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Social Bookmarking In The Pinterest Era

Social bookmarking has been important for a good few years now in terms of SEO. It is a great way to share information and if the right information is being spread, it can spread like wildfire. Of course, your social bookmarking is only ever as good as what you are bookmarking, and also where you are bookmarking it. With the great new site Pinterest on the scene, there’s no doubt that Social Bookmarking just got even more important than before!

Pinterest is a fascinating new site that allows you to bookmark individual pictures and videos, rather than simply the URL of a page that you want to revisit. The first thing to point out about this site is just how much fun it can be. Build up a collection of the pictures of things you love, and share it with the world! It makes for a lot of fun, and a great looking page to share with your friends. On an SEO front though, it is incredibly powerful. At present, a standard picture or video can link back to any URL you choose – including your own site. There is obviously plenty of potential here to drive traffic, but you have to remember that these are No-follow links – meaning that there’s no link juice. It might drive traffic, but Google won’t recognise the links as being valid indicators. However, if you type the source code of your website into the description it creates a DO follow link to your website, which has massive positive ramifications for your website.

This means that Pinterest not only can’t be ignored as a source for social bookmarking, it actually has to be recognised as the most important site on the web for social bookmarking purposes.

Just because Pinterest is fun to use, doesn’t mean that it is child’s play to make it work for you. If you are thinking about using it as a way to help your SEO for your website, then you really should approach an Affordable SEO Company who has their finger on the pulse when it comes to social bookmarking. Any SEO company worth its salt these days will understand social media and social bookmarking, and they should be able to help you by creating a Pinterest page that drives traffic and juicy backlinks to your site!

Check 1,2,1,2! Are Your Facebook Posts Sufficient?

Facebook, whether you have noticed or not, has been constantly improving the approach company names can use to network and connect with their customers. Keep in mind when posting information publicly comes more than just making a post, but a strategic method!

This brief checklist was created to assist you with the most-important characteristics to create a successful post.

Facebook has such an advanced targeting system that should be taken advantage of. Did you that you are able to generate different messages for your different audiences you wish to target?

Facebook is now equipped to target page posts by:



Interested In

Relationship Status




Location: Country, State, City

You are given the opportunity to construct a precise message that truly addresses your specific audience, rather than distribute a copy of poor quality to those that may or may not even pause in their news.

Friendly tip: Asking questions is a great way to catch attention! Keep in mind: Don’t just throw out a question to get an answer. Conceive an answer based on what you wish to discuss and ask a question that will lead your audience there; or goes even further. Also, it is a great idea to attach different pages to bring into the conversation; this is just a simple click away when you tag them in your post.

Making sure you are picture perfect! In today’s remarkable social media such as, Instagram and Pinterest, displaying the visual desires of many is a prime example of turning images into clicks.

Distinct pictures are rapidly becoming an important aspect of brand marketing. It’s important to aim for images with a medium size dimension (the size of a pinned post on Facebook). The reason being is so that you can appear clearly on the newsfeed. Quick question to ask yourself; when scrolling through your news-feed, which do you tend to pause for most? A picture, or a typical status update? Exactly. It some-what relates to the option of reading a picture book or a 3 inch book.

Fun Fact: The marketing industries, for the first time, are setting aside a budget to social media’s establishment of imagery.

Marketing over Facebook still carries the same concept, connecting between exciting content. This concept will never change though will and has been evolving. Facebook will continue to develop the need for educational and enlightening topics.

Social Bookmarking 201: How Pinteresting Are You?

For quite a while in the past few years, lots of people were saying that social bookmarking was dead. Then along came a cute little website called Pinterest and threw common wisdom on it’s head the way the Internet is prone to doing on a regular basis. Now the question on everyone’s mind isn’t “is social bookmarking worth my time”, but rather “how can I make my site more socially bookmarkable?” (By which they really mean “worthy of Pinterest?”)

Making a Pinteresting Site
The first and foremost thing you need to get your site pinned is badass graphics. Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that is intensely graphics-centric — if you don’t give your customers something obvious to attach to their bookmark as their picture, they just won’t do it. On the other hand, if you give them some striking, meaningful, and otherwise attention-grabbing visual to attach to their pin, they won’t hesitate. (This does NOT mean you should blitzkrieg your surfer with dozens of crazy graphics — less is still more, just make sure that the few you have are truly appropriate for both your business and Pinterest.)

The second — and yet most obvious — thing you can do to get your site Pinned is to put a “PIN IT” button in an obvious but not intrusive place on your website. It should be clearly visible above the fold, but it shouldn’t take up real estate best used for more important elements. The “PIN IT” button acts a subtle call-to-action, encouraging people to pin your site, as well as making it easy for them to do so.

You might — depending on the design of your website — want to include a few “PIN IT” buttons for individual elements of your website as well. Just don’t overdo it — you probably don’t want a button for your on-site video, your testimonial panel, and the sweet picture you chose a couple of paragraphs ago. At some point, it’s just overkill. Just give your surfers the opportunity to pin the page itself and maybe the most interesting element on the page separately if it’s worthy, and you’ll be fine.

Finally, be sure that whatever you put a “PIN IT” button on, you also provide an easy to copy-paste description of nearby — Pinterest requires such a description, and people are much more prone to Pinning if they don’t have to think of one on your own. (You can also use this as a sneaky opportunity for some affordable SEO by sneaking keywords into your descriptions.)

Organic SEO vs. Social Marketing: Which Wins?

Organic SEO is the tried-and-true way: go forth, get backlinks, build authority, rank for keywords, get traffic. Social marketing is the cutting-edge method: go forth, build a crowd, raise fervor, post links, get traffic. Both are being promoted strongly by professionals in the traffic-building industry. Both are about the same cost per month (which is to say, they vary wildly within the same range. ) So which one is the better choice?

Organic SEO
Organic SEO is reliable. It’s stable. It’s been proven to work. You have to invest a bit of money up front, but in the long run, if you stick with it, organic SEO will always pay dividends. SEO companies have been around far longer than social media gurus, and they by and large have their business down pat.

The advantage of organic SEO is that the only way you can really fail is by quitting, or by hiring a complete nincompoop as your SEO guy. Any decently skilled SEO company will eventually get you a healthy dose of killer traffic if you pay them for long enough. The questions with SEO are not “will it work”, but “when will it work?” and “how much will it cost to attain first page placement?”.

Social Marketing
Social Marketing, on the other hand, is a higher-risk, higher-reward proposition. You can imagine SEO as a linear graph: for every $X you put in, you get Y amount of authority, which eventually translates into search rankings and thus into traffic. Social marketing, on the other kind, is kind of like buying scratch tickets. For every $X you put in, you get a chance to nail huge traffic, but most often, it’ll just sit there and spin.

Social marketing, when it hits, hits HUGE. There are some long-term, small crowds that do build around anyone who sticks with Social Marketing for a long time, but the goal in SM is to go viral. Viral, in this case, means your ideas leap from one head into a thousand heads virtually overnight, and traffic comes beating down your doors.

Which is better? That depends largely on your tolerance for risk. Most small businesses should probably start with organic SEO — most successful businesses should probably pursue both in varying degrees.

The Cutting Edge of Small Business SEO: Going Social

Small business SEO hasn’t changed a whole lot in the past few years. You get your small business website, you find some decent keywords with good traffic, and you localize them by adding a word or two describing the location the business is in. People search for the keywords with the town name attached, they find the small business website, and they know where to go to get what they need. Simple as pie.

But as social media like Facebook, Twitter, and the like have began to hold massive sway over the Internet, small businesses started realizing that people were making serious money by gathering followers and pointing them toward their stores. As some were wildly successful with this, SEO companies started to take notice. Today, the cutting edge of small business SEO has less to do with keywords and backlinks (though both are still critically important), and more to do with going social.

So how does an SEO company drive social networking through a website? There are a few ways. The most obvious is setting up social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, MySpace, and a half-dozen other major social networks. Then, you simply start telling people about those accounts. If they like what you do, they’ll Like, +1, Retweet, and otherwise start spreading the word about you.

But that’s just the beginning. There are hundreds of social resources on the Internet, from the obvious social networks to secondary areas like social bookmarking, Web 2.0 properties with their built-in social nature, and video marketing on sites with social elements. The more places your company and product show up, the more you’ll have the opportunity to be judged by the masses.

Assuming your business model revolves around producing a quality product and having excellent customer service (it should) and you find someone to market for you that has a bit of pizzazz, you should be able to do well in the social market — and for a small business, that kind of social proof is today’s equivalent of the all-star-athlete endorsement of yesteryear.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing. Or maybe you’re saying it in your mind as Social media marketing? Well Social media marketing submits to your sites course and how much attention it can bring to it. Jointly, with Social media marketing comes social media sites and or social networking sites that help advance your process. Examples consist of sites such as Facebook, an urbanized social networking site that is created for distribution of updates, photos, events as well as other activities. Twitter, also for instance, is a social site created to let people provide short messages with others.

Any person can initiate a Facebook fan page, start a blog, or create a Twitter account. To be honest, anyone, and I mean anyone, can make a website. Anyone from 45-year-old men to 14-year-old girls can falsely advertise to be a rich, nice looking 23-year-old woman, actress, lawyer; what-ever the case may be, on the internet. In this world of incredible internet technology we learn to be cautious of what we see, believe and trust. Exactly like Search engines. We tend to fail to remember that search engines aren’t just websites that help us find the latest gossip, or the closest taco bell. Search engines are a business, an organization where success depends on supplying you with the top, most dependable, accurate results so you keep coming back.

Social media frequently gives into the discovery of new content, such as news stories, and “discovery” in a search action. Social media also can provide you with building links that turn support into SEO efforts. This can defiantly be a key strategy to use because it links to other providers that are a back up or proof to what your saying isn’t just coming from you, but from others and the information you’re providing them with is trustworthy. Numerous amounts of people also carry out searches at social media sites to come across social media content. That is what the famous Facebook, popular Twitter, will do for you with the help of search engines along with what was previously explained.

So there’s Social media content, social media marketing, but how do we get that all there? By Social Media Optimization!

Social Media Optimization puts forth to the procedure of advancing a website, (otherwise known as optimizing the site) so that when the content is ready it can be, with no trouble, increased through online communities and networks by users and visitors of the website. With social media optimization, you may alter a web’s design, color, font but overall, links and the well-known “add to” or “share this” icons that are found to be throughout the web these days.

Without social media marketing optimization we wouldn’t be able to start the social marketing aspect of it, by distributing the referral from the optimized page to other social marking sites or social media content. The stuff that is completed “off-site’ are key, for instance, taking part in online communities where your clienteles spend their time. That is a lively role that flows under social media marketing and getting your word, news, gossip, special salsa recipe spread out to the World Wide Web.

How social bookmarking acts as a powerful marketing turnkey solution

Gone are those days when people stored their favorite pages in specific folders using the associated web browser. Not only is this process of bookmarking pages and storing information in folders highly cumbersome, but it also makes this stored data inaccessible to the user when they switch PCs. While the process described above is referred to as ‘bookmarking,’ today ‘social bookmarking’ is the way to bookmark pages and websites of your choice.

It’s a whole new way of accessing and organizing information. In social bookmarking, a user signs up for an account that is associated with a social bookmarking site. Once registered, the user can add their favorite pages directly to the bookmarking site. This enables them to access their bookmarks at any point in time and on any system that is connected to the Internet. Social bookmarking sites also allow users to categorize the pages of their choice by entering keywords or descriptive keyword phrases that aid the process of tagging the bookmarks, so the user can pick any page they choose to visit instantly. Just like online photo albums, users also have a choice of marking a specific bookmark either as a private or a public bookmark. This option allows the user to either share their bookmarks with their friends or enjoy their personal space and privacy. Some social bookmarking sites even alert their users if a particularly URL they chose to bookmark is no longer functional or available.

People can access these bookmarks based on a number of different categories. It could be a search based on a person, a specific tag or in terms of the classification and the popularity of the bookmarks. As these bookmarks are accessed by a large number of people and online communities on a daily basis, adding your website to well-known social bookmarking sites and tagging them with the appropriate keywords will not only help you reach a large audience of potential clients but also enhance the visibility of the products and services offered by you. This is how social bookmarking can be used by Internet marketers to promote their business.