Planning long-term with organic SEO


Putting the foundations in place

When you set to work for the first time on your mission to develop a organic SEO campaign for your website it’s critical that you keep the long-term in mind as your priority.

Keyword research
Keyword research will be at the forefront of all of your organic SEO efforts and is one of the key starting points for any website. Your keyword researcher will use tools like google’s keyword research tool to find the most appropriate terminology to use in your text to attract customers. Presuming that your business has an area of expertise, or a particular industry that it operates in then over time you will find many keywords which are applicable in the long term as well as many you will use just for specific purposes.

Backlinks are like hyperlinks which connect your content to other websites. Starting to build backlinks with other businesses you extend your knowledge to include theirs and in time you can hope for them to link back to some of your own content.
Building from your basics
Once you have your basic processes in place you can continue using them for all new content and you can also begin to develop them further. There are so many ways you can develop your keyword research, backlinks, and existing design, here are some great places to start.

Combine content creation with keyword research
Once you have your practice of researching the best keywords in place you’ll over time begin to feel more confident that you know which keywords should be used in which circumstances. Looking ahead you can have your content created in conjunction with keyword research to ensure that all of your content is created with those particular keywords in place.

Building relationships with your backlinks
Once you have half a dozen or so regular websites which you link to and which links back to your content then you can begin to plan future links in ways that benefit both of your websites. If you’re smart about it you can ever partner with other expert sites to create complementary content for your joint customer base, and this makes synergy.