Local Internet Marketing — Act Locally

Local internet marketing (also known as local search engine marketing) is an innovative concept in the online world, even though it’s as old in the real world as posting a sign over your door saying what you do.  See, the world is absolutely chock full of web sites offering all manner of things – and if you’re a smaller shop that doesn’t have the means to be everywhere doing what you do, you can easily get lost in the shuffle under all the “big boys.”  If all you can do is serve your local area (and serve it REALLY well), you can hammer on that area with every ounce of your strength – and a lot of people would much prefer to do business with a company that operates just down the road a ways (and employs local people) than some far off conglomerate whose customer service starts off by asking your “customer number.”  And that is the nature of local online marketing, and where its power comes from.

But how are you going to practice this local search engine marketing stuff?

1. Seek out local directories and local search engines.

In every major area where business takes place, there are sites to which you can submit not only a link to your web site, but a sort of “profile” of your company.  When a potential prospect seeks out something you sell, the fact that you’re local puts your search results at the top of their results list – which is a key factor in whether they’ll notice your company, and use you to fulfill their relevant needs.

2. Optimize your web site to fit the niche you want to serve.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever heard was to “niche it down.”  As a small to medium size business, you do NOT have the resources to try to be all things to all people.  In fact, even huge businesses usually can’t pull that off.  So don’t try to “shotgun” your product or service offerings.  Instead, determine who you want to use your services (and be SPECIFIC).  Then make your web site absolutely, flawlessly perfect for that particular group of people.

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