Every Business Website Needs Article Writing and Distribution Services

Article writing and distribution services are a vital part of every successful SEO effort. That’s because a well-written and properly distributed article accomplishes an incredibly amount for a single document — more than almost any other service that you can engage. The benefits of a well-written and properly distributed article can be broken down into to areas: the SEO benefits and the active benefits.

SEO benefits

As discussed in the last post, there are three things a backlink needs to be great: authority, persistence, and relevance. A good article provides it’s own relevance — it’s hard to get more relevant to your website than an article written specifically about the stuff on your site! Similarly, article portals tend to gather a strong amount of authority by their very nature — it’s where experts write about stuff they’re experts on, after all — and they’re specifically designed to keep articles around and searchable for the foreseeable future. So the backlinks you get from an article are innately high-quality backlinks.

More importantly, an article allows you to perfectly control the anchor text of your backlink, which means that the search engines get to see that the arrow pointing at your page is labeled “video games” — and lo and behold, your page is about video games! That’s an extra layer of relevance to the backlink that also happens to improve Google’s opinion of your page to the search term “video games” as well.

Active benefits

All that doesn’t even begin to touch on the fact that a well-written article will guide readers to your webpage entirely on it’s own. In fact, until you’ve collected enough backlinks to work your way into a front page placement on the first page placementsearch engines, you can rely on those directed visitors for some conversions and sales along the way. In that way, article writing and distribution is unique among SEO techniques for bringing business long before the SEO itself has taken full effect.

But it’s not just the fact that readers will be directed to your site — each article also acts as a “preview” of your style and expertise in the reader’s minds. A crappy article will make readers devalue your product or service long before they see it — but a great one will make them confident that they’re dealing with a real person that has real understanding of their issue before they’ve ever laid eyes on your site. That’s some incredible marketing potential.

By giving readers an idea of who you are and giving them a chance to buy from you long before they’ve put your webpage high on the search engine results, article marketing is twice the boost to your business than any other SEO technique on the market. If you’re not engaging article writing and distribution services for your website, you’re missing out on the power of one of the strongest tools in the SEO arsenal.