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The Lost Art of Directory Submission

Maybe you don’t know what a directory is – which might mean you have no idea what directory submission might be.  And that’s fine, because I’m about to lay it right out, so that this art form doesn’t die out any time in the foreseeable future.

Directories are websites that catalogue and provide links to good (and sometimes truly great) web sites.  And of course, you might be wondering how these directories know that a web site is up to snuff.  The part that separates a directory from a search engine is that search engines populate their lists through software (often known as “spiders,” even though they aren’t really arachnids), while directories are produced, added to (and sometimes subtracted from), and just generally maintained by real, living people who actually look at the sites themselves.

A good directory features the very best, especially in regard to a specific niche of sites or subject matter.  And when you practice directory submission, you really do need to keep that in mind; after all, when someone searches for “poisonous snakes,” they most likely do NOT have any particular interest in seeing your awesome site full of Dodge Vipers.

This brings me to a very important point, both about directories themselves and about directory submission.  In most directories, there are tons and tons of sites that might be better at being general than yours is.  And for this reason, directory submission to these “general” sites is just plain ridiculous.  You have GOT to niche it down, if you want to be positively noticed in a directory setting.

So you have to decide on what you really intend to say with your content, and figure out who your target readers might be – keep in mind that “might be” makes the concept malleable; you’ll never know who your most loyal and (hopefully) profitable readers are going to be until you’ve rigorously tested your theories.  Here’s an example:

Say you write a blog about the finer points of Ford Mustangs from the 1960s.  If you submitted your site to a directory, you’d be lost in a massive shuffle if you tried to get a good position in a directory about “cars.”  But you might experience more success if you submitted to a directory about “1960s muscle cars.”  And you’d most likely be a shoo in for “1960s Ford Mustangs.”  And which directory would you guess is most likely to be perused by your target readers?  If you can’t figure out that one, I’m not going to help you.  The companies like Elite SEO marketing might have a better way to explain it to you.

Blog Posting — Aim to Post Higher

What is a blog, anyway?  Is it nothing more than a chance to vent about any given issue you had lately – maybe the mail man delivered your neighbor’s mail to your box (and vice versa), thus forcing you into the moral quandary of whether it would violate the “spirit of the law” to switch the mail, according to who it is actually supposed to go to.  Now I’m not saying that those whining sessions ever happen, of course – most blogs are strictly professional and well written… in some fantasy land inhabited by people under 12, maybe.  In this world, they’re kind of the norm – and you need to differentiate yourself from those blog posting n00bs, by being professional and adding tons of value to your customers.

Of course you’ve heard that line before: “Find the most effective way to give the other fellow what he wants.”  It’s a Dale Carnegie classic… but even though old Dale never lived to see the Net, I think he’d agree that blog posting is the same as selling something – give someone what they want, and they will most definitely come back for seconds.

But have you ever considered how far that kind of thinking can be taken?  In the world of blog posting, and indeed in the whole Internet, there exist a never ending number of possible places where posting (and possibly cross posting) can enrich your business.  First off, just getting your name out there is a start – even if they hate you, at least they know you.  Secondly, you have the chance to tell people what they want to learn – or confirm something they may have heard, but maybe weren’t so sure about.

And of course, the biggest impact you can have in posting to various blogs (especially your own) is that at the end, you can mention that, “If you’d like to learn more…”  And after those ellipses, you can offer all sorts of things.  For instance, subscribing to your e-mailing list, or maybe you could direct them to a site where they might download some free reports — and since you’ve already whetted their appetite with your awesome information, they should be raring to go by that point.

So, if you’d like to learn more… visit some websites owned by internet marketing specialists like Elite SEO marketing.

Social Bookmarking: An Important Cog In The Marketing Machine

Many of today’s businesses are internet driven or rely on traffic to their website to generate fresh leads. Social bookmarking, while not as popular as tweeting or commenting on MySpace or Facebook, is a convenient venue for your more established customers to help refer you to new clients. Every time a new page is bookmarked several interested parties will follow that link to your site. What happens when they get there is up to you.

In order for social bookmarking to be a successful part of your marketing campaign you will have to hold the readers attention. The best way to do that is to offer informative and interesting copy. Most sites fail in this area. Quite a few site owners try to write their own copy or hire a copywriter based on the amount charged per hour. That is actually the complete opposite of what you need to do. The first consideration of copy is to make sure it is written in proper language—whatever language you are targeting. The next is the proper positioning and density of your keywords. Both of these can be checked by requiring work samples before you hire a copywriter.

Social bookmarking brings a nice bonus every time one of your pages is marked for the first time: a backlink. Since these links are all important to acquiring page position and page rank, this bonus is very important to a site’s owner. These are targeted backlinks and the traffic they generate is actually looking for the product they are exploring by following your link. Your percentage of sales from this traffic will be higher than a normal click through from a search engine. Every website owner is looking to increase their sales percentage.

The importance of social bookmarking in any web 2.0 marketing campaign is impossible to deny. On the downside it is a time consuming attack. The most popular sites have subscribed to some of the automated bookmarking programs, but not all of them. You can spend hour upon hour focusing a social bookmarking campaign and not be effective. This is one aspect of SEO that should be left to the experts.

Mobile Website Design for phone users

Mobile website design is one of the largest growing internet industries. With over 2.5 billion mobile phone users, many of them with mobile internet connections, new websites to support the small screens of mobile phones are in demand more than ever and is predicted to be primary platform for internet browsing in the future.

Many companies and blogs have already predicted this event and have early on created mobile websites to tap this large community, but the proportion of consumer websites on the internet is actually very low because of the special procedures required in mobile website design.

Regular website design as used for personal computers and laptops with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari is not sufficient for mobile phones. The commission known as the W3C has set standards for mobile website design accessibility guidelines.

The biggest obstacle in mobile website design is scaling down the site to fit WAP technology that is used for browsing on mobile phones. Usually an existing website can be used for a template, but it must be scaled down.
Some tips for mobile website design include eliminating the use of tables. Tables will not look the same on a mobile site as they do on a regular computer browser. CSS language will ensure compatibility with most mobile phones. Coding should be done in XML or XHTML with a character code set at UTF-8.

The most important information on a mobile website should be at the top of the page. Often, mobile users get lazy and do not want to scroll down to the rest. This goes hand-in-hand with text entry. It can be a real pain to enter text on a mobile browser so, whenever possible, radio buttons or check boxes should be used instead of text entry.

All images for mobile website design should be in jpeg or gif format, but remember that the maximum size for a mobile web page is only 20 kb. As much information as needed must fit into this small file size but not more.

The potential for mobile websites demands all webmasters start designs.

How to make it to a search engines’ first page placement

First page placement is important to ensure that your website takes the top spot of most search engines. If a client searched for a keyword related to your site, then your site should occupy the top page of the search engine. If you do not occupy the top spot of the first page placement, then it can be detrimental such that you can loose a lot of money in the end since you are not visible enough for the clients to see.

There are a lot of examples of bad first page placements in the internet. This is brought about by people who do not know how to build their websites ready for search engine optimization and those who do not use the right keywords. It is sad to note that there are more ineffective websites that are built everyday. In cases such as this, is it good to reconstruct the entire website so that you can occupy the top spot in the page ranking of most search engines? The answer is yes! So what makes a first page placement go bad?

Basically, a first page placement is just a small page that most search engines show after a client searches for a keyword. For example, if you sell cats from your website and a client is looking for the keyword “kittens”, then your website should be reflected on the search page. Unfortunately, if you do not use the right keywords while building your website, then it is less likely for clients to find your website. Instead of gaining revenue, you lose money instead.

So how do you fix your website so that you will occupy the top rank of the first page placement?

Get into the habit of seeing how many people are searching for a special keyword daily on average. Let us look at the keywords “kitten” again. Now, if you were the client who is looking for cats, would you use “pets” as your keyword while you are searching for it in the search engine? Of course not! You need to use keywords that are specific. So if you are building your website SEO, it is important to use the keyword in the title of an article or put it somewhere in the URL of the webpage. This allows the major search engine websites to see your page.

Visibility matters if you want to gain revenue from your online business. If you use the right keywords, not only will it drive traffic to your site, you will also be visible to the major search engines.

The Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an interactive technology that allows users to store, classify, rate, comment on and search links to any websites or blogs within a close environment. Examples of social bookmarking sites are Facebook, Twitter and Myspace among many others. What is unique about social bookmarking sites is that it does not use search engines instead, it uses links through the site’s community of registered users thus transforming the navigation to a social experience.

Social bookmarking is a popular way to locate, classify, rank and share internet resources. The difference between a normal website and social bookmarking site when it comes to bookmarking of pages is that web browsers have the ability to bookmark pages only for those links that are tied to a browser or a computer. This means that if the computer or server is not online, there is no way to bookmark or access those sites.

On the other hand, social bookmarking sites allow you to access the site by means of an online account. This is effective since even if you are not logged on to the account people can still bookmark your site thereby increasing the traffic on your site. This is a new way to share new sites to a much broader audience.

Now, people save bookmarks as favorites to a public website so that they can be accessed from any computer or can be shared with other people. People can also bookmark the sites which are called tags to find a bookmark in most social bookmarking websites. This means that if you encounter a page that interests you, you can save it on your site so that you can share it with others thereby increasing the probability of that site will be bookmarked by other people as well.

Social bookmarking is a very simple way to ensure that your website is noticed and marketed to the right group of people. If you use your social bookmarking sites well and couple it with most major search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and MSN, then you will increase or drive the traffic more on your site.

It is a known fact, that these search engines give more weight on the content of the website in order for your website to have a first page placement of the search engine. Submitting your site on social bookmarking sites therefore allow you to generate greater volume of traffic to your site.

How to increase traffic using Article Writing and Distribution

So how does an article improve traffic to your site? It is simple, really. Your website can be improved a lot by means of using the right keywords and these keywords should be found in every article that you post in your blog or site.

Writing an article which is informative and convincing is not an easy task and often needs special skill and great knowledge about the subject. If writing an article to promote a small online business is a very difficult job to carry, think about the task of a commercial article distribution of most big companies… it definitely requires Herculean strength. Article writing plays a very important role on how to gain traffic and maintain visibility in the online market.

So how do you write and distribute articles to increase the traffic to your website? There are several ways for article writing and distribution to ensure greater visibility of your brand for your online business.

First is to write article for other website owners. This is a great way to increase your article marketing efforts since there are a lot of website owners that do not have time to do both article writing to promote their business and to create promotional offers to gain greater ROI. In most cases, these business choose the latter while forgetting how important article writing is to improve traffic to their site. Moreover, these companies will be more than happy to give you the load and pay you as much as 10 dollars per article with good content.

The next one you need to do is to locate websites that are popular when it comes to article submission. These websites help you generate more traffic to your site and in turn can become converted into revenues. Moreover, you can also do backlinks in these websites. Which is one of the third step. Creating backlinks can be a good strategy to drive more traffic to your site. If you also prefer, you can post these articles in social bookmarking sites to double the chances of people seeing your website.

The most important thing about creating your article is to use significant keywords all the time so that the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN can see you. The fourth step that you can do is to do Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques which means using a lot of keywords so that your website will land on the top spot of most search pages.

Now that you have a steady flow of articles in your site. However, don’t stop there just yet. Try to be persistent with your advertising efforts. You can come up with an e-book that will give readers an idea of what you have to offer.

Once you have done everything, there is still not time to relax. You need to check whether your system is still in order or not so that traffic can be driven effectively to your site.