Forum Posting: A Guide for SEO Success

Internet forums (also known as message boards) are online discussion sites where conversations between people take place through posted messages. There are millions of forum sites available on the internet that cover a range of topics from the hottest TV shows to how to fix your computer at home. Whatever your needs for forum posting, it is guaranteed that you will find a site that meets them.

Online forums are different from chat rooms. Messages are generally archived or indexed for as long as the site is active. There are many of the early forum sites that have been online for several years, so it is easy to see how having a few links on older forum posts can be extremely valuable for your website.

Steps to Forum Posting

  • First, put together a list of all the online forums and blogs that feature discussions around your product niche. For example, if your website sells cosmetics, look for sites that discuss beauty tips or techniques.
  • Determine which of these sites are the most active and frequently used. Flag these as the ones you will join and post on.
  • Once you have joined, regularly go onto the sites and read the posts. Comment on posts when appropriate, being certain to be relevant and helpful.

It’s important to understand that gaining the ability to add links takes a longer time with forum posting. You have to begin with contributing and then you can include your website link with your signature and in your forum profile. After you have built trust and respect by contributing to discussions, you’ll have the ability to include your link in your forum posts, as long as it’s relevant to the topic being discussed.

Final Thoughts
Using forum posting for SEO success is time-intensive, but can be one of the most effective tools you have. It takes consistence and patience while you are establishing and building your reputation in the online forums. Remember to identify the top sites that match your industry and then be relevant in your posts and comments. Once established, you can then add your links.