Elite SEO Launches New Internet Marketing Campaign

Los Angeles, California – United States – August 11, 2007 – Armed with a decade of facts and statistics proving that their unique brand of organic SEO works, Elite SEO Marketing launched a new internet marketing campaign today focused on bringing affordable SEO services to small and medium sized businesses. Their internet marketing is being spearheaded by a barrage of press releases and the publishing of recent results proving that organic SEO works.

“We’ve spent the past ten years producing real results for companies doing business on the web,” stated an Elite spokesperson. “Our programs work and our internet marketing techniques can be used to make small and medium sized businesses successful without them having to take on the big monthly bill that most SEO firms are looking for.”

It’s the “affordable” part of this internet marketing campaign that makes Elite SEO Marketing so intriguing. SEO has been under fire recently for not being a cost effective method of generating traffic. The reports and testimonials that Elite released today are additional proof that organic SEO works and their offer of lower prices will now make it possible for smaller companies to use this highly profitable internet marketing technique.

Elite SEO Marketing is an internet marketing firm that has been in business in Los Angeles for over a decade. Many of their team members were pioneers in the early days of search engine marketing and have accumulated knowledge of the industry that is not available anywhere else. The techniques they use are proven effective and many of their clients have been with them since they first opened their doors, ten years in an industry where companies rise and fall in a matter of months.

Search engine optimization is a process that involves long hours of posting links and registering with directories so that a company can attain a high search engine page rank when users search for keywords in their industry. Many internet marketing firms claim they can do it. Few get legitimate results. You can generally tell the difference by finding our how long someone has been in business and how loyal their clients are. Elite SEO passes the test on both fronts.