New Landing Page Service by Elite SEO Marketing

Los Angeles, California; January 8 2010: The landing page of your website is the page where your potential customer is taken after he clicks on one of your organic links, PPC links or banner ads. Ideally, this landing page should be relevant and attractive so that your visitor is convinced to complete some kind of transaction – be it by purchasing your product, filling out a form or by downloading free information.

Why do you need a landing page?

At Elite SEO Marketing, we help our clients to increase their conversion rates by creating attractive landing pages that will set them apart from others. You cannot make your homepage your landing page, as your viewers do not really have the time to read all about your company and your services – they are just interested in what they are looking for – and your landing page should be able to carter to this need, as only then will you be able to convert your viewers into your clients.

What do we do at Elite SEO Marketing?

The newest introduction in our landing page services is the Video landing pages. The attention span of people is getting shorter and thus, you need to make a better impact at the very beginning – a video landing page is capable of doing just that. A video landing page will make the vipers interested in what you have to offer, and as such, you will have a better chance of convincing them to buy your product.

After all, a properly designed landing page is extremely important as it can “guide” your potential clients to make the decision of buying the products. As a specialist in SEO, the staff at Elite SEO Marketing makes sure that we stay at the top of all the current technologies that can help you to stay on the top of your business. Apart from text landing page, the video landing pages are also indexed and ranked by all major search engines. Thus, you can be rest assured that your page link will get a good ranking in the search results.

The landing page should be thoroughly optimized for maximum benefit. We test the various landing pages for maximum conversion rate and then settle for the one that is the most effective. The landing page of PPC advertising should be focused on the specific product, as the ads themselves are very focused.

Remember that your landing page should be a call to action, and at Elite SEO we make sure that this is the case. The call to action should not only be included in the beginning of the page, but should also be sprinkled through the content. You can simply add phrases like “register now”, “avail the discount now!” and so on.

At Elite SEO marketing, our landing page services are meant to attract your clients immediately, and be relevant – thereby generating great business for you.