Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is basically like any other type of marketing service thru emails.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well guess what it’s as simple as it sounds too. All one needs to do is take at most a minute or out of their day to open or create an email and maybe that will be the solution to everyone’s problems.

Companies Benefit: If you have your own business and you feel sending out emails is a waste of time, your wrong. Obviously not everyone will take as much interest in an email as others or may be foolish enough to read it but hey, you tried and that’s the best you can do. All it takes is a quick template describing what you are trying to distribute or get your idea out there, after that, send it out! You never know when that next lead will enter or become an interest for someone. It’s a 50/50 shot that is simple as writing out what you have to hand out and assist others with. Give it a try!

Consumers Benefit: Say you sign up for gardening services or even random facts of certain plants for your hobby of gardening; you may come across an email that helps you understand the method of gardening or how to increase your landscaping in the growth of your garden. The effortless and simple task of opening an email can only benefit you; weather its learning more information or understanding what a specific company can offer to you. One thing most people think of right of the bat is, oh no, another spam email, but another reason to also take into consideration is hey, maybe they are contacting me because I really do need this type of service. Worst comes to worse you hit the delete button and your day goes on. In reality you really have nothing to lose here, expanding your education to what others have to offer you or increasing your own business or hobby is a win and win situation. Now tell yourself next time, why not?