How you can experiment with PPC management


PPC management describes the various different ways that your PPC manager can change the flow of your PPC marketing campaign, for better or worse. Tracking back momentarily, for those who may not yet know, PPC or pay per click marketing is a form of online advertising where you pay a search engine directly to sponsor links to your website.

The most obvious benefits of PPC marketing are firstly that your site can achieve first page placement without needing to rank more highly than all of your competition. Other benefits include that you have total control over your budget, and that you only pay for clicks that actually enter your site.

Trying out new ad keywords
One of the first aims of your PPC manager will be to find the most effective keywords to appeal to your customer. Your PPC expert will use the content on your site, along with specialised keyword research tools to find the most popular and beneficial keywords available, it will then be a trade off with the keywords which are most popular and the price difference between them.

This said, the most expensive or popular search terms are not necessarily always the best. By constantly experimenting and trying new phrases, different length phrases, and synonyms you may be able to appeal more to your niche customer without spending as much, so the key really is constant revision.

Focus on conversions
Rather than simply focusing on drawing in as much traffic as you can, why not try a more focused approach to converting sales. Proper research can find the search terms which not only drew the most customers into your website, but it can also find which ads appealed to your customers who were ready to make a purchase. By targeting these customers you might see overall traffic dip, but your PPC costs should decrease, and your revenue should ride because of it.