Is Affordable SEO Good SEO?

There is no magical dollar amount that defines affordable SEO. The quality of the service and its worth to you are the only considerations that matter. You will have to search for the right company to determine who has the SEO package and strategy that fits with you. Here are some of the top questions that you should be asking to help you determine if the affordable SEO companies are offering a good product.

”What is your overall organic SEO strategy?”, is the number one question to have on your mind when choosing an affordable SEO company. If they only offer a couple of white hat SEO services, but the approach is not all encompassing, then they are not offering good SEO. That makes them a waste of money no matter how inexpensive their services are.

”What are the components of your SEO program?”, is another good question to ask a potential candidate company. An all encompassing approach will include several organic SEO tactics as well as using pay-per-click advertising and other paid inclusion methods of link building. Some of the natural, organic link building strategies will include article writing and submission, press releases, directory submissions, and blog posting. When all of these methods are coupled with paid inclusions, you will have a holistic SEO attack. If a company offers all of these for a fair price, then you have found affordable SEO services.

A final service that an affordable SEO company should offer is to look at your .html code and offer to fix it for you. Broken links within your site or an unnatural hierarchy for your pages and directories will bring penalties from the major search engines. Fixing these offers you a better chance for first page placement.

Is affordable SEO always good SEO? Not all of the time. If you ask the questions above before hiring a company, you will be able to ensure that you are getting a good service that will help your site soar to the top of the search engine results for your keywords.