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Elite SEO Marketing Creates Relevant and Effective Custom Blogs

Los Angeles, California; January 2, 2010: Creation of custom blogs today has become a major and irreplaceable part of SEO marketing. At Elite SEO Marketing, we create high quality blogs for your business that are extremely relevant.

A blog contains regular updates and comments from your visitors. These constant new updates increase the popularity of your site and thus make it possible for you to get a first page ranking. Custom blogs make you and your business more visible to prospective client.

In the Internet world, you must do all you can to stay on the top and stay visible. Quality blogs and great content can do this for your site. At Elite SEO Marketing, we research your company and find out the most relevant keywords – thereafter we plan a strategy that will work best for your business.

We begin the process of creating the blog right from scratch – the designing, setting up and the content. We also create plug-ins to other social networking sites like Facebook. This will, in turn make the site even more visible. Clients interested in your service can follow you or link you, thus making your site even more popular.

Creating custom blogs is serious affair and is a long-term commitment. Our staffs give their 100 percent to making your blog a roaring success. So all you have to do is sit back and see the traffic grow.

Years of experience in the field has taught us to intuitively realize what works for your company. We customize our blog service to meet your requirement and to maximize your page visits. Unless a site is regularly optimized, it is like a small spot in the Web that people can miss at the blink of an eye. With the help of constant new content, and discussions on your blog, we make sure that you occupy a large space in the Web and hence people notice you.

Elite SEO Marketing is dedicated to provide you with the best and most effective online marketing service, so when you choose Elite, you know you are sure to get great results.

Elite SEO Marketing Launches New Blog Service

Los Angeles, California; March 11, 2010: Elite SEO Marketing has launched its special blog service, which will help to further enhance its SEO services. A custom, blog can do wonders for your company and your website. A blog ensures that you have fresh and new content being uploaded often and this in turn, helps to increase the visibility and popularity of your website.

Having a company blog is great marketing strategy as this will help you to stay on the top of the search engine results. Since a blog that is attached to your webpage can be constantly and easily updated with new keywords and articles, it is a great means to promote your homepage.

At Elite SEO Marketing, we help the companies to create the design and to set up the custom blog. We can also help you with the content and the keywords of the blog, with regular updates. At Elite SEO, we make sure that the blog becomes a powerful tool that can augment the result of your webpage.

We will also help you with the plugins that you will use in your blog to connect to sites like Facebook, Twitter or Digg. This will ensure that your readers can add you and share your blog, thus creating backlinks to your site – which in turn will help to increase the popularity of your site and its ranking.

We ensure that the Blog posts have both quality and quantity. Since this will help to boost the incoming traffic in a big way, we ensure that we leave no stone unturned, so that your business can reap the maximum benefit out of our new blog service.

Pay per Click Management With Elite SEO Marketing

Los Angeles, California; January 2, 2010: Pay per Click advertising is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your site. It gets you immediate traffic and gives your business a jumpstart. PPC helps you to get people to your site, while you are building a more stable long-term marketing solution for your site. At Elite SEO Marketing, we manage your PPC marketing, so that not a single penny of your advertisement budget goes in waste.

Since wrong PPC management can make your marketing a horror story, an experienced company like Elite SEO Marketing will help you to use your money in the right direction. Choosing the right keywords, setting a budget for your PPC and making a decision on what ads should show up – all are handled by us – a decade of experience has taught us to make the right decision.

At Elite SEO Marketing, we keep a sharp eye on the return of your money that you spend on each click of mouse. We make sure that your bids on the PPC marketing are strategic, by monitoring the bids 24/7.

Elite SEO Marketing gives you an advanced reporting that involves you throughout the process. We give you an analysis of the trends and recommendation to maximize your Return of Interest on every click. We get your PPC advertisement on reputed sites like Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN and so on.

Traditionally, pay per click was all about static text advertisements on search engines. However, now, with the advent of AdSense, image advertisements and even click-to-play video, Pay Per click advertisement has taken a new dimension.

At Elite SEO Marketing, we deal with all kinds of PPC marketing strategy – including running your advertisement in a localized form, so that your PPC ad appears as a clickable component on Google map and other Google networks. In addition, we also run campaigns on content networks that expand your marketing reach to target specific audience. It helps to build awareness about your brand and drive clicks to your site.

Elite SEO Marketing ensures that your PPC marketing campaign is a financial success. Our careful management ensures that your brand gets a better recognition and better traffic.

Elite SEO Launches New Internet Marketing Campaign

Los Angeles, California – United States – August 11, 2007 – Armed with a decade of facts and statistics proving that their unique brand of organic SEO works, Elite SEO Marketing launched a new internet marketing campaign today focused on bringing affordable SEO services to small and medium sized businesses. Their internet marketing is being spearheaded by a barrage of press releases and the publishing of recent results proving that organic SEO works.

“We’ve spent the past ten years producing real results for companies doing business on the web,” stated an Elite spokesperson. “Our programs work and our internet marketing techniques can be used to make small and medium sized businesses successful without them having to take on the big monthly bill that most SEO firms are looking for.”

It’s the “affordable” part of this internet marketing campaign that makes Elite SEO Marketing so intriguing. SEO has been under fire recently for not being a cost effective method of generating traffic. The reports and testimonials that Elite released today are additional proof that organic SEO works and their offer of lower prices will now make it possible for smaller companies to use this highly profitable internet marketing technique.

Elite SEO Marketing is an internet marketing firm that has been in business in Los Angeles for over a decade. Many of their team members were pioneers in the early days of search engine marketing and have accumulated knowledge of the industry that is not available anywhere else. The techniques they use are proven effective and many of their clients have been with them since they first opened their doors, ten years in an industry where companies rise and fall in a matter of months.

Search engine optimization is a process that involves long hours of posting links and registering with directories so that a company can attain a high search engine page rank when users search for keywords in their industry. Many internet marketing firms claim they can do it. Few get legitimate results. You can generally tell the difference by finding our how long someone has been in business and how loyal their clients are. Elite SEO passes the test on both fronts.

Organic SEO Specialist Elite Responds to Industry Critics

Los Angeles, CaliforniaUnited StatesAugust 11, 2007Elite SEO Marketing, an internet marketing firm from Los Angeles, today responded to critics of organic SEO with some facts and figures that should silence even the most skeptical opposition. These statistics have been compiled by SEO experts and verified by clients who have seen positive results from SEO campaigns run by Elite.

Attacking organic SEO has become a popular technique used by black hat marketing companies to attract traffic to their sales and squeeze pages. In internet marketing terminology the practice is known as “linkbaiting” because it’s intent is to build links with erroneous information. The intensity of this attack recently is the reason why the staff at Elite made the choice to come out with this new data to disprove the negative publicity the industry has been getting.

“When it’s just one or two individuals writing erroneous information it doesn’t justify a response,” said an Elite spokesperson. “Recently, the success of the few who’ve been SEO bashing for a while has encouraged others to jump on board. Their information is pure conjecture and in most instances complete fabrication. Ours is documented facts and statistics that are backed up by our clients’ endorsements and testimonials.”

Organic SEO is a white hat technique that utilizes the establishment of quality back links and content development to achieve higher page rank when users search for specific industry keywords. Critics claim that it “costs too much” and “results cannot be measured”. Proponents scoff at that, claiming that organic SEO is by far the most effective way to be successful on the internet.

Elite SEO Marketing is a Los Angeles firm that has been involved in internet marketing for over a decade now. Their reports and techniques have been proven effective over the years and there can be no doubt that they are accurate now. Organic SEO critics, on the other hand, have been consistently unavailable for comment and have yet to produce hard evidence of their claims.

Custom Blog Creation

The world of blogging has entered new heights in the past few years with custom blog creations. What is a custom blog creation? There are companies that will design and set up a custom blog for you and with some you don’t even have to have a website, they will set up the blog. When I say this what I mean is that a lot of websites will add a blog to their website. Some offer copy writing services for people who don’t really have the time to write on a regular basis.

There are also programs that you can use to create your own custom blog if you don’t want to pay for someone to do it for you.

The prices seem to vary but you can get a custom blog created for three hundred dollars and up, maybe even less too. Blogging has really come upon its own and every website should consider using this tool to help with their sales or whatever their website is for. Search engines can pick up new content and key words and even your visitor comments will be spidered out so you can get even more visitors to your website.
Using one of the custom bog creation companies will allow you to start blogging without having or needing any of the technical knowledge. They do everything for you to get you set up.

Most companies will provide all the services you need. Installation and hosting, training, ongoing analysis if you need it. It seems the most used platform is WordPress, which is a very popular and easy-to-use blogging platform. They can create plug-ins to use with social networking sites like Facebook or Digg which will let your blog readers share your work with the world.

Creating a blog for your business or website is a long-term commitment so do your research and make sure you get the company that will custom create the best blog for your needs. There are so many companies and they all offer different services, so do your research and get the company that will work the best for you and meet your needs.

Web Presenter on your website

You’ve built your website and spent time and money developing your product. Now you want to increase your sales from the visitors you receive whether they are a lot or few. There are a number of options available on the internet to increase conversion rates. You could choose a peel away ad; tell a friend gets a free gift script or a specially crafted magic sales button for example. While these methods are worth exploring a better idea may be to acquire a web presenter.

There are two basic types of web presenters. The first is a live person available to chat with your customers which can be very effective because you’re answering questions in real time without your visitor having to wait for your email reply. You benefit because you have provided quick service and you establish yourself as a good company to deal with.

The other type of web presenter is a live actor telling your company’s message. This can be quite effective because your website visitor will be more engaged with your message. They won’t be reading a sales pitch that they may skip around and lose interest from. Instead they will become interested and stay at your website longer. One example of this video presenter can be found at FreddyDiamonds.com. The presenter is the owner himself Freddy Diamond. If you visit the page you will see that you probably stayed on the page longer than you normally would have. After adding web presenters to your site see if the average time stayed on your will increase. You can usually find this information from your web statistics.

Another option for a web presenter would be a computerized help agent. There are different ways to utilize this type of web presenter. The most common seems to be a help agent that talks to you when you try to leave a sales page. They offer you a discount on the product and ask you to click a page to take advantage of the special offer. You could employ this type of computerized agent in a lot of different ways. You just need to use your imagination.