How can you increase the traffic to your website using Website SEO?

Website Search Engine Optimization is the collective term that involves the various attempts made to improve the ranking of a website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). While search engines like Yahoo! recognize sites that contain key search terms and keyword phrases, keywords metatags and description metatags, Google assigns each and every website a definite PageRank that decides the position of the website in response to user-generated search queries. Google stresses more on link prominence and link density. The more recent search engine from Microsoft called Bing works on completely different signals. It likes sites that has capitalized search terms and queries in the URLs. It also relies on very strong URL matching signals. It is the only search engine that is solely based on website branding which means it prefers web pages from relatively larger and popular websites. So, in order to ensure a good website ranking on all these major search engines, a few important tips are:
Your website must have well-written, unique and clear text that draws the attention of online visitors within a time span of a few seconds.

The images , videos, advertisements, etc that are primarily used to promote the website must be integrated seamlessly in the website, so they flow with the existing theme of the online business and are representative of the offered products and services.

The layout and design of the website should be appealing enough to draw the attention of the users. The website should look professional, but at the same website navigation must appear to be easy, even to a layman. They must find exactly what they’re looking for.

The content must be divided into suitable categories to create highly relevant and suitable titles and sub-titles which is exactly what the web crawler is looking for.

At the end of the day, it’s not just keyword research and analysis or backlinking that helps improve the ranking of a website. A website can also move up the search engine rankings if it has a well-established and large client base. So, even the popularity of the website can greatly improve its visibility.