Mobile Website Design for phone users

Mobile website design is one of the largest growing internet industries. With over 2.5 billion mobile phone users, many of them with mobile internet connections, new websites to support the small screens of mobile phones are in demand more than ever and is predicted to be primary platform for internet browsing in the future.

Many companies and blogs have already predicted this event and have early on created mobile websites to tap this large community, but the proportion of consumer websites on the internet is actually very low because of the special procedures required in mobile website design.

Regular website design as used for personal computers and laptops with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari is not sufficient for mobile phones. The commission known as the W3C has set standards for mobile website design accessibility guidelines.

The biggest obstacle in mobile website design is scaling down the site to fit WAP technology that is used for browsing on mobile phones. Usually an existing website can be used for a template, but it must be scaled down.
Some tips for mobile website design include eliminating the use of tables. Tables will not look the same on a mobile site as they do on a regular computer browser. CSS language will ensure compatibility with most mobile phones. Coding should be done in XML or XHTML with a character code set at UTF-8.

The most important information on a mobile website should be at the top of the page. Often, mobile users get lazy and do not want to scroll down to the rest. This goes hand-in-hand with text entry. It can be a real pain to enter text on a mobile browser so, whenever possible, radio buttons or check boxes should be used instead of text entry.

All images for mobile website design should be in jpeg or gif format, but remember that the maximum size for a mobile web page is only 20 kb. As much information as needed must fit into this small file size but not more.

The potential for mobile websites demands all webmasters start designs.