What are keywords, first of all?

Keywords are a specific term/phrase/word you would like to target to gain branding, visibility and exposure.

Some options to take into consideration while constructing keyword phrases would be:

  • the type of business you are proving
  • the city your business will take place in
  • your targeted audience

While the length of your chosen keywords will vary, we will recommend a few suggestions about keyword length:

  • 0-5 character keywords more often reflect to be too short for advertisers to gain any meaning. In other words, these short keywords don’t create significant impressions, clicks, or conversions for the majority of advertisers.
  • 6-10 character keywords produce a higher number of impressions than0-5 keyword characters. Although, they fail to generate a proportional amount of conversions and clicks. Searches of this character length do have feedback; in spite of this, they still are not persuaded enough to actually ‘click’ and renovate onto the paid search advertisements or PPC management.
  • 11-20 character keywords will virtually turn into 60% of all impressions and clicks. Also including 21-25 character keywords bringing us to 80% call conversions.
  • 26-40 character keywords create fewer impressions. Initially, 11-20 character keywords signify 62 percent of clicks whereas, 26-35 character keywords reflected a 6% of clicks
  • The impact, click and conversion volume with +40 character keywords come out to be very minimal. The efficiency on these keywords outcome to very low results