How good PPC (Pay Per Click) management services can help your business?

When a user types in a search query into the search box of the major search engine Google, along with the search results are displayed ads, above the search results and on the right side of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). While the search results are generated in response to the user-generated search query, the advertisements displayed contain the either the exact keyword or variations of the keywords that the search query contains. Each time a user clicks on a particular ad, the advertiser associated with that ad has to pay Google a fixed price for using that keyword. This amount is referred to as the ‘Cost Per Click’ (CPC) of the keyword and these advertisements are called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns as the advertisers have to pay Google for each and every user click.

There are two networks that work in tandem along with the search engine to define the advertising and the publishing network. Advertisers who choose to use the SERPs to display their advertisements need to create a Google AdWords account to set up advertising campaigns. The quality of the ad text and the display URL that links the advertisement to the landing page of the website decide the popularity of the displayed advertisement. Online advertisers set up multiple campaigns and use a trial and error method to determine which campaign is performing well. Each ad group is assigned a set of chosen keywords and variations of those keywords. By choosing popular keywords that generate a lot of traffic online, relevant ads that are descriptive of the products and services being offered can be created.

Apart from the SERPs, advertisers can also choose specific websites to display their ads on. These websites belong to the network of publishers who have signed up for Google AdSense accounts that allow the AdWords ads to be displayed on their websites. The search engine and the chosen publisher websites provide an ample amount of real estate for Internet marketers and advertisers to display their ads. AdWords-integrated software helps track ad performance by registering the total number of clicks and the associated sales.