Off-Page SEO optimization

If you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), then you know that there are two overarching processes: on- and off-page optimization. This post will deal with off-page optimization and discuss techniques for performing it. Make sure you know the fundamental purpose of SEO before beginning.

Off-page optimization is a process that involves making your page appear more credible and worthwhile to search engines. There are many different ways that engines could go about judging webpages, but this post will discuss the method employed by the Google search engine algorithm. Google judges pages using a statistic called “page rank” (PR), and it gets this number from the algorithm. Keep in mind that the Google algorithm is a closely-guarded secret of the company, so nobody knows exactly what determines PR. However, there are some general guidelines that have proven themselves effective in increasing PR levels.

Backlinks are the soul of PR because Google uses backlinks to determine page credibility and worth. The idea is simple: if a bunch of webmasters are linking to your webpage, then you must be providing good content. So, Google’s bots “crawl” the web by starting at indexed pages and following links to other pages. When a webpage that has been indexed by Google and contains a backlink to your site is crawled, Google “finds” your webpage and considers adding it to the index if it does not contain duplicate content. But not every backlinks is worth the same amount. Backlinks from pages which are already established with high PR are worth more than from pages with low PR. The idea has changed to this: if webmasters who have already proven themselves worthy are linking to your webpage, then you must be providing outstanding content. You can mix and match backlinks from other sites based on your political pull and resources.

There is another alternative – linking services. These are companies which you pay to artificially boost your PR. They do it by adding your backlink to their link “farms”, or pages designed only to provide linking power. Keep in mind that these companies are not always able to increase your PR and can, in fact, damage it if they are caught by search engine bots.

Off-page optimization is arguably the most difficult part of SEO because you are not in control of what other webmasters do. Work hard at organic link building, and always test a link service before gambling your PR!