Organic SEO Specialist Elite Responds to Industry Critics

Los Angeles, CaliforniaUnited StatesAugust 11, 2007Elite SEO Marketing, an internet marketing firm from Los Angeles, today responded to critics of organic SEO with some facts and figures that should silence even the most skeptical opposition. These statistics have been compiled by SEO experts and verified by clients who have seen positive results from SEO campaigns run by Elite.

Attacking organic SEO has become a popular technique used by black hat marketing companies to attract traffic to their sales and squeeze pages. In internet marketing terminology the practice is known as “linkbaiting” because it’s intent is to build links with erroneous information. The intensity of this attack recently is the reason why the staff at Elite made the choice to come out with this new data to disprove the negative publicity the industry has been getting.

“When it’s just one or two individuals writing erroneous information it doesn’t justify a response,” said an Elite spokesperson. “Recently, the success of the few who’ve been SEO bashing for a while has encouraged others to jump on board. Their information is pure conjecture and in most instances complete fabrication. Ours is documented facts and statistics that are backed up by our clients’ endorsements and testimonials.”

Organic SEO is a white hat technique that utilizes the establishment of quality back links and content development to achieve higher page rank when users search for specific industry keywords. Critics claim that it “costs too much” and “results cannot be measured”. Proponents scoff at that, claiming that organic SEO is by far the most effective way to be successful on the internet.

Elite SEO Marketing is a Los Angeles firm that has been involved in internet marketing for over a decade now. Their reports and techniques have been proven effective over the years and there can be no doubt that they are accurate now. Organic SEO critics, on the other hand, have been consistently unavailable for comment and have yet to produce hard evidence of their claims.