Keeping your website active with blog posting


As a form of SEO, blog posting through a custom made blog is one of the techniques which often goes over the head of business website owners. Nonetheless, using a blog on your website is a fantastic way to set yourself apart in your industry, and to add some value that your competition might have missed. A blog is also an opportunity for your business to showcase its expertise and to establish itself as an authority in its industry.  

Why a blog reads well with search engines
All of the fantastic benefits for your customer aside, having an active blog on your website does wonders for its credentials with the search engine. Regardless of how often new content is posted to your main site (for many this might be a rare thing) your blog is a place

What to use your blog for
There are so many different metaphors we’ve seen for how to think of your blog posts, but I like to think of each post as a little trap designed to appeal to a particular customer. By building up many different blog posts which all address a particular topic in detail you are leaving enticing content that might draw in customers in the long term.

Added benefits for your customer
By treating specific subjects with extra detail your website becomes an authority within your industry. This means that your customers can use your blog as a specialised hub of info relevant to them meaning that they can benefit from your expertise, educating them further to the benefits of your products or services.

Web traffic boost
Finally, the regular nature of blog posting means that your site will benefit from appearing more active in the eyes of the search engine. This is a significant way that you can rank more highly in the search results of that engine, and in turn more traffic will be directed your way.