Elite SEO Marketing a Top SEO Company ranked by TopSEO’s.com

Los Angeles, California; February 11, 2010: Elite SEO Marketing has been ranked as the Best Search Engine Optimization Company for consecutive three months – December 2009, January and February 2010. At Elite SEO Marketing, we are committed to give our clients the best and thus, they have consistently ranked top in the popular search engine results.

The marketing strategy at Elite SEO is unique and this allows us to help you keep the company website on the top. We have been in this business for a decade and this experience makes us continuously come up with new and innovative marketing strategies that work for you.

Elite SEO Marketing is also a proud member of Top SEOs, an “independent authority on search vendors.” As a SEO marketing company, Elite SEO has received a number of accolades. The evaluation criteria of Top SEOs are rigorous, that ensures that the clients know what they are getting. The rankings are given only after an over all evaluation of their work. We came out as the winners in the month of November in 2009.

The factors that are evaluated are:

Customer satisfaction which is measured though communication with the customers in a quarterly basis. The return of investment, the quality of the project and the kind of service that is given is also evaluated. The Depth of knowledge in this particular field of business is evaluated with the help of the various press releases, blog entries and other generated works by the SEO Company. The reporting methods of the company are also reviewed to mark them for their usability and lucidity.

The Internal principles of the company, as well as their competitive advantages are evaluated by TopSEO.

As a SEO company, we at Elite SEO Marketing, provide our best in all the aspects that are evaluated by TopSEOs. We have consistently received great scores for our Keyword analysis, on page and off page, reporting methods and so on.

Thus, with an accolade of a Top SEO Company from TopSEOs we are now proved to serve you better.