Organic SEO — As Sweet As Grapes

Organic SEO is a wonderful process, and every business should incorporate it into their overall marketing plan.  The way it targets a specific type of potential customer, and then aims the entire site toward that group, carries an almost magical quality.  It’s a quality which can actually make the ad copy read as though it were written for the exact person reading it, instead of for an entire group.  Of course, that’s because organic SEO uses content that is actually written to interest a specific group, and encourages the search engines to drive searchers for a specific thing, to a specific site with specific offerings.  Isn’t it sweet when the customer gets the service they want, and your business gets plenty of repeat customers (who gushingly praise how well you take care of them)?

Here’s a great way to get started on your organic SEO:

1. Determine your IDEAL customers.

What is your ideal customer’s gender?  How old are they?  Do they have kids?  What kind of profession do they work – and if you try to answer more than two or three professions, you’re not niching it down enough.  The purpose of a niche is to make absolutely certain that you are speaking CLEARLY to one group, instead of just tossing out whatever to anyone who’ll give you a minute.  Most of the time, the more specific your audience, the more of an authority you can present yourself as, and the more respect they will have for you and your message.

2. Figure out what they want to know or find.

Your niche has something in particular that they want to know, or that they want to find.  There’s a product or service that they are CRAVING… and now that you know them very well, you’re in the best possible position to provide the answer to their craving… even if they’re not quite sure what that might be.

3. Give the people what they want!

This doesn’t need an explanation.  Just do it!

Keep in mind that like a vineyard, organic SEO is not a “quick fix.”  Indeed, it can take YEARS of tinkering around with both your content and your intended niche, before you find just the right mix for your particular business.  But once you do, the results will be as poetic as a glass of something skillfully grown and fabulously aged.  If you are not sure about your marketing approach, take some advice from specialists at marketing companies like  Elite SEO marketing. They might make the aging process shorter.