidence that we know what we are doing and we know what it takes to get the results you want and will need for your business. This is the art of SEO in a nut shell; to learn more call Elite Marketing Solutions and find out what we can do for you and your business.

Understand Elite Marketing’s Leadership: Where We Started From and Where We Are Now

Any typical type of business rises from a leader. What makes a leader? A leader motivates and drives people to achieve the best possibilities applicable. In the business field of Search engine optimization or search engine marketing a creative, clever field, necessitates around solid leadership.

The founders behind SEO companies, in particular in-house SEOs, tackle many responsibilities each and every day. Good SEO management can help you and your SEO program succeed; although if you are looking to grow in your field of SEO, for top SEO management, you need to start jumping outside the box-or even outside your garage. Elite Seo Marketing was first started with the CEO founder working on his own, opening and closing each and every deal that he himself came across.

Lead by Example

A fundamental trait for leadership is leading by someone of example. No matter what each individual is the person they are based on someone they look up to, whether it is their family, celebrities, or based on their nightmare fretting to become. Elite Marketing can be your example, showing you that you’re capable to succeeding in your business and that yes, it is possible!

Maybe you’re thinking, okay, but who was our example? With the growth and expansion of Elite Seo Marketing we have several other companies, by different SEO titles. Elite Marketing developed from family leadership. The owner of Elite spread from the role model of his older brother who first took interest in SEO services.


Don Galer said, “Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do”.

Every person, every business, should live a life of honesty and be known for their honesty. An easy example of integrity in SEO is when promising results to keep them. Sure it’s easy to rent or buy links to create short term SEO results but in the long run where will your business you stand? This may cause harm and backfire to your success. Here at Elite Marketing we work with our unique techniques and approach to link building and top page rankings. Elite also agrees and assures you money back guarantee if we do not fulfill the promises and agreements we make.

Team Work

Collaboration takes on a huge role in success with bringing a team together. This creates not only one thought or one idea but the minds of many to collaborate multiple ideas and thoughts. One sees the problem others work together to solve it! One opens the deal the other takes over and closes it! Once the deal is set the campaign begins! This is a team profession here at Elite Marketing. Whether it is the developers, the web analysis, our technicians or web designers, we all work together and respect everyone’s role in making it a successful business day! We all have the same desires in triumph by all moving in the same direction.

Bottom line Elite Marketing Solutions has come a long way to victory and we would be more than happy to bring you to this team of success and integrity! For more information give us a call one of our representatives would be more than willing to give you a quote or take the time to elaborate in your expansion of your online business.

Writing Articles / How to Guides / Forums / Blogs

Articles are typically good website additions. While writing your articles, you should take into consideration what your visitors would like or need to know. Educate your audience, don’t focus on what you want them to know, it’s all about them at this point, keep them interested in reading more.

Forums are a way to generate content as a user. This is an amazing tool to capture your keyword in the long run. Through forums and newsgroups there is no easier way to create user generated content.

Blogs basically feed the search engines. The reason being is with the constant updating Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine do, blogs provide related content which also should get updated regularly. Using blogs is a good way to communicate and transfer information with your viewers.


Starting a business doesn’t just involve getting a license or gaining many clients. It takes on a huge role but you can only go so far until you create your own webpage. When you have a business you create a webpage to increase your visibility and business income. What makes a website? Content. What is Content? Content is a great source to use when expressing your business to others as well as representing yourself. Having rich content is extremely important.

Rich Content is mainly to provide important information for viewers or readers that may be potential clients. It’s a way to target your spectators with intriguing specifics about your company. Useful information such as reviews, product or industry facts, statistics, tutorials, or educational information should draw more and more viewers’ attention to your site.

It’s also the way you write your content. Of course you want professional content, but who wants to sit there and read all these big boring words. Have some fun with it! Make it intreging for your viewers, more intellectual words are imperative but you have to ensure that any particular type of viewer understands it.

Blog Posting Is A Discipline Every Business Owner Should Master

Custom blog creation — that is to say, having a blog built for your business that has automated SEO features set up by an SEO professional — is a good idea for every business that doesn’t already have one. But once you have your customized blog, you have a choice to make: who is going to do your blog posting?

You can always hire a content writer to get it done for you — there are no shortage of people on the Internet who will throw some words together for a few cents apiece. Maybe your SEO company has some of these people on staff (or knows a few reliable ones to outsource to.) But the problem with hiring other people to write your blog posts for you is that none of them know your business like you do.

Even if you don’t have the time to write a new blog entry once every week (and really, that’s the absolute minimum you should be producing), you still ought to get involved and write at least one unique post every other month. The reason why is simple; your customers want to get to know YOU. They don’t care about some researched-and-rewritten hash from a content writer. That stuff is great filler, but it’s not specific to your business.

Blog posting isn’t really all that difficult, especially if you only toss out one blog post every other month. Save up your news, and share it with the world. Every time you put on a new sale, introduce a new product, service, or employee, or basically anything else interesting happens, put up a blog post about it. It breaks the mostly-monotony of the content-producer posts and gives the customers a sense that you really are personally interested in sharing your business with them.

If you don’t think you’re a writer, don’t stress — just make sure you have a solid spellchecker, and you know what’s going in on your business. Your honest words of success, despair, or even silliness will help you connect with your clientele and bring them into the fold.

Better PR: Custom Blog Creation or Article Writing and Distribution?

There are lots of reasons you might want to focus on creating an ample amount of high-quality content for your business. The biggest is the social factor: the more you say (intelligently and well, that is), the more people on sites like Facebook and Twitter will talk about what you said. The more they do that, the more traffic you get, the more (free) backlinks get built on your behalf, and so on.

So, knowing this, some people have come to use with a pretty simple question: if you’re going to focus on creating killer content and putting it out there, where should you put it? Google’s recent focus on “fresh” content seems pretty solidly in the camp of “don’t duplicate it”, so that’s out. And really, when you get right down to it, there are two basic options — you can put it all up on a blog, or you can post it to various article directories.

So which is better PR?

If you go for custom blog creation:

  • Readers are much more encouraged to move from one post to another, learning more about your company as they go.
  • You can add your own widgets and tools to make your blog more SEO-friendly, more reader-friendly, and more ‘you’.
  • The various tags, titles, categories, and other natural blog elements all add to your ability to focus each page, SEO-wise, on a specific keyword or two.
  • As you add more pages to your blog, it will grow in relative authority and each post will benefit from that.

If you go for article writing and distribution:

  • Readers reach the call-to-action and they’re much more likely to follow it to your site’s landing page than they are to click off to another article.
  • Article directories tend start with higher authority (and thus significantly more readership) than a blog will, no matter how well-SEO’d.
  • Article directory pages benefit (or suffer) from the overall quality of the directory as a whole, so a very good directory will pass even more juice onto your content.

On the whole, it’s somewhat of a conundrum, because if you have an established blog with a pile of content on it, you’re better off posting to the blog in most cases — but if you don’t, you’re better off posting to an article directory. But if you keep posting to the article directory, you’ll never get that blog off of the ground. In the end, as was probably entirely predictable, the best answer is to do both.

There is No Substitute for Custom Blog Creation and Regular Blog Posting

There are a lot of parts of a typical SEO campaign that are kind of replacable. You could, for example, get backlinks through social bookmarking instead of by directory submission. But custom blog creation followed up by regular blog posting — there’s nothing that can replace that.

Custom blog creation is unique because it has an effect on your web presence that nothing else can achieve. In fact, it has a few of them.

First, a custom made blog that you post regularly to gives your website continuous content. The search engines love new content, and with regular blog posting, you’re giving it to them. Assuming your blog is hosted on the same domain as your main content, every new blog post will give your landing page a bit of it’s ‘new content juice’ and keep your landing page higher in the rankings.

Second, a custom blog allows you to control your internal linking structure, which is a complex way of saying you can use it to tell the search engines which keywords to hook to which page. If, for example, you have a landing page about poisonous mushrooms and another about magic mushrooms, you can use a blog to link several keywords related to poisonous mushrooms to the poisonous page. Then, the search engines will see, “hey, all of the poison-related keywords go here…so should we!”.

Third, every blog post offers you a chance to expand your sales funnel. Write the blog entries well, and other people will link to them — and thus, to your website. This is why many businesses go out of their way to create particularly attitude-laden blog posts — because a funky outlook can make people more inclined to link to you.

Finally, blogs are a top-tier method to perform reputation management. Because every blog post is you — your story, your knowledge, your expertise — every time you put something out there, you’re giving your potential customers further evidence that you’re the person they should turn to for all of their (for example) mushroom-related needs.

Why Blog Posting is the SEO of the Future

Blog posting is the SEO of the future, and there are a lot of good reasons why. By blog posting, by the way, I’m not talking about going to other people’s blogs and leaving comments on them in order to get backlinks. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in this case I’m talking about going through with a custom blog creation process and then making blog posts to your newly created blog on a regular basis.

The reason why is that blog posts can be carefully optimized for a specific keyword (like, say, ‘blog posting’), and get quite a bit of love for that particular keywords. Once the love is obtained, they can then easily focus said love onto your target site through the use of clever anchor text. With every blog post, a new keyword develops an interest in your site. That’s great value. All you need to do is learn how to properly optimize for a given keyword.

The Basics of Optimizing Your Blog Posting Efforts for Specific Keywords
Everyone knows the basics: Put the keyword in your Meta Title tag. Put it in your headline. Put it in your first sentence. Put it into some subtitles. Put it in between 1% and 2% of all words from there on. That’s all easy — but there’s more.

You should also try to fit your keyword into the post’s permalink. Oftentimes, this is automatic because WordPress and other blogging engines generally create the permalink based on the post’s title. But sometimes the permalink gets created before you insert the title or something else goes wrong, so you need to go back and change the permalink manually to make sure the keyword appears.

Ideally, you’ll also have a tag and a category that both match your keyword at least in part. That won’t always be possible, of course, or you’d be creating a new tag and a new category for every single post you make — but you should make it possible for your highest-impact and highest-competition keywords.

Do that, and every blog post you make will focus an entirely new and different and powerful keyword onto your site — and that’s the kind of power that w

Six Rules For Highly Effective Blog Posting

Post Regularly
Like any form of organic SEO to a certain degree blog posting is a numbers game. The more posts you make, the stronger the effect the blog has on your website. That said, you have to give the readers a bit of time to digest each post, and you don’t want to wear yourself out, so posting regularly, not often, is the rule — pick an interval, be it a week or every 10 days, and post that often like clockwork.

Post Consistently
Consistency means your blog has a specific subject, and you stick to it. As much as it might be tempting to throw a post about how your two-year-old can already to back flips, if your blog is about first person shooter games, your off-topic post ruins the consistency, and you’ll loose viewers and Search Engine rank for it.

Use Convergent Focus
blog postingConvergent focus means that your subject matter has origins, and you’d do well to explore them. The search engines use technology that gives weight to each phrase in relation to the others when determining what your blog is ‘about’ — so showing that you know the background of your subject makes you look stronger.

Use Divergent Focus
Divergent focus means that your subject matter relates to other subjects, even ones that seem unrelated on the surface — but the search engines delve below the surface. If you’re writing about rebuilding old cars, for example, many of the same techniques are used by people who make kit cars — so posting about that relationship can strengthen your blog even more.

Write For Humans
Too many people make the mistake of creating blog posts that are strictly for search engines. You’ve seen them — broken English, keywords stuffed to the gills, and almost nothing that actually gets your attention and makes you want to keep reading. Google doesn’t like that, and neither do your readers.

Write For Search Engines
On the other hand, there are those bloggers who don’t even bother to learn the first thing about how the search engines work. It’s always valuable to learn the basics of SEO and work some keywords and some latent semantic indexing phrases into each blog post you make. Your goal is to rank, after all.

Four Reasons Why Custom Blog Creation Is An SEO Tool You Can’t Afford to Miss

There are a lot of gurus — the vast majority, in fact — who hawk custom blog creation as a powerful and absolutely necessary tool for SEO. But very few of them take the time to explain exactly why a blog is so gosh darn important for good search engine results. We’re going to take a moment today to explain all of that to you in as much detail as we can fit into 400 words or less.

First Page PlacementBlogs are websites. They’re websites with specific functions like comments, trackbacks, and RSS feeds, but at heart, they get indexed, categorized, and ranked by the search engines just like every other website. Like every other website, they can be optimized so that the search engines see them more clearly and like them better. Unlike every other website, blogs have specific elements that give them strong SEO advantages.

Structured Content.
Blogs offer categories that allow you to compile your content according to theme or subject. That makes the search engines’ sorting job much easier, and makes sure that your content will rank for the right topic.

Straightforward URLs
Most blogs tend to have very uncomplicated URLs that follow an easy-to-determine pattern. As intelligent as the search engines’ spiders are, they do get confused from time to time by some of the more creative URL structures that humans come up with, but they always get the blog software’s links.

Deep Links
Blogs tend — quite naturally — to get into specifics about a product or service they’re talking about, which means they tend to produce very natural deep links. (A deep link is a link to a page ‘deep’ within a site, as opposed to the homepage of the same site. Deep links are great for long-tail keyphrases — think “Article Writing and Distribution” as opposed to “Organic SEO.

Really Simple Syndication
RSS feeds and blogs were literally made for each other. RSS content allows subscribers to get every new post without having to remember to check back with your blog — and any such content syndicated or cited by other blogs is simply more traffic for you!

All of this doesn’t cover the biggest ‘benefit’ of all — constant, fresh, unique content. Search engines love that more than anything else. With all of the unique SEO facets that blogs bring with them just based on their structure and software, it’s small wonder that custom blog creation is so loudly supported by SEO experts of all levels!