Elite SEO Marketing Reviews the Effectiveness of Directory Submission Service

Elite SEO Marketing has recently conducted its annual “SEO Strategies–Present and Future” summit in Los Angeles, California. All SEO practitioners at Elite SEO Marketing attended the summit to make it a success. One of topics that were put up for discussion was the “effectiveness of directory submission service as an SEO tool”.

The attendees of the summit unanimously underscored the effectiveness of directory submission service as a potent SEO tool. There are thousands of local, national, and international directories on the web. A significant chunk of these directories are good for listing business information. On the other hand, the rest are not good for listing business information and these might have a negative impact on the future of a site’s SEO position. These directories are barely link farms and subscription of a site to them will be perceived as “black-hat” SEO practices.

The SEO practitioners attending the summit stressed on the importance of digging out legitimate directories for site submission. Years of association with Elite SEO Marketing has enabled these SEO practitioners to maintain a list of legitimate directories that aid in clean, effective SEO practices. Experience suggests that submission to these directories helps in increasing web traffic to the site in addition to providing high-quality links.

The Yellow Pages came up as a classic example of directories worth listing sites in. The age-old yellow book has undergone a facelift. Today it is available online and full of colored pages and flashy animations. Clicking on a link in the Yellow Pages can take the visitor to an interactive map leading to the physical location of the business operations.

There are thousands of other useful directories available. Some of these directories are city or state based; some are dedicated to a particular industry segment; and some are dedicated to niche domains. The attendees of the summit stressed upon the importance of accurate matching of the business to the right directory. Once the right directories are identified and the site is listed, the organic SEO activities for the site get a tremendous boost.