Does Directory Submission enhance the ranking of a website?

One of the most effective ways to improve the ranking of a website is to submit it to a relevant directory. While most people prefer automating the process of directory submission, the truth is that directory submission gives accurate results only when it is done manually. There are many web directories available online. But, for Search Engine Optimization to be successful, the choice of the web directory becomes extremely important.

Your website may have excellent content, an intelligent layout and a smart design. But, what is the point of all this if it is remains inaccessible to a large number of potential clients. Submitting your website to the correct online directory will give it the required exposure that will in turn give your online business the well-deserved impetus to maximize your profits. Promoting your website becomes much easier if it has a large number of well-researched and high-quality backlinks. By linking other professional websites to your website, you can catch the attention of the web crawlers and search bots to improve your ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The two kinds of online web directories are general and niche directories. As the terms suggest, general directories list sites in broad categories while niche directories include categories and subcategories that are fewer in number and higher in topic relevance. Users are more likely to visit only those websites that are listed in either of these directories. This is because these sites are highly search engine friendly and have a good ranking. Web directories are also excellent sources of one-way links or reciprocal backlinking. In this way, once a website is submitted to them, they also help drive traffic to the target website as it is now associated only with other popular and well-known sites that have been added after the process of manual review.