EliteSEOMarketing.com Reviews White Hat SEO Techniques!

Los Angeles, California; April 13, 2010: EliteSEOMarketing.com always promotes and practices White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. The White Hat techniques are legitimate ways to boost up the search engine rankings of your website. To contrary, Black Hat techniques, such as spamdexing and link farming are illegitimate techniques for practicing SEO. They can even force the search engines to blacklist your site. Some of the popular White Hat SEO techniques followed by EliteSEOMarketing.com are:

Providing Quality Content – There is a popular phrase in the web parlance – “Content is the king”. Providing quality content that has high relevance to your line of business is one of the basic steps undertaken by EliteSEOmarketing.com. Your website should be content rich, with many pages. The site will have to be supplemented by business blogs. These blogs should be very well written and refreshed frequently. Both the site content and the blog should be revisited again and again to allow repeated indexing by the search engines. This will increase the probability of your website making into the first page of the search list.

Usage of Semantic Markup and Separation of Content from Presentation –EliteSEOMarketing.com tries to restructure your site’s markup and thus helps search engines get a feel about the content of your site. We give due importance to framing the headings, as the search engines give a lot of importance to them. We use CSS to separate the design elements from the content and help the search engine to trace what they hunt for – quality content. This boosts up your site’s ranking.

Appropriate Usage of Titles and Meta Data – EliteSEOMarketing.com considers pages with proper titles and Meta data crucial to success. The Meta description and Meta keywords have been misused a lot in the past and search engines consider them less important nowadays. Still some importance needs to be attached to them and they need to have fitting descriptions and keywords. We give a lot of importance to titles, as a title indicates what the following content is going to tell us. Search engines consider them important too.

Well-Researched Keywords While doing SEO for your site, we do an intensive research to arrive at carefully handpicked keywords. Besides single-worded keywords, we try out multi-worded keywords too. After the keyword list is complete, our content writers make generous use of them throughout the site content. We also make sure that the keywords are used in important areas like Titles, Meta Description, Meta keywords, Heading Elements, Body Text, Alt Tags, and Links.

Building Quality Links – We try to boost your site’s ranking by giving inbound links to it. We stick to “good” links from other, contextually relevant web pages. We do not subscribe to Black Hat techniques such as link farming by providing irrelevant links. A lot of pain goes in fishing up other quality web pages from where links can be targeted towards your site. We also provide deep linking instead of scratching just the home page.

Finally, we implement long-term strategies that provide genuine results in keeping your website at the top of the search result for years to come.