Easy Content Strategies

Trust us when we say less is more. Blog creations are a big fan of this “less is more” statement. It was studied that people are more likely to take more interest in reading content within a 100 to 200 word-span rather than anything longer.

When it comes to larger ideas you wish to expand on, try working on a brand you can easily market to build a value long term.

Gaining visibility with proper content

  • Don’t solely aim for Google’s first page placements as your route to market. Coordinate across different directories – social, website and off page.
  • Take into consideration your timing. Just as hours of the day affect email rate along with social sharing, so does content publishing. Arrange accordingly for maximum results.
  • When planning content, also consider:
  • Growth in audience
  • Engagement and improvement
  • How you create revenue
  • Acknowledge your targeted audience. The more you know about your customers the more you are able to address a specific tone to use and how to write for their understandings.
  • Understand your customer’s wants. Different People have different needs. Segment your customers and provide them the results they wish to see.
  • Be creative with your content. Search engines despise the same repetitive writings. Strategize your content for every channel, so they deliver the same catch but with different pitches.
  • Easily forgotten, yet extremely important is your content flow. Make sure what you are saying is understandable and flows well.