How Google reads your website SEO efforts

In this week’s post we thought we’d take a look at website SEO from the point of view of the search engine. Understanding what it is that the search engine ranks your site for is critical in understanding why your SEO efforts are effective and gives you a new perspective to keep in mind while building your site.
What keywords do
You may have thought that carrying out thorough keyword research is all about connecting with your customer – and you would be at least part correct in your assumption – but there is also something deeper going on behind the scenes. A search engine like Google is built upon analyses of big data, each time a user enters a search, Google knows, and it also knows which links are then clicked, and going further which keywords are used closer to the point of conversion (purchase).

The search engine knows what users are looking for when they enter a particular search term, and they list websites in order of relevance using this search term. By having the term embedded in your content, you have a good chance that yours will be one of the websites that are listed.

Why simple navigation is key
Your site layout needs to be simple and intuitive for navigation, and this is true as much for the search engine as it is for your customer. Search engine bots and crawlers constantly roam about the web, mapping links between webpages and websites. Simple navigation means having an inherently logical connection between each of your pages, and few dead ends on your site navigation.

Concise URLs, meta titles, and meta tags
URLs are the full web address for finding each specific webpage. As you may well have seen, many come with many forward slashes and seemingly arbitrary number or word lists. You can edit your URLs to make them relevant to your web page though, this makes your pages content and subject area easier to read, both for the search engine, and for your customer.

The same can be said for meta titles and descriptions – these being what appears on the search engine results – and you should think of these as like the entrance to your website, so keep them clear and concise.