Making your web design work for mobile


Increasingly our life on the web is mediated by our mobile phone, or other portable devices. This means that websites need to be able to cater to a mobile friendly market place, which may mean changing your current design spec. In some sectors more than 25% of searches are now made using mobile phones, so to make sure you’re not missing that traffic, you should ask yourself, is your website design mobile friendly?


Mobile friendly websites

If you would like to skip out worrying about mobile design for your site altogether then there are some really great shortcut options available. You could use responsive themes if you are using WordPress, which can be picked up at great value. These themes basically consider the platform viewing the page for every viewer in order to format your page most appropriately. Alternatively sites like squarespace or wix will do the job for a nominal monthly fee. Or finally you could setup a sub domain at m.example.com.


Mobile first

A growing trend among designers says that when creating a new site today, the mobile site should be first priority. This way you can build your site to address the concerns of your mobile viewers. Unlike the confusion pages designed for the desktop might encounter when viewed on a mobile, it is no issue when done the other way around.

If your site is already in place, and you simply want to deliver a seamless user experience by mobile then there are a few universally common features to bear in mind.

Are your icons finger friendly?

– Fingers are less precise than the mouse cursor, make sure your viewer can easily move around your site without the constant need to zoom.

Page width!

– the distinguishing feature of mobiles is… They’re small. For this reason make sure your site isn’t full of empty wasted space, and make your page width as slim as possible.

Be vigilant

– new changes and updates are plenty and frequent. Make sure that as well as your usual inspections you keep an eye on how your site behaves on mobile. Is the font legible? Or are there any overwhelming blunders? Finally use simplicity when designing for the mobile web, many viewers will click away if your page takes even 30 seconds to load.