EliteSEOMarketing.com an SEO Company announces that Blogs are a great way for Small Business to get an upper hand!

Los Angeles, California; April 13, 2010: Business blogging is considered to be the direct line of communication with the customers over the web. It is considered as a predominant tool to strengthen your web marketing portfolio. In today’s competitive world, small business houses are trying to make a big impact on the web through search engine optimization (SEO) of their websites. Creating a blog and attaching it to your website is one of the potent SEO techniques available in the armory of optimizers. It is in fact an essential component of organic SEO marketing campaign of a website. Just imagine that your nearest business competitor has a blog page that is updated regularly, while you have none. You stand to lose to your competitor in terms of search rankings. Your chance of making it to the first page of search results is really bleak, while your competitor has a fair chance.

For search engines, content is the king. Effective, relevant, and quality content that is updated periodically will push up the search rank of a website and thereby draw more and more potential customers. We at Elite SEO Marketing think of a website as a tiny spot on a large area. The smaller the spot (read smaller the probability of the website to attain a higher search rank), more difficult it is to trace. We think of adding quality content to your website and make the spot big, making it easy for search engines to trace out. We create a custom blogging page for your site to expand your site’s horizon. In course of time, your site becomes more traceable by the complex algorithms of search engines.

The algorithms that dominant search engines like Google and Yahoo follow are highly complex. These algorithms are highly secret, but it has been established that quality content plays a very big role in determining the search rankings. Quality score, one of the determinants of higher search ranks, is dependent on relevance and quantity of content in the site.

For success, you should have more pages of content in your website than your competitors’ and the content should be highly relevant to your business line. While doing SEO for the sites, our experienced content writers can create a custom blog for your site and add pages to it daily. As part of our SEO strategy, we invite the search engines to index your web page again and again to improve its position. Custom blogging, along with other SEO measures will catapult your site to a higher growth trajectory.