Coming Off the Blocks: A Fast Start With PPC Management

organic SEOPPC Management is the key to getting a web based business off the ground fast and hard. Startup companies that engage in traditional SEO services can expect to wait for weeks, months, or — if they hire the wrong company — years before the organic traffic they get from those services starts to pay the bills. By engaging pay-per-click marketing experts to build them a solid PPC campaign, however, they can turn a solid profit long before their SEO experts get them on the front page of the SERPs.

Many such sites are reluctant to try PPC because they’ve heard horror stories of individuals or other small businesses that sank thousands of dollars into pay-per-click without ever seeing any significant benefits. To be blunt, that’s because they tried to do it themselves, or they hired an amateur. A company that is skilled at PPC management will take the time to find the right long-tail keywords, build a massive list of keywords to bid on, and know what keywords to back away from as the competition becomes too fierce.

Pay-per-click advertising requires expertise to do right. Imagine how you’d feel if you hired an expert to design a flyer for your pet store, and he designed a pamphlet about sharks (which you don’t sell) and then handed it out to middle school kids at a playground. That’s what amateur PPC is like, in a very real sense. Unless you know what you’re doing, you can easily end up targeting the wrong market with an offer they care nothing about, and end up paying through the nose to do it.

With the right amount of expertise, on the other hand, PPC turns into the perfect complement to organic SEO efforts — essentially like an electric scooter that lets your website get by until it learns to run on its own. With the right ads appearing in front of the right people, you can drive traffic that will convert with startling regularity and get your bills paid as the SEO team slowly builds you a web of backlinks with the goal of eventually turning the PPC faucet down — and then off altogether.