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3 key ways to use local internet marketing

All too frequently do businesses online spread themselves too thin when it comes to their marketing efforts, tempted by the seemingly unlimited reach offered by the World Wide Web. However many companies who operate online will still have a huge portion of their customer base in their local area, after all your customer feels more safe knowing that in the worst case they can drive to your company office to discuss a grievance.

Local search services
One of the first and most basic ways of taking advantage of local internet marketing is also one of the cheapest and most effective. Local search services include any listing service like Yelp or Google which holds your company information for local searches. By taking advantage of these services you will have customers directly linked to your business website when, for example, they search for a service (that you offer) in your local area – Los Angeles for example.

Using maps
Embedding a service like Google maps onto your site is another inexpensive and incredibly useful way of expanding your local reach. When a customer stumbles onto your site, if you have a map service, then they can simply click directions for a gps service that directs them right to your front door.

Another fantastic benefit that you open your business to when using a maps service is finding local customers who may not have heard of your business. If I type “hairdresser” into my maps app then all of those hairdressers in my local area who use the maps service will be listed, with photos, reviews, a link into the website, and more.

Using locally relevant keywords
Finally, if you are a retail business or offer another product or service which rely heavily on local trade, then be sure to embed locally relevant keywords into your web content. The chances are that an LA based hairdresser probably doesn’t serve too many Texan clients, so rather than competing with thousands over a keyword like “hairdresser”, use a more specific term like “LA hairdresser”, the more specific the better.

Why First Page Placement IS achievable


It seems like finding a web page from your site on the first page of Google is a little like winning the lottery, however this is far from the case. First off winning the lottery comes by chance, achieving first page placement takes skill, hard work, and innovative ideas.

– The best content

First of all in whatever your industry is, you need to compete with the best, and you need to be better than them. However with recent development in Google the way this is worked out is fairer than ever, and even small websites can get on the first page with the right approach.

First of all you need to do your research. Look around at what your nearest competition, or the competition you aspire to, and see what they’re doing that you’re not. Once you have a good idea on what’s on offer it’s your turn to make something even better.

Check out the skyscraper theory, it tells us that nobody ever searches the second highest building (or at least far fewer than who search for the top). For this reason you need to do everything the competition does, and more. The reason this isn’t such a mountain as it sounds is that you can use others for inspiration.

– Solid keyword research

Next you need an expert to help you with high level keyword research. By tapping into more elegant keywords than your competition, and by differentiating your keywords you can really pick up steam, increase traffic, and climb the search engine result pages in no time.

– Take advantage of your locality

Finally take a shortcut to the top by using your locality to target your main audience – your locals.

By placing the name of the town of your business in conjunction with your keywords you can guarantee at least local searches bring your web pages right to the top of the rank. Once you have these pages in place your traffic will grow organically, and you’ll soon see a snowball effect start to grow your traffic from over unexpected angles.

Are you missing out on Local Internet Marketing?


Another big way that companies are taking strides forward in SEO for their online business is by taking advantage of local internet marketing. There are a range of ways you can use your local area to to boost traffic, and increase your rate of return of traffic converted to customers.

Who should use local internet marketing?
The relevance of attaching your local area to your web strategy has become more and more useful over the years. For some companies which sell from the website it can simply be a case of improving trust, having accountability, and customers preference for using local suppliers and so on.

For other businesses using local internet marketing is even more important, and this applies to none more than businesses which trade in store. Any type of business which is based in a retail premises, including businesses like restaurants are the prime candidate for making big gains by using local internet marketing.

What difference can it make?
In today’s culture if somebody wants something, whether it’s a shirt or a cheese burger, he’s sure to have plenty of choice in most local areas. He or she will often pull the mobile from the pocket, perform a quick search, and instantly he’ll see all the competition nearby with the option of GPS navigation to his or her chosen location. By utilising local area marketing you’ll become a competitor in this respect, and will begin to attract a new type of customer.

Ways of implementing local internet marketing:

– local keywords
Though it might be hard to compete with the main keywords that define your industry, by piggybacking the name of the city or town you’re based in in your keyword strategy you can pull in more traffic, and the right traffic.

– Maps
The way search engines work is constantly changing, and google now doesn’t necessarily need a local keyword to know where you are thanks to gps. If a customer simply types florist into their browser, a local map of the businesses will often be the first thing they see.


What Local Internet Marketing means for Small Businesses

Most search engine entries looking for goods or services, particularly those where the consumer intends to make a purchase, will be looking for a point of sale that is local and therefore practical for them. Whether you own a clothes shop, or a cafe, most of your regular business will come from the local community. So how do you plug in and make the most of this demand in your local community?

Why is it important?
Local visibility is key for any business that might want their customer to know their whereabouts, which it would seem, probably covers pretty much all businesses. However for businesses which make direct face to face transactions I.e. The retail sector, this is a necessity.
SEO marketing is one of the most valuable and popular ways that companies reach their target audience. By considering your local area, SEO can be driven with an initiative to cater to your locals. Whether you sell online, or use your website to promote your small store, customers feel comfortable buying from local providers, so if your SEO only targets “ladies footwear” for example, you may be missing out on sales you would have gained by adding  “South London” to your keywords.

Take advantage
There are a number of location based services online to host your business information, google places, yelp, among others. These are for the most part completely free, and will catch anyone local to you who is in search of something that you sell. Making use of these fantastic free services will make sure your customer knows where you are, how to contact you, and even allows reviews to be left for new customers to see.

Make your voice heard
Get involved with local activities, sponsor school sports days or other local projects, and advertising your business through local community, and industry specific blogs. Most towns, or Burroughs will have websites dedicated to your local area, and it’s up to you to make the most of them.

Social Media presence
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media outlets are not going anywhere but up. If your business still isn’t making the most of social media then you really must. Having a strong Facebook account for your sandwich shop builds buzz, and your customers can even interact with you, and one another. Your social media campaign makes your customers feel like club members, maintaining a sense of store loyalty, and keeping a line contact between you and your customer.


Ways To Boost Your Local Internet Marketing Opportunities

When people are looking to find a particular business where they live, more often than not they turn to the Internet.  This is why using local internet marketing opportunities is vital.  Especially if you want it to stay one step a head of its competitors.

There are many ways that you will be able to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities.  The ones we discuss below, provide you with the potential to make it easier for customers to find you.

  1. It is important to make sure that your website is using the right SEO strategies. It should be optimized through using keywords that are specific to your industry.

You need to make sure that the keywords included are ones that are particular to the area that your business serves.

  1. As the owner of a local business, it is important to make sure that you have been listed in Google Places. This is a free service.

Having entered your information into it, you get further coverage.  Then when potential customers search on Google for your type of business in the area you serve, yours will appear before them.

  1. PPC or pay per click is another great way to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities. You should be using this if you are in an industry where competition is high.

Make sure that you bid only on keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business.

  1. Okay, social media might not be the way that most customers are likely to find you at first. But it is,a great way to be able engage with customers, who are already loyal to your business.

Using Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities.  It helps you engage more with your customers both old and new, plus it allows customers to provide feedback much faster.

Don’t expect these ways to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities fast, it is going to take time.  But building up a solid foundation means that you are more likely to gain the trust of those who visit your website.

How A Los Angeles SEO Service Will Make You And Your Business More Attractive

SEO or search engine optimization is one important factor that will help to determine if your business online is a success or failure.   Employing the right Los Angeles SEO service will ensure that your business becomes more attractive to potential customers.  In turn this should help you to start to see a healthy return on the investment you made.

But how does a Los Angeles SEO service help to make your business more attractive?  Well they do this by carrying out the following:

  1. They make sure that structural elements of your website are correct. They ensure it is structured in such a way, that the pages of your site are indexed without any difficulty, by the search engine spiders.   They do this not only in relation to SEO, but also to ensure that it is user friendly, and visitors to the site can read it without trouble.
  1. They make sure, that specific keywords and phrases appear on each page of the site, these are ones that people are using in relation to businesses like yours.

They will use certain tools like Google Keywords to find what keywords and phrases get used.

  1. A good Los Angeles SEO service will make sure, your business looks more attractivethrough the use of the right page URL’s. They will make sure that these include, the main keywords that you want targeted.

They will make sure, that each page of your website comes with its own specific URL.

  1. A good SEO service understands that search engines cannot read images, but instead read alt-text. They will use such to help the search engines better understand what the meaning of each image is.  They will make sure when describing an image to use some of the keywords as well.
  1. They will develop internal links that help point to other pages on your site. These play an important role in on page SEO, as they help the search engine algorithms to crawl through the site.  Your Los Angeles SEO service includes these, because they help to get each page of the site indexed.

Organic SEO – Will Help Make Your Business More Successful

Everywhere you look online, you get told that organic SEO can help to improve the success of your business. But often you don’t get told why it is that you need it.

As you will soon discover, organic SEO definitely has a key role to play if you want your business to be successful online. Below we explain just how it will help to make your business more successful.

Reason 1 – Organic SEO Will Help Deliver A Much Higher ROI For Your Business

There isn’t any other online marketing strategy that can deliver the kinds of returns that this can. It is able to deliver non stop traffic to your website.

Reason 2 – Able To Connect With Potential Customers Who Are Mobile

Through using organic SEO you are able to make your business much more visible to potential customers even when they are on the move. As mobile searching is definitely going to become ever more popular, you need to make sure that your website is ready for it.


Reason 3 – Organic SEO Will Always Remain In Vogue

It isn’t ever going to disappear, but you will need to make sure that your business evolves as SEO does. By understanding the dynamics of it you are going to be able to adapt to it without any real problems.

Reason 4 – Every One Searches Online For Businesses

Having a good organic SEO strategy in place will help increase the chances of potential customers finding you. But you still need to make sure that you are thinking from the perspective of these people.

Remember these days they can search for what they want online no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

In order for customers to find your business you need to have a good organic SEO strategy in place. This will then help to attract the right kinds of customers to it.

If you have no experience then working with an experienced SEO consultant is a must.

5 Vital Keys to Small Internet Marketing

The term “Small Internet Marketing” refers to advertisements that reach an audience through websites, social media platforms, and search engines. A store’s online presence will show shoppers the products that you offer and how well those products have been received. There are a number of ways to commercialize a small business via the internet, including social media, mass e-mails, newspapers, personal content, and search engine marketing.

1.  Social Media

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your existing business, or a prospective company that you plan on creating. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are currently the most popular places used to share information, deals, and products. Pinterest and Instagram are also upcoming platforms.

2. Mass E-mails

If you have existing customers (or a strong base of interested buyers), sending e-mails is a useful way to share new products or vital information. Sending out e-mails is also a simple way to show your current customers that you’re still there and that you still want their business.

3. Newspapers

Newspaper companies are constantly losing readers because of their limitation to paper. As such, many companies are looking for a way to spread their horizons and introduce themselves to the online scene. These kinds of companies are usually on the lookout for other businesses interested in small internet marketing, as they are often willing to purchase an advertisement. This is your opportunity to present yourself to a larger audience.

4. Content

Make your content appealing by having a solid understanding of who your target audience is. Once you figure out what content is most sought after, keep delivering similar content or introducing sales and information surrounding that product.

5. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is usually only possible if you have extra cash in your wallet but that’s why you’re here. It is what the name implies; pay someone to advertise your business on Google, Bing, or your favorite search engine. Search engine marketing is probably the easiest route to take if you want your website to be seen.

Small internet marketing isn’t a hard thing to do, and we’re here to help.

Handling Your Press Release Service…with Wires!

When it comes down to generating exposure there is probably not a better tool for business managers than public press releases. Now, before hiring a press release service it is probably better to know what you are getting yourself into so let’s review what they are all about:


  • Writing: all the factors that comprise a successful publication are really too many to get to in a single article, but let’s just say that it is much more than just typing a few words on a specific subject. Press writers have a special talent to attract attention and deliver a message shortly and effectively to the media and that is just what you are looking for
  • Releasing – Wire Services: After the publication has been specially designed to convey a specific message and attract certain attention it is released into what is called “a wire”.  Every company sends their news or announcements through a wire in order to call for publishers, writers, newscasters and reporters who may be interested in finding out more and covering the story themselves.

Tricks to Getting Noticed

Probably you are wondering why someone would pay particular attention to your advertisement having so much competition since there are thousands and thousands of companies out there all battling for attention. The trick is to compel the audience by researching what people are into, what news are becoming trendy and then find a way to make your story relate to those in order to benefit from its vitality.

First Impressions Count

And when we say this we mean the first impression on a screen, so you have to make your article’s title stand out from the rest without straying away from the news you want to be associated with. It can take a while to get the hang of it in terms of creativity and appeal but it will certainly be rewarding to your traffic.

Whatever you do, remember to be careful with the angle you will exploit so that it doesn’t end up back firing, and if you are sure you have found a good opportunity try to hire a professional copywriter from a public release service in order to generate the desired effect with precision.

Local Internet Marketing: A Huge Advantage for Local Businesses

It is obvious to say that we are way past naming the “internet era” as a thing to come or a thing we are delving into. Internet has become part of our daily lives, such as water, or gas, or electricity – a basic need of modern living. This is why local internet marketing is becoming more important every day.


Searching Is a Consumer’s First Step

Nowadays, looking something up on the internet is commonly the first step before doing anything when researching to purchase a product or hire a service – you probably even you do it. So in order to gain the public’s desire for your particular business it is imperative that you establish some kind of credibility and reputation which you can do by setting up a neat and clear website and backing it with a great social media presence.

Social Presence Matters

Presence in social networks is becoming more and more a cornerstone of customer contact and customer service. Every day less people call support hotlines and try to get in touch with companies through their fan pages and online profiles, and this is because they have the feeling that they are backed by the rest of the client base and it makes sure that their demands are handled in a fast and expedite manner. But most importantly, it shows your audience that your business is alive and it cares.

It Serves a Double Purpose

Of course, there are a lot of other means of advertising online, but a website and a social profile on a network can be very cost effective if it is managed properly, and this is true because since you need an online presence anyway if you do it right you won’t have to keep investing or spending money from the bank

Think Local, Go Global

With good local internet marketing, you will probably be noticed further than you expected in the first place. The internet is a global landscape and if the public sees that your business has a high quality product or service and that it cares about its consumers, you are most likely to climb higher in search engines and start receiving orders from places you never imagined you could reach