Mobile Website Design is more necessary than ever

It’s a fact that many are still yet to get their heads around – mobile browsing and ownership has clearly overtaken desktop Internet use. For every household with a desktop device the chances are that there are more mobile devices for each house. On top of this mobile browsing can be done on the way to and from work, in a cafe, the cinema, or on a train. For all of these reasons and more the importance of strong mobile website design is greater than ever.

In the past couple of years the same trend which we were seeing for browsing has now followed suit when it comes to online sales, and now a great proportion of online sales are going through mobile devices.

With this moving trend web developers have been quick to find a myriad of solutions to speeding up and improving the performance of mobile websites, responsive design, and mobile web apps. This means the potential for creating a fantastic mobile site is greater than ever, though there is one problem worth noting.

Despite all of the evidence to support the rise of mobile internet use, other evidence shows that those who run or own websites have been slow to respond to the changes in trend. Though we’re seeing a decrease in overall desktop browsing and a massive increase in browsing using a mobile or tablet device, investment in desktop friendly websites are still the biggest made. This is a good opportunity though for your business to take the bull by the horns and speed ahead of your competition.

Your mobile website, or web app needn’t be flashy, and just ensuring you have a mobile capacity for your website can make a huge difference to how your audience perceives your company, and in turn what traffic and revenue you combined internet efforts bring in.